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Cool raindrops poured atop Lex’s head, soaking him to the bone.  A tiny bolt of lightning zapped him, adding insult to injury.  He stood up, fanning away the little cloud over his head, dispersing it to the winds.  It returned a moment later.

This always happened when he was gloomy.  His blood magic went out of control and bad things happened.  Usually just to him, but not always.  He kept away from the others, trying to calm himself down.   Better a personal storm cloud than a swarm of bees.  Baby steps.

He stood up and glared down at the bulge made by the stupid box thing covering his privates.  He couldn’t burn it.  That could cause damage.  He couldn’t break it.   Splinters.  All he could do was fidget with it and hope it would give.

“Hey, Lex.”

He lifted his head to spot Teffan staring at him.  “Not now, I need to figure out how to--”

“Why do you think I’m over here.”  She held up a metal stick. “I’m gonna help.”

“With a stick?  What are you gonna do with it?”

“It’s probably a lock.  I’m gonna pick it.   Sit down.”

Lex blushed.  “That’ll never work.  I’m gonna be stuck in this thing forever.”

Teffan ignored him and knelt, pulled down his pants and jabbed the metal rod into the box.   Like the others in the village, Lex had known Teffan his whole life.  But Seth, Becca, and Caius were the ‘cool kids’ of the village… ones he had a hard time relating to.  He glanced over at Hera, scowling.  

Seth draped his arm over Hera’s shoulder and chatted casually with the others.  Hera used to be an outcast like him-- too weird to fit into their circle-- but her bloom changed everything.

“If you like her, you should just tell her,” Teffan said.

Lex turned to her, his cheeks flushed hotly.  “No way.  I’m not like that bonehead Seth.  He’s just interested because her boobs got big.”

Teffan chuckled but kept working on the lock.  “That’s not what I said, Lex.  You’ve been into Hera for as long as I can remember.  Now that she has those giant boobs you need to-- more than ever-- make it clear you like her.”

Lex fell silent.  What’s the point?  She never gave me the time of day before, why would she now?  

  With a few more twists and prods it popped open.  Teffan slipped the box away.  “Tadah.”

“You got it off?” Lex said.  “You’re the best, thanks!”

“Oh, so now you’re happy?  Good.”  She tossed him the box.  He caught it handily.  “Now cover that little thing up.”

Teffan left him alone, giving him a parting wave.

Lex stuffed himself into his pants scowling at her as she walked away.   Teffan was a pretty girl with shoulder length red hair and a butt he couldn’t help stare at.  Unlike Becca-- and especially unlike Hera-- her breasts haven't grown much with her bloom.  It left her with a lean sultry look that really suited her.  Becca had filled out more, with a curvy butt and hips and large luscious breasts.  Lex only had their parents and Doctor Margarie to reference to and she was actually less busty than the doctor.  She was gorgeous.  So much more mature than Becca in every way.  His cock stood on end just thinking about her.  That’s gonna take some getting used to.  No amount of annoyance with Doctor Margarie could suppress her allure.

Becca on the other hand?  He had no problem ‘not going there’ with her.  She hated his guts or at least treated him like trash.  She acted like the queen bee of the village, bossing around everyone and lording over them.  It annoyed him that Seth fawned over Hera now, but at the very least it pissed off Becca.  That was something.  She was Seth’s self-proclaimed girlfriend after all.  She tried worming her way into the conversation and drawing Seth away from Hera.  Part of Lex wanted her to succeed, but he had the small satisfaction of watching her squirm.

Teffan joined them at the campfire, matting eyes with Lex and beckoned him with a finger.

He’d hardly noticed his storm cloud has dissipated, so he was out of excuses.  He tossed the box behind him and approached the others.  “Hey Seth, lay off Hera.  She’s not interested.”

Seth gave Lex a withering look.  “Oh, you her bodyguard or something?  Cuz where I’m sitting, she’s fine.   Hera, unlike you, is cool as hell and hot too.”

“You mean she’s hot now,” Lex said.  “You’re only interested in her because her boobs got big from the bloom.”

“Show’s what you know, nerd.  Hera’s always been cool.  She does that magic stuff and unlike you, shit doesn’t explode when she does it.”

Hera gave him a dry look.  “Lex.  What are you doing?”

Lex flushed, he tucked his hands under his arms.  “Telling you all how much this annoys me.  Seth didn’t give you the time of day until your bloom.”


He pressed his lips together in a hard line.  “So… doesn’t that bug you?”


Lex flinched at her bluntness.

Seth snorted.  “Ha!  Classic Lex.”

Hera squirmed free of Seth’s arm and stood.  Her breasts as they were, they had no clothes to cover her.   She stood proudly despite this nakedness.  “Do you have a problem with Seth, or do you have a problem with me?”

“Seth of course.  You’re interesting.   He’s just a stupid meathead that… well…”

She raised a brow.  “Well?”

Lex glanced over at Teffan who rolled her hand.  “I don’t like you any less or any more because of your bloom.”

Hera crossed her arms over her breasts, mashing them together alluringly.  “You’re a liar then.  You’ve stared just as much as Seth did.  He at least has the balls to admit he likes my tits.”

“I never said I didn’t like them--” they’re actually pretty fricken amazing. “-- I’m just saying I’m not suddenly into you just because your boobs got big.  They don’t even believe you about Haroj,”

Hera tapped her chin.  “True…”

Seth groaned.  “Look whatever, Hera’s a little weird.  But that’s what makes her awesome.  The giant boobs just make her even more awesome.”

Becca butt in.  “Hera’s magic is also useful.  Yours, at best, only gets you hurt.  At worst everyone is miserable.   Remember that time you turned the well water to ash?”

“Of course,” Caius said, adjusting his glasses.“We had to empty it, clean it and do twenty trips to the river to refill it.  Or that time he turned the grain into maggots?”

Teffan grinned.  “We didn’t notice until it was too late.  Worst.  Porridge.  Ever.”

Lex sighed.  “Not you too, Teffan…”

“It’s true.  Your magic sort of sucks.”

It wasn’t like he could just not use it.  Blood magic bottled up inside of him and when he ignored it.  Worse things happened.  It was a lose-lose situation.  Now with the village gone… he had no proper training.

“His magic doesn’t suck, guys,” Hera said.

A ray of hope trickled through the clouds.  Hera of all people defended him!

“Lex just sucks at using it,” she corrected.

The clouds came back with a vengeance.  “Argh.  Screw you guys.   I’ll show you who’s magic… or… me… whatever doesn’t suck.  I’m going to scout ahead with the all seeing eye.  When I find useful things, I want an apology.”

If you find something useful,” Hera said.  She paused to consider.  “Tell you what, I’ll let you touch my boob if you do.  Just try not to get drool on them.”

“I don’t need bribery…” but that… would be pretty awesome.  “...gah.   Don’t distract me.”  

“Just do it far away from camp,” Caius said.  “I’m allergic to bees.”

“There’ won’t be any bees!” Lex stormed away.  I think.

The all-seeing eye was one of the few spells he could do without incident.  It took a drop or two of blood.  Last time he used three.  It exploded.  Into a cloud of bees.  He was bedridden for a week and lost what little credibility he had.  When he first showed the others the spell he found some game.  And for a while, he fit in.  That’s how he became friends with Teffan.  If he could call that friendship.  She probably just liked watching him suffer.

He focused and but the scarred spot on his thumb.  He always drew blood from the same place, but always managed to get other scars as well.  Just one should do it this time.

Lex squeezed out the drop and enchanted it, letting it float into the air and expanded into a thin bubble.  Show me.  We need food.  We need water.

The eye obeyed and drifted in a direction.  Lex followed it, clutching his thumb to keep more blood from dribbling out.  The scent of roasted meat came to his nose.  It reminded him of home.  Just ahead in a clearing. A group of men… except small and green hung around a campfire.   A skinned deer roasted over a spit.  F-fuck.  Monsters.  The moment of distraction put space between him and his bubble eye.   He reached out to grab it, missed and fell flat on his face.  

The bubble drifted towards them and fresh blood seeped into the ground, forming a second bubble.  Shit shit shit.

It drifted over them, too high for them to notice, but stopped, twisting down to ‘look’ at them.  

Yeah, I get it.  Food and water.  Now disperse!  Lex turned to scoop up the second bubble but it had already drifted out of range.  No!

The creatures, Goblins-- if Lex remembered properly-- laughed and prodded at the deer.  They were wearing armor and looked to be a mixture of men and women.  There was at least twelve of them.  The women weren’t bad looking, with breasts proportionately large to their small bodies, easily the size of their heads.  

I should just run.  Warn the others.  Lex stood, a branch snagged his tunic.  He noticed in time… shrugging it off.  But then a drop of blood fell from his thumb.  He hurried away raising a hand over his thumb invoking head to cauterize his wound.  It stung, but better that than cause trouble.  He hurried through the woods, crouching low until he ran into something big and soft.  Two things to be precise.  He fell back on his behind.

“Why hello, handsome.” A goblin woman tapping a sword on her shoulder loomed over him.  Barely.  She was about three-and-a-half feet tall.  Despite this, he hadn’t budged her a bit despite running right into her…

His cheek flushed.  N-no.  I can’t think about that.  She’s a monster.  Dangerous.

The goblin grinned, bearing little fangs.  “You’re a young one, aren’t you?   I bet you’re barely out of your bloom.   What’s the matter little man, you lost?”

“N-no.”  He said, curling his hands into fists.  “I’m alone and dangerous.”

“Ooooh, Scary.”  She pointed the sword, twirling it at him.  “You gonna pee on me?  Cause I can smell your fear.”  She pointed to his crotch.  “I see that boner of yours too.”

It’s not like Lex could help it.  The goblin’s breasts poked through a thin tunic, accentuated by the leather armor cupping them.  He scuttled away.  What the hell am I gonna do?  Should I try a spell?

She approached, sliding her hand down the front of his pants and wrapped her fingers around him.  Her hands were a  long and lean despite her overall stubbiness and she had a strong grip too.  “So… you want to tell me what you’re doing here, big man?”

Lex looked away, trying not to think about her hand and what she was doing.  Monster or not, her fingers felt nice-- especially the way she stroked up and down.  I’ll need to remember that one…

His magic came from his blood, or the flow thereof… the problem was that all of it was leaving his head to go to other places.  I need to keep my mouth shut about the others.  Even if they do deserve it.

“Nothing?  We got a tough guy here, huh?  Well… you see we’re uh… recruiters.  Nice young humie like you?  We got a job opening for breeders.  You do good and you might even get to pork a humie cunt or two.  But we’re gonna need a deposit of seed, you know?”


“Yeah.  Baby batter.”  She flipped open a little snap over her crotch.  He’d seen glimpses of similar bits on girls-- his first glimpse of Hera’s made his cheeks hot.  “See?  It’s not so different.  So you just stick it in and…”

A cry broke out through the forest.  “BEEEEEEES!”

A goblin-shaped pile of bees ran by screaming.  The lady goblin bust out laughing.  “Oh come on!  They’re just bees, why are you so--”

He fell to the ground writhing.  “Aughhh!  So many!  Stinging penis!  OWOWOWOW!”

“OK, so there are a lot…”

That was Lex’s chance.  He snuck away when she was distracted, tucking away his junk as he moved.  The bedlam rose, more screaming accompanied a sinister buzzing like one big bee loomed over the forest.  Lex tried to take the long way around.  He didn’t want to lead the goblins back to the forest, but then again… he had to warn them.

Not like they can’t hear the shouting.

He hurried through the forest, finding the camp hastily evacuated.  He rubbed his hands together, spearing blood on his palm.  Focus.  Focus.  

Then in a red haze, the trail of his friends became clear.  He followed it, confident he could catch up.  One of them had giant boobs bobbling around as she ran after all…

And sure enough, it didn’t take long to catch up.  The goblins had his friends, but not just ‘had’ them but ‘took’ them.  They were absolutely swarmed, but not being attacked but… but…

The Goblins made no attempt to kill them, but they used their numbers to molest them.  The guys swarmed Teffan and Becca, sticking their cocks in whatever hole they could reach.  Both of them were utterly covered in spunk and no amount of struggling could fight them off.  Like a well oiled machine, they plowed, came and backed off.  Hera was being similarly attacked but they had her on her back with goblins, men and women paying particular attention to her breasts-- tugging and sucking squeezing and molesting.

A goblin reported back to another with a big fancy hat with a tight salute.  “No milk coming out sir.”

“Keep it up.  There’s bound to be something in those hills.  And keep pumping the other two with growth serum.  I want them as big at the one with black hair by sundown.”  He paced around barking orders.  “I want the females knocked up in three hours.  Slackers will be executed.”

“Sir, yes, sir!”  The goblins called back to him.

Hera had a line forming for her lady bits too, but fights breaking out every few seconds kept the goblins from making much headway.  More than a few fights broke out, though.

Wait, growth serum?

A few goblins in lab coats-- and nothing else-- dragged a vat of glowing goo near Becca and Teffan. They scooped a ladle of the stuff and waited for an opening.  The first one that dried to approach Teffan caught a foot to the face and fell onto the forest floor.  The one near Becca had better luck.  

The goblin face fucking her backed off enough to let him pour the stuff down her throat.  She gagged and sputtered against it, but there was no denying the results.   Becca's tits swelled abruptly slumping lower on her chest.  

That stuff makes breasts grow?

The whole thing left Lex feeling a little antsy,  W-well… she had it coming… and maybe if she ends up as big as Hera… Seth will leave her alone...

The lady goblins mostly formed a line in front of Seth, taking turns riding his massive cock.  The were a little more coordinated, force feeding him something that shortly after made him erupt in a fountain of semen.  It practically launched the goblin riding him into the air.  She stood up, her belly was hugely distended.  She didn’t look angry about it in the least.  The idiot looked like he was having fun.  Caius had a much shorter line, but he wasn’t getting completely off the hook.

Lex realized he hadn’t caused this at all.  The goblins must have had them surrounded.  He had to do something.  I need to cast a spell.  Something.  Something big and bad.

“So I need something… something…” He bit his thumb and poured blood onto the ground.  “Well, it’s not like there can be anything worse than bees anyway…”

Dark clouds roiled over the sex carnival, lightning crackled and a huge pair of waiving black antennae peeked from above followed by eyes.  Countless eyes scanning the tiny goblins below.  A mass of black and yellow terror.


The goblins panicked abandoning their acts of lust and scooped up their weapons.  They tried to scramble, tried to fight, but the wrath of one big angry bee eclipsed the wrath of many.   Worse, it’s tiny brethren broke through their lines, crippling them from behind. On and in their behinds.

The Monstrositbee cleaved through the sea of goblins.  The lucky ones were split in two by its stinger, the unlucky ones melted into piles of goo from its poison.  Lex’s friends, dazed from their molestation were spared from the wrath.  Except for Hera, she watched the bedlam with calm appreciation and a sinister grin.

Lex approached the madness, looking around.  For once the bees made no attempt to go after him, and he’d done something right for a change.  He offered a hand to Hera helping her stand.  

“You did this?”

“Yeah, I guess I did.”

“Cool,” Hera said, looking back to the insanity.  Without looking over she grabbed his hand and put in on her tit.  “I meant what I said about the drool, though.”


World of Chaos -- Part 02 -- Lex
Another day another random thing.   This time WoC focuses on everyone's favorite blood magician, Lex.

Mature Content

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    Ella misstepped, catching a rock on the path the wrong way and an uneasy sensation of weightlessness washed over her.  Falling.  She was falling.

    Thorim lunged but fell flat-- his stubby arms just barely missing her.  Steiger was out of range, as he took the lead as the scout.

    Grognar jumped off the cliff after her and scoops her up in freefall.  

    Idiot!  How is this going to…  Then it dawned on her.   Her perception of time slowed, giving her time to think in her time of crisis.  The orcish buffoon held tight to her, even tighter on her bosom, so it gave her an idea.

    She closed her eyes and focused.  Channeling magic into his armor.  Magnetic force yanked on him wrenching towards the iron-rich cliffside and ground them to a halt.  He stood there a moment, blinking stupidly until realizing he could walk along the cliff face.

    Ella let out a sigh of relief but winced against the familiar strain on her bikini.  Her breasts swelled, tightening the already crowded top.

    “Oh?”  Grognar said.  “Grognar stick to wall?”

    “Y-Yes,” Ella said, holding onto him for dear life.  “You uh… mind walking up the wall?”

    Grognar nodded.  “Grognar walk.”

    He was surprisingly deft for an orc, taking well to the disorientation of being horizontal.  He trodded lazily up the cliff face without incident until he got to the edge, then confusion set in.  

    “Wait.  Up is not up?”

    “Relax Grognar…” Ella said.  “Can you… gently… toss me forward?”



    He crouched, bracing himself for some unknown reason and flexed the muscles in his legs and let out a low growl.

    “Uh, Grognar…?”  Ella tapped him.  “What are you--”

    Before she could finish her sentence, he ‘gently’ flung her forward, sending her careening into the mountain sky.  Below Steiger and Thorim pulled him onto the cliff face to safety.

    Well.  At least now I can just float.  She focused and cast featherlight, dreading the inevitable growth.  Better than falling to my death.


    Twin ones sat on the faces of Mandy’s ‘lucky’ dice.  She did a critical misfire casting featherlight.  She was going to die in the dumbest way possible.

    Andrew raised a calming hand.  “Relax, you’re not dead.  It just misfired.”



    Ella flinched against the rare sensation of a spell going horribly awry, the control slipped from her fingers and poured into her breasts.  The uneasy feeling of weightlessness of breaking momentum faded and gravity took its hold on her.  Most of her anyway.  Her limbs fell limp, pulled by the normal tug of gravity, but her torso and her swelling breasts floated and bobbled like she was underwater.  

    After a creeping moment of realization, she came to understand her breasts and most of her torso had properly been affected by the spell, leaving her aloft by her new lady balloons.  The weight of the rest of her body left her to slowly lose altitude.

    Ugh… how embarrassing.  She struggled to get her bearings squirming towards the nearest ledge.  

    To her luck, a cave entrance was nearby.  She settled to a landing and peeked down at the others.  “I’m alright.”

    Thorim saluted her from below.  “Can you catch a rope?  Tie it off?  That’s one heckuva short cut.”

    “Of course.”  She braced and caught the rope handily, looking around for some place to tie it off.  Someone on the other end yanked, ripping her too light body off the cliff.  The spell surged, causing her breasts to drift up and gave her enough lift to rise slightly instead of fall.  The rope was the only thing keeping her from floating away.  “W-wait!”

    The spell left her with two useless boob balloons with her on a string.

    “Get me back to the ledge!  I need to dispel the featherfall.”

    It was harder than it looked.  She had very little control over her steering and her breasts, raised as they were, covered her vision.  Her leather bikini top decided that moment was the perfect time to give up the good fight and floated into the mountain air.  She barely managed to keep her transparent cape from facing the same fate.


    Steiger leaned forward, grinning.  “So…”

    “They’re big OK?!” Mandy struggled to keep her boobs down.  Unlike her avatar, the robe did a decent job of hiding them, but it wasn’t easy.  Her tits tried to bubble out of the top of her robe.  All she could do was forcibly pull it shut.  “I have big fucking areolas-- always have.  Thanks to you assholes they’re probably like dinner plates.  Now can we worry about the crisis at hand?”

    Worse, her breasts were getting softer, like the weight of her character was stretching her boobs out the longer she stayed airborne.


    After some difficulty and embarrassing scrambling, she got near the edge and diffused the spell.  There was a nice secure rock to lash the rope onto, but she was now practically topless and miserable.  The guys gave her smiling leers when they climbed up, but she made no move to try and cover herself.  They’d seen it now.

    Ella pulled her robes around her body, finding she could at least cover some of her body as she tightened the sash around her belly button.  It mostly covered her now huge areola but did little to hide the protrusion of her thick nipples.  Especially with the cold being an issue.

    Ironically, her nipples made a passable contribution of keeping her robes in place.   

    “This is great.  Those stupid trolls will never see us coming from above.  Good job Ella.”

    “Yeah,” she sighed.  “Go me.”

    They’d entered in the highest point of the--”


    The front door opened alongside a chipper sounding voice.  “Heeeey guys!”

    The others craned their neck to see the girl who walked inside.  Mandy didn’t bother turning around.

    “Hey, Rika,” Andrew said.  “We’re in the middle of a campaign.”

    “Ooooh?” Rika grabbed Mandy from behind mashing giant breasts onto her back.  “New friend!”

    Rika chatted idly with the boys.  She seemed to be close with them, but Mandy could only focus on the giant globes mashing on her back.  Mandy blushed.  She didn’t even like girls, but they felt amazing.  Coupled with her own breasts, it was like being sandwiched between two giant pairs of boobs.  She’d sort of lost track of how big she’d gotten, but she was definitely bigger than the biggest bra she’d ever seen and Mandy would have spilled out of that easily.

    She recalled it clearly, in the department store jokingly putting them over her tiny B-cups and laughing at how much space there was.  It’d been a Triple D with some high number… she couldn’t recall.  Mandy grew at least three times since she’d gotten big enough to fill that monster…

    I don’t even know what letter that would be… but this girl… she’s…

    “What’s your name?” Rika said, peering over her shoulder.  She was uncomfortably close like she planned to kiss her or something.


    “Cute!”  Rika pranced around the table, handing out boob crushing hugs to the boys.  She wore a surprisingly loose blue and white baseball jersey with “MEGA MILK” in bold black letters across it.  The ridiculousness of it brought a blush to her face.  

    Rika wasn’t a slim girl, but she wasn’t fat either.  She had some ’cute chub’ to her.  Her short bouncy trips between the boys she made Mandy think she was trying to brew some milkshakes in them, they were easily bigger than her head.  It was like a train wreck.  She just couldn’t look away.  Mandy’s tits looked flat by comparison, as they’d just reached the point of straining her robe.  Especially now that her breasts regained weight.

    They felt softer and lower slung too.  Why the fuck do I feel jealous?

    “So I wanna play too,” Rika blurted out.

    The guys traded looks.  Andrew finally spoke.  “Uh sure.  We just broke into a Troll lair… but we don’t have any party slots…”

    “It’s OK!  I’ll be the damsel!”

    Mandy’s eye twitched.  One of those.

    Rika spun around in place bobbling up and down, making a show of her tits bouncing.  “Baker’s Daughter!  Baker’s Wife!  Girl the baker porks at night!”  She posed with an annoying little something Mandy might see in sailor moon, making twin V signs over her eyes.  Then as an annoying final touch, she scissored her fingers and made little squishing noises.

    The boys were dazzled.

    Mandy broke the silence.  “Right.  So she’s a hostage.   I get it.”

    Rika stared intently at Mandy, pursing out her full lips.  “Heeeey…”


    “Why don’t you have a bra on?”

    Mandy blushed.  “Well, I did… but…”

    “Oh?  The booby monster bit you?  No problem.”  She dug through her duffle bag.  “I brought extras.”


    Andrew nodded.  “Rika is what you could call a veteran with our group.  She always comes prepared.”

    Rika held out a gigantic bra-- one that was way too small for her.  “Daa Naa Naa Naaaaaaa!”

    Mandy felt a weird mixture of relief and intrigue.  The frilly little number had a cute little red bow in the center and looked super comfortable.  Despite being freakishly huge, it still looked adorable.  “F-for me?”

    “Yep!  All yours!  I made it myself!”

    Andrew leaned forward.  “Rika is a third-generation tailor.  Family friend.”

    Mandy harumphed.  “Handy skill to have around you guys…”

    “You’re a mage, right?  She’s the mage, right?”

    Andrew nodded.

    “Then…”  She dug in her bag excitedly.  “Daa Naa Naa Naaaaaa!” Rika held up a blue mage outfit that looked amazingly like the one in her picture.  The key difference being, this one had a lot more room in the chest.  It was way too big for Mandy as she was now.

    Mandy blushed furiously.  It looked amazingly accurate.  Way better than the shitty bathrobe she wore now.  Rika was a cosplay god.  She felt hot on the cheeks.  “L-Lemme see that…”

    “Of course,” Rika approached draping the mage outfit and bra over her bosom, beeping with every step.  “Delivery for Mandy!”

    Mandy took it from her quietly, flushed at the quality.  It fit her imagination so clearly, right down to the texture.  “How did you…”

    “Drew-Drew drew the plans.  He did his homework and told me everything about Ella Silverwind’s beauuuutiful clothes.  So with a snippy-snip and a sewey-sew, I made you an outfit.”

    “But why is it made for such a busty girl?”

    Rika gave her a blank look.  “Cuz… that’s how big your boobies are gonna be!”

    Andrew pushed his glasses further up on his nose.  “Heh.”

    “What?  Wait… what?!” Mandy stood up, the motions set her tits to bounce and clap under her robes, drawing a wince from her.  “So you anticipated my every action?  To know how big I’m gonna get?”

    Andrew smirked.  “Yep.  Everything is according to plan.  I knew you’d try to double case, I knew you’d use the refraction laser to off the succubus.  Face it, you’re predictable.”

    Mandy ground her teeth.  “I’ll show you predictable!”  She sat down in a huff.  “Let’s just finish this…”  Her gaze flicked between her character sheet and the clothes Rika held.  Rika did a playful little shimmy.  “Snippey-snip~.”

    Mandy snatched it from her.  “... after I change.”

    She made her way to the bathroom and stripped out of her robe.  Her old bra fell to the floor-- she’d practically forgotten about it.  The crappy little mirror in the bathroom could barely contain her new look.  Her breasts were huge-- past the size of any ‘big-breasted celebrity’ she’d seen.  The featherfall incident left them a little low slung, the weight bulging her massive areola outward with puffiness.  It was a point of sensitivity with old boyfriends.  They took up a large portion of her breasts, they always had but now it was to the point of ridiculousness.

    She sighed, hefting them up a bit.  I wish they were a bit firmer.  Mandy checked herself out in the mirror, turning sideways.  The butt and hips she got from the succubus really helped her from looking completely ridiculous, and it made for an alluring hourglass figure.  That said, I’m not looking forward to getting any bigger.  

    Mandy slipped on the bra and felt instantly better.  It fit amazingly and gave her a great deal of much-needed support.  The straps were super comfortable, enough to help her forget she had a giant rack-- at least the bad parts.  She playfully bounced her cleavage and puckered at the mirror to have a little fun.  Wow, in this I look pretty sexy…

    She pressed against the bottom of her bra bubbling up her cleavage and making the effect of her tits looking even bigger.  It somehow suited her.

    Mandy slipped on the robes without really thinking on it.  She felt so familiar with the clothes even if she hadn’t worn anything like it.  The pale blue fabric contrasted her skin nicely and felt divine against her skin.  Even if it was too big for her, as it was made for a girl with much larger breasts, it felt cozy.  

    She secured the matching belt-- which also matched her picture perfectly and took an extra moment to do her hair into a bun.  Most of it anyway, she let a length of it hang onto her shoulder.  

    Someone knocked on the door.

    “Heeeeeey!” Rika said.  “Can I come in?”

    “Sure,” Mandy said without thinking.  We’re both girls after all.

    Rika came inside and let out a little squeal.  “Oh, my gosh!  You look so cute.”  She came up behind her and juggled Mandy’s breasts.  Rika’s bosom smashed against her back.  “And you have so much room!   You like the bra too, right?  Right?   If it gets too tight I brought extra.”

    Mandy was about to protest, but Rika’s words confused her.  “You carry around extra bras?”

    Rika snuggled against her, half listening.  “Mmm Hmm.  You never know when your boobies are gonna florp up around Andrew.  Hehehe.”

    “So you…” Mandy squirmed free and took a good look at Rika.  “Andrew did this to you?”

    Rika nodded.  “Yep!  I had normal boobies, but they bloomed into maga bazooms!  Boom!”

    Her enthusiasm is a little grating.  “Aren’t you mad?”

    Rika tilted her head to one side then the other, like Mandy had asked her an advanced trigonometry question.  “Mad?  Why would I be?”

    “Your boobs are huge.   They gotta be heavy.”

    “Not really.  Touch em.”

    Mandy blushed.  “But I…”

    Rika took her hand and mashed it one her breast.  It felt pillowy and soft.  Too pillowy…  If she didn’t know better she’d think they were stuffed.  Mandy looked up at her with a skeptical look.  “Are these fake?”

    “Nope!  100% Rika!”  She lifted her top and bra in one tug, revealing a bounding pair of massive titties.  They flopped too low to be implants, but the way they jostled seemed odd like they were too light to be real.  

    Mandy found herself jealous.  Her boobs were smaller than hers, but they were about the same weight.  And Rika had perfect little nipples, far too small for her massive tits.  Mandy found herself reaching for them, but stopped.  Gah.  What’s wrong with me?!

    “You can touch, it’s OK.”

    “I’m good.  Sorry for uh… doubting your assets.   But they were so… well…”

    “Light?  Fluffy?” Rika leaned forward jostling her tits back and forth.  “They’ve always been like this.  When I had C-cups they felt so light I barely noticed I had boobs!”

    “....right.” Mandy flinched.  I guess that explains why she’s so bubbly.  Must be nice.  “Anyway, let’s get back to the game so I can kill some ice trolls and you can… be kidnapped or whatever.”

    “Wait, here.”  Rika pulled her top back down and handed her some boots.  “I made these too.

    “Ah!  You…” Mandy snatched them away.  I love this girl.  It’s official.  The blue boots were the missing piece to her look.  It sure beat wearing tennis shoes.  “Thank you so much.   I’ll be right out… so just wait for me?”

    Rika beamed and left her alone.  

    I need to finish this game quickly.  If I end up with boobs like Rika I’m gonna be miserable… She rolled her shoulder.  But this bra really helps… maybe it won’t be so bad.

    Mandy stepped out after slipping on the boots.   She felt transformed, so much so she felt like she could cast spells for real.  Too bad the only one I know is ‘Mandy’s expanding bust line’.

    She sighed and took a seat at the table.  The guys busted out the Doritos and Dew, leaving an unopened portion for her.  “I have my own snacks, thanks.  Knowing you guys you probably have it spiked to make me lactate or something.”

    Andrew raised a brow.  “Are you crazy?  If you started gushing milk we’d ruin all the character sheets!”

    “But Rika’s shirt...”

    “Oh, this?”  She plucked at the corners of the words ‘Mega Milk’.  I just really like hentai.  Not the stuff with the tentacles but the--”

    “I really don’t want to know,” Mandy said.  “Campaign now.  The sooner we get done, the sooner I can get out of this crazy place.  I’ll take the outfit as a form of apology for giving me a magical boob job against my will.”

    “Whaaaat?” Rika said.  “Magical boob jobs are the best jobs!”


    Ella stepped into the cave, keeping an eye out for scouts while the other climbed up to her.  The cave system was spacious but rather complex.   Sounds of motion came from one of the paths.  She decided to check it out.

    If the trolls get here before they climb up they could cut the rope… that would be bad.  She rounded the corner to find piled treasure-- the troll’s hoard.  Also, chained to the wall she found a different sort of treasure a shapely human girl bound by a neck collar.

    “Oh!  Someone’s here to save me!” The girl said. “I’m Bobbie!”

    Ella shushed her.  “Don’t draw the attention of the Trolls.   I have a thief coming and he can break you free.”

    “You’re a mage, right?” Bobbie said.  “Can’t you just ‘pahcew’ away the chain?  Then we can be collar buddies!”

    “It’s not a collar.  It’s a choker.”

    “Oh.  I thought you were a pet elf.  Like me!”

    “I’m not a pet elf.  And you’re not even an elf.”

    “Pet elf!  Pet human!  We’d make a nice matching set!”

    Elle sighed.  “Well once I free you-- once Steiger frees you, you will just be a normal human again.  Got it?”

    Bobbie looked disappointed. “Ok…”

    Elle looked around the treasure room and spotted it-- the Orb of Golek-Sah.   Right there, within her grasp.   With that, I could dispel this stupid curse and nip my growing in the bud.   She glanced back to the doorway, the others weren’t there yet.  She would have time to drum off the curse and could use it to crush the Trolls.  She reached out and touched it, feeling a surge of magical energy.  

    ...and a surge of growth.


    “What the fuck?!” Mandy arched her back against the power pumping into her chest.   Her tits billowed and fattened, making a deep and obscene gurgling noise.  Her robes flitted open, baring her straining bra.  It put up a good fight, but it didn’t take long for it to surrender from the pressure.  The bra snapped at the bow, flopping her tits onto the table.

    Andrew looked nonplussed, adjusted his glasses and shrugged.  The other guys gaped, with ‘deer caught in the headlight’s’ looks on their faces.  Rika just bobbed back and forth happily, like nothing had even happened.

    “Don’t give me that attitude.  What the fuck just happened?”  She struggled to cover her breasts, but they wouldn’t stop growing.  They mashed together, each one struggling to overtake the size of her head.

    “You’re a smart girl,” Andrew said.  “Figure it out.”

    “R-right.”  She struggled to find her dice, plucking it out from underneath her tits and rolled.  “Insight roll… aced it!  Now answer me.”

    “The Orb of Golek-Sah has a trial trait to it.  Until proven worthy, those that claim ownership of it are thrice afflicted by curses.”

    “T-thrice?”  Mandy paled.  But he was right.  It was an ailment, temporary.  By touching the orb, she enacted its trial.  During that time, she had a vulnerability hex, tripling the effects of negative effects temporarily.  She was already.  That was three times the growth effect for every time she was affected.”

    She moaned against the growth.  She hadn’t noticed before, but the growth was making her horny.  Everything on her felt sensitive and…

    He ass and hips fattened in one big surge.  The succubus!  I inherited her libido too… three times her no six times…  Mandy’s thoughts blurred against the pleasure as she creamed against her panties.  She’d never cummed so hard even when messing around with a guy.  The very idea of actually having sex like this that left her cripplingly aroused.

    She felt full, fertile and hungry for sex.  The sides of her hips pressed against the chair, teasing her like the hands of a lover lining her up for doggy style.

    Mandy stood up, panting.  Her breasts bounced and flopped in front of her clapping together lewdly.  She couldn’t help it she needed to be out of that chair. “B-Bathroom.”

    She hurried away sensitive to the sloshing of her breasts and the shimmy of her now massive hips.  She ducked inside finding shelter in the bathroom resting her swelling bosom on the table and slipped her fingers to her swollen clit.

    It’d been so long since she felt the need to masturbate, she felt like she didn’t know how.  But her clumsy fumbling was more than enough to bring her to climax.  A gentle hand touched the small of her back, along with the softness of breasts.  Rika took Mandy’s hand and guided her lower, giving her a shock of orgasm.   

    “Just let it out,” Rika said.  “It’s always bad the first time.”

    Mandy found her words soothing and let herself relax.  The pleasure poured out of her like a flood of water, but figuratively and literally.  She came enough to have moisture dribble down her legs.  After a few deep breaths, she felt revitalized and whole again.

    “T-thanks,” Mandy managed.  “You went through this?”

    She thought for a moment.  “Well, I think one of the guys helped me with it.  They might have taken turns now that I think about it.”

    Mandy flinched.  Yikes… good thing Rika was here.  I was probably close to having a litter of nerd babies.

    Rika helped her stand.  “I brought spare panties and shorts.”

    “You’re pretty reliable, huh?  I uh… appreciate that.”

    “It’s all good!  You’ll come to like having giant boobies, I promise.”

    Mandy assessed her current size giving them an appraising squeeze.  “N-no… I can’t keep these.  I feel like a milk cow.”

    “Oh, these aren’t permanent.  Remember the three times thingie?  You just gotta win the trial.”

    “How the heck am I gonna beat ice trolls with bean bag chair tits?  They’ll pounce on me and face fuck me before I--” Mandy flushed.  Why am I being so crass?  Gah, I can’t get sex out of my head.  Giving a blowjob seems really appealing right now…

    Mandy shook away the thought.   “I’ll figure something out.  If I quit… then I’ll…”  get a penalty multiplied by three.  The trial effect would be permanent.  “I need to finish this, help me back.”

    “You need a new shirt?” Rika said.

    “No time.  I’ll do this topless.  But, can I ask you a favor?”

    “For a new friend?  Anything!”


    Ella struggled against the weight of her new bosom and with some help from Bobbie, she stood back up.  “So here’s the thing.  Usually, the trial would be cake for me, but I’m under the influence of a curse… curses… whatever.”

    Bobbie perked up.  “Oh!  So that’s why your boobies got big!”

    “Right.  But I need someone to willingly share the burden of the curse so I can pass this trial.”

    Bobbie just stared at her.

    Oh right.  I need to be obvious.  “Uh… would you like big boobies too?”

    Bobbie snapped out of her trance.  “Oh!  Sure!”

    Ella offered the orb.  “So, I need you to say the words:  Fela Baah Okkis Donasa.”

    Bobbie touched the ord.  “Feel her balls--.”

    “No!  It’s Fela Baah.”

    “Fella Bish”

    Ella shook the orb.   “ONE WORD AT A TIME.”

    After some difficulty, Bobbie said the words, her already impressive bosom shook and filled, sending a bubbling gurgle to echo through the cave.  And her call of: “Yaaaay boobies!”

    “Shush!  Trolls! You’ll…”

    But it was too late.   A hulking figure loomed by the doorway, twisting a club in his two-fingered hand.

    Ella raised her hands calling upon a blinding spell, sending the troll into a blind fury.  The guys need to hurry.  I can’t burn my spells just killing one!   I need to soften them u--”

    She flinched against the extra weight piled onto her chest.  Three cup sizes all at once toppled Elle from the surge of weight.   Another Troll rounded the corner, shouting obscenities in broken common.

    An ax slammed into the side of the new troll’s head, splattering the wall with troll blood and a stumpy form tackled the blinded one.  

    “Just in time!” Ella said.

    Stiger ran around the corner staring blankly at her.  “Uh… you got bigger and… who’s your friend?”

    Undaunted by her expanding rack, Bobbie grinned.  “I’m Boobie!  I mean Bobbie.”   Her tits flumped the  ground sending a tuft of cave dust into the air.”

    “Unlock her!  I need to finish the trolls,” Ella said, struggling to stand.  She cast a blast of light energy at the decapitated one.  The magic poured into his body spraying out in a glorious blast of light and shattered him into a pile of ice.

    Ella’s tits fattened again sagging down to her thighs.  Through some miracle, she stayed standing.  “G-Grognar!  I need help.  Carry my boobs!”

    Grognar was happy to comply, scooping her up in a bridal carry.  But her tits were too big and covered his face.

    “No, Not me!  My boobs, just my boobs!”

    He tripped and fell tumbling them both to the floor.   Thorim struggled with the blinded Ice Troll.  “A little help here!”

    “R-right!”  With the troll prone, she channeled her magic onto its face exploding his head like a kernel of popcorn.   She moaned against the expansion, filling her even more.  Her tits loped outward, quivering.  

    “How many are there?”  Ella groaned.  “I don’t think my boobs are gonna hold out much longer.”

    “Maybe a dozen?”  Stiger said, walking up behind her.  “At least that’s how many I hear running this way.”

    “Ugh… we’re dead.  There’s no way we… wait…” Ella realized she’d dropped the orb.  She turned back to spot it on the floor.  With a thought, she drew it close to her.  Her tits blimped up another three sizes, mashing heavily on the ground.  “Wait I can use that to overcharge the orb and…”

    Overcharging is three no four spells combined… fuck.

    Ella shook her head and struggled to stand.  Her boobs kept her stooped over.  “Can’t be helped.   Just lure them down this tunnel.  But I uh… need to stay standing.  So--”

    Thorim ducked under her bosom and hefted them up.  “Never send an Orc to do a Dwarf’s job, lassie.  Do what you gotta do!”

    Stiger came up from behind, bracing against her butt.  It felt a little dirty, but it did give her better stability.   Grognar finally got the hint and went up behind her, wrapping his burly arms on the sides of her tits, keeping them contained and pointing forward.

    She smiled.  For once these breast-obsessed idiots come in handy.  Ella channeled the spell.   

    First a base of light magic.  Her tits groaned and swelled, pressing harder against Thorim.

    Second a dash of earth magic.  They wobbled and gurgled wider.

    Third and Last the double… no quad cast of my signature spell.   “Light ARRAY!”

    The trolls rounded the corner in time to greet the beam of white hot death.  It carved a hole through the cave wall ahead, vaporizing the trolls and their lair in one fell swoop.  The stench of burning troll flesh poured past, carried on clouds of rubble dust.

    One final surge of growth proved too much for Thorim as he collapsed under the weight of her rack.

    “Uh… Thorim?  You’re alive down there, right?”

    He stuck an arm out of the pile of tit flesh with a thumbs up.

    Ella let out a sigh of relief.  Daylight poured in through the freshly carved hole in the mountain, just in time to cast light upon the Orb of Golek-Sah crumbling to dust.

    “N-no!”  Ella looked on in despondent sorrow.  “All that time and… and…”

    Grognar gave her a pat on the back.  “At least you have boobies.”

    She bit her lip.  Boobs for fuck sake.  I’m stuck like this for good.

    Thorim squirmed free from under her and Everyone dusted themselves off.

    A bad feeling set in Ella’s stomach.  “Wait… why do I have the feeling I forgot… shit.”

    Ella turned around to see the massive quivering nipple in the doorway.  Cracks splitting through the floor.

    Boobie.  I mean Bob--

    The floor gave out and they tumbled into the abyss.


    Andrew gave Rika’s quivering mountain of boob an endearing pat.  “Aaah.  Another Party wipe.  I love being a DM.”

    “No fucking way,” Thorim said finally dropping his accent.  “You set us up!”

    “Blame ‘Ella’ she’s the one that brought the Boobacalypse on you guys.

    Rika cheered, completely propped up by her over-inflated rack.  Her ‘Mega Milk’ shirt scrunched up uselessly high on her chest.  “Yaaaaay!  Boobacalypse!  Jiggle to your dooooooom!”

    The table gave out under the weight of Mandy’s tits and pitched her forward out of her chair.  The landing was comfortable at least.  Her breasts quivered underneath her like two bean bag pillows.  Each one about the size of her body.   She sagged against them, submitting to frustration.

    “Well…” Mandy said.  “At least you were wrong about my size at the end of the game.  So much for being predictable.”

    Andrew brushed his nails on his shirt, looking at them with a dull expression.  “Actually, no.  You see, because you saved those women, they had backup dispatched to the mountain.  They dug you out and spared no expense to have to resurrected by priests.”

    Grognar perked up.  “Wait you mean…”

    “Yeah.  You’re all alive.  Lucky for you, karma comes around.”

    Mandy sighed.  “Yay us… but I’m still Boobzilla.  I lost the orb.”

    “What are you talking about?  You have two orbs now.”

    “Two orbs…?” Mandy perked up.  “Wait!  I passed the trial so… the orb is… orbs are my breasts now?”

    Andrew nodded.  Now can you put Rika back to a more reasonable size?  We’d like to have access to the kitchen.  I need another dew.”

    But I’m not a magician.  I’m just a player of a game.  What the heck am I supposed to-- She turned to Rika who put her hands in front of her eyes in that silly sailor moon pose with the scissors.  With the same stupid squishing noises.

    Mandy closed her eyes.  “So, I’m the orbs, huh?”  She uttered the first elven word she learned.  “Hado.”  Release.

    In the blink of an eye, her breasts shrunk.  Leaving her to land on a considerably lessened-- but still ridiculously big bosom.  She sat up, assessing their girth, finding them full and round and drooped just past her waist.  Somehow Mandy didn’t mind so much.  She pulled the robe across her breasts, pulled it taut and found it fit her perfectly.

    That smug bastard.

    Rika discarded her old bra, dug through her bag and put on a new one.  She pulled her shirt down and over her tits.  They hung neatly past her thighs, spreading the letters wide across her tits.  Man, that shirt is pretty stretchy.

    Mandy sighed.  “So, I guess I better get used to being this big.”

    “Yep,” Andrew said, kneeling to assess the damage.  “We haven’t had a game this interesting for a while.  You’re welcome to come back anytime.”

    She stood up, dusting herself off and twisted up her face at him   “Ha.  Fat chance.  Assuming I’m even allowed to leave.  I didn’t really beat the campaign.”

    “You did good,” Grognar said.  He pulled out his inhaler and gave it a puff.  “I hope you’re not too mad at us for… well… everything.”

    Mandy scoffed.  “I would be mad if not for Rika.  This outfit, it’s really nice-- she put a lot of care into it so… I’ll say we’re even.”

    Rika pouted.  “But… you just got here.  I thought we had a new friend!  And next time Paladin Rikaka will be in the party!”

    A paladin?  What’s she do, crush people to death with her boobs?  Mandy couldn’t keep the smile inside.  She laughed.  “That’s so stupid.  How like you.  Look, I’m not making any promises.   I’ll look you guys up on line if I feel like it.”

    Rika beamed-- like she said yes.  “OK!  See you next session!”

    “Steiger, Thorim, Grognar… thanks.  You did well.”

    They all gave her polite waves.

    Andrew raised a hand to say goodbye but Mandy pointed to him, cutting him off.  “Not you, though, you can go fuck yourself.”  But then she smiled.  “Next time you won’t have stupid limitations to keep me from kicking the shit out of your campaign.”

    He grinned.  “Yeah.  Next time.”

    Mandy gathered her things, her lucky dice, and her character sheet.  Her old clothes wouldn’t do her much good, so she left those in the apartment.  Oddly enough the top did a good job of giving her breasts support.  She was already getting used to being so big… or maybe it was because she knew what it meant to be pinned down with boobs as big as her body.  Some melons a bit bigger than her head seemed like a drop in the bucket.

    She gave a small wave on her way out and walked down the hall, almost forgetting she was in full cosplay.  

    The same guard was on duty, he did a double take when she walked by.  “Oh, wow.  Someone had a good time.  I guess you’re gonna be a regular?  Like Rika?”

    “Yeah.  I plan on it.”

    “Well,” he said laughing.  “If that’s what you look like after your first session, I have a nice summer to look forward to.  Catch you around… uh?  What was your name?”

    “Ella,”  Mandy said, a small smile coming to her lips.  “Ella Silverwind.”



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    Mandy checked the website on her smartphone for the third time.  The apartment matched the description and it even looked nicer than she expected.  She scooted her backpack higher on her shoulders, pressing her thin lips together.

    Maybe I should have worn something different.

    She made it a point to wear baggy clothes— she had a feeling she’d be the only girl at the gathering and she didn’t want the guys spending the whole time gawking at her.  

    Not that there was much to gawk at.  If they were after tits and ass, they were bound to be disappointed.  It was always a pain looking for someone, anyone willing to take it seriously and not just fall to the assumption she wanted a nerd dating service rather than a table top gaming group.

    She buzzed unit ten before thinking any more on it.  Mandy was a lot of things, but she was no coward.

    “Fair greetings, Lady Amanda, your arrival has been foretold by the eye of Sartarak.”

    She rolled her eyes.  “So, I guess you’re Andrew with the Urban Adventurers?  I prefer Mandy by the way.”

    “Of course, Ama—err— Lady Mandy, let me cast the entry incantation.”

    The door buzzed and she stepped inside, tuning out the tacky décor of the lobby and passing glances of the underpaid security guard.  He didn’t say anything as she walked in, but she could practically feel his eyes on her.

    She confirmed it on the sly with on the gunmetal case of her phone.  He was staring right at her butt.  Mandy spun around and shot him a harsh glare.  “You could at least offer to buy me dinner before you eye hump me— jerk.”

    The guard shrugged unapologetically.  “Just taking a good look.  Room ten right?”


    “They do this every week.  You’re not the first.”

    She pushed a lock of brown hair from her eyes.  “Yeah well, they’re highly rated.  Guys, girls, doesn’t matter.  You trying to tell me something?”

    “Just that it never gets old.  People come in, and when they leave, they’re practically a different person.”

    Mandy chuckled to herself.  “Well, they call it roleplaying for a reason.  If you can’t get in character, you’re doing it wrong.”

    “Yeah well, that stuff is for nerds.  I just like looking at the results.  Don’t have too much fun.”

    She wasn’t sure how to take his attitude.  When she took a good look at him, she was surprised to realize he was around her age, maybe a little older.  Just a college student trying to pay the bills.  It made his offhanded creepery a little easier to take.  She didn’t say anything else, just made her way to the stairs.

    Third floor, the door on the right.

    Mandy clutched the strap of her backpack, working through how she planned to make her approach.  She had a clear idea of her character in mind, had the character sheet all filled out, but didn’t want to come on too strong.  That’s how she ruined things with the last group she tried to RP with.

    The door opened when she got to the landing.  Andrew— the guy who ran the group— fit all of her expectations.  Thin, glasses and casually dressed.  He had a short sleeved t-shirt decorated with a video game character she didn’t recognize.  She was more of a book gal.

    Another dud.  Damn it.  She didn’t let the disappointment make it to her face.  If she was lucky, they’d be posers and maybe she could teach them a thing or two.  Maybe take over the group… show em some real role playing.

    He waved her in.  “We usually dress up, but we didn’t want to overdo it.”

    “Thanks, I guess.”  She stopped at the threshold.  “How many other people are in the session?”

    Andrew gave her a small smile.  “Three others, and session, huh?  I knew I had a good feeling about you.  Lemme see your character sheet.”

    She rolled her bag off her shoulder, pushed aside the robes— she brought them just in case— and pulled out a plain black folder.  Mandy took all the precautions, keeping two one with a simple character sheet and another with the works, character art, accolades…

    “I don’t want that one.  I want the other one,” Andrew said.

    She hesitated.  “The other one?”

    “I read up on you.  I know the circles.  I’ve been DMing since I was fourteen.  It’s a small miracle we never bumped into each other.  We lived three blocks away from each other.”

    “Yeah well… private school.  Against my will, I might add.”

    “It’s cool,” he said, smiling.  “Let me see this green folder I’ve heard so much about.”

    Mandy slipped the black folder back into her bag and pulled out the green one, an inlaid design of a dragon decorated the cover.  She handed it over.

    Andrew flipped it open, taking a moment to look at the picture of the elf sorceress Ela Silverwind, hand rendered with about forty hours of hard work.  Mandy spent a good amount of her free time drawing and took great pride in it.  Most guys didn’t give it a second look, though.  Ela was slim, built like Mandy, with elegant features and a modest increase in curves.  Not the tits, like two-bit fantasy artist hacks, but in the hips and butt with functional and elegant robes.

    Andrew looked over the sheet and the picture with clear interest.  “Impressive.  I’ve never played with a sorceress that scored the choker of Ketun-Set.  Most people don’t even see the benefit of it.”

    Mandy perked at his words.  “I know, right?  But paired with the Scepter of infinite blinking, it’s borderline OP.”

    He handed her back the folder.  “It’s about time we got someone serious about this.  You’re good to go Lady Ela.  You want to change?  The bathroom is right here.”

    She felt excited.  It’d been years since she’d played a serious campaign.  The bathroom was small and cramped, the kind she’d always been used to—especially before she had the sense to pace herself on Mountain Dew.  No one liked an RP session that got busted up with pee breaks after all.

    Mandy pulled off her hoodie and flung it to the floor, replacing it with the modified bathrobe she called her sorceress’ robes.  She wasn’t a cosplayer, so they looked pretty crappy, but just having the proxy helped so much.  When she went to pull the robes over her shoulders, she sighed at her reflection.  She was no elf.  Just a boring girl with average at best looks.

    At least these guys didn’t seem like breast obsessed goons.

    The guys chatted loudly enough that she could hear them through the door.  One of them spoke in the fake Scottish dwarf accent— you know the one— and the other spoke in broken English.

    Dwarf and a Half-orc.  Won’t be short on meat shields at least.  Wonder who the last guy is? Maybe another elf?

    She finished getting dressed and stepped into the dining room, a poorly lit little slice of nerd heaven.  They had snacks at the ready and drinks for days— beer and otherwise.

    “Oy!” A ginger guy with a face full of freckles and a horned helmet waved at her.  She quickly realized he hadn’t been faking the Scottish accent.  He was the real deal.  “Ela is it?”

    She nodded.  “Yeah, Ela will do.  I’m not nobility or anything.”

    “Thorim Stoneshin, Dwarf Ranger, at yer service,” he said.  He gestured to a guy next to him.  “The quiet lad right here is Stiger, just Stiger.”

    ‘Stiger’ was a quiet guy with black hair.  He looked like your quintessential goth kid.  He waved.  “Human rogue.”

    A Human?  Really?  She turned to the remaining guy, a spindly guy with bad acne.  “…and you must be.”

    “Grognar,” he clapped a hand to his chest.  He sputtered, took out his inhaler and puffed.  “Half-orc Barbarian.”

    “Let her take a look at your sheets while I settle in,”  Andrew said, fiddling behind his DM board.

    She passed around the green folder and took a look at theirs.  She had everyone beat by two levels, save for Stiger, who was only behind one.

    “Hey,” Stiger said, pointing to Andrew.  “Cursed sorcerer event.”

    Andrew snapped his fingers.  “Oh yeah, that’d be nice, huh?”

    Mandy had never heard of it.  “Cursed sorcerer?”

    “You get an extra daily power to compensate for the lost level.  It’s a pact with a sorcerer so you have a tier two curse on you through the campaign.  As long as you match the conditions the curse fades afterward.”

    She was intrigued.  “So, it’s like… a handicap?  To make up for my level difference?”

    “Yeah.  Something like that.  You down?”

    “Sure.  If it makes things go smoother.”

    Andrew pulled up his hood and wrote something down.  “Good, cuz I’m the sorcerer in question.  High Lord Takin.  Ella Silverwind, do you accept the terms of the curse?”  He slipped her a piece of paper.  Everything looked in order, save for a part about a glamor.  But her mouth moved before her mind could catch up.

    “I Ele Silverwind accept the terms of this curse.”

    Glamors were physical changes… but it was just a game.  So, what did it matter if she looked a little different for the campaign?  She felt a small tingle between her shoulder blades— almost unperceivable as an itch.  It made her sit up straighter, jutting her chest outward.

    Her chest felt hot, flushed the same way she would feel if fighting a fever, only localized.  Her nipples stiffened, and the undeniable sensation of arousal washed over her body.  She had to bite her lip to choke back a little squeal.  She wasn’t sure if they heard it.

    “Alright moving along,” Andrew said.  “The King has put out a call for Adventurers to investigate…”

    Mandy couldn’t focus on his words.  Her chest felt tight— swollen.  The guys around her didn’t seem to pay any mind, doing the usual prep work for an RP session, checking dice and the like.  But something was definitely happening with her.  Her breasts were getting bigger.

    She folded her arms across them out of reflex and tried to play it cool.  Her mind raced, trying to find an explanation for it.  Was it something she ate?  An allergy?

    “Ella?” Andrew’s voice snapped her from her trance.  “What’s wrong?  You look pale.”

    “I…” She realized then, he was smiling.  He lacked any trace of sympathy in his voice and Thorim and Grognar grinned with him.  

    Stiger didn’t, he wore a bored expression and spoke in a dry monotone.  “Ella has probably never had her breasts enlarged by a glamor.  She probably doesn’t know how horny it makes her.  Just give her a bit to adjust, alright?”

    “W-what?” Mandy stood, horrified.  “Did you just say—”

    “Yes.  A Glamor that balances power and gives you giant tits,” Andrew said, matter-of-factly.  “Well, ‘big’ tits at first, but you’ll get bigger when you cast spells.”

    “I didn’t sign up for this.”

    Andrew tapped the paper with his index finger.  “Actually, you did.  And if you read the fine print, you’ll realize that if you abandon the campaign, you get a rather big penalty and forfeit any opportunity to return to normal.”

    Thorim chuckled.  “And you’ll take a hefty penalty to Intellect.  So, I’d sit back down, girlie.”

    Mandy sat down, feeling the bulge of her tits against her bra.  It was all but useless now, at least two sizes too small.  Her nipples were so sensitive, keeping her arms crossed over them was making her really wet.  With that realization came another— her panties felt tight and her pants strained as her hips swelled.

    She was changing.  Not just Ella, but the player herself.  The game had changed Mandy somehow.

    “So, moving on,” Andrew said, “we’re keeping it simple.  The hamlet of Braddington has put out a call for heroes.  Ice trolls have moved into the mountains and are planning to attack on—“

    “How could you possibly know that?”  Mandy said.

    The guys all traded wary looks.

    “I’m sorry,” Andrew said with steepled fingers, “Did you just interrupt me?”

    Mandy sighed.  One of those DMs, huh?  “My apologies.  I just… it seems like that broke character.”

    Andy slipped a paper towards her, tapping on a line.  She read it under her breath.  “The hamlet of Braddington has a history of attacks due to its position on a leyline...”

    The rest went on to say a powerful sorcerer one, High Lord Takin, installed an all-seeing eye that anyone with an intelligence stat of ten or more could use.

    “Oh, I get it,” she said, sliding the paper back.  “This town draws monsters and in turn draws adventurers.  It’s a nice concept.  Go on… I’m just not used to dealing with people that know their stuff.”

    Andrew lightened up.  “Yeah.  So, please, wait until I finish.”

    The others let out a collective sigh.

    “Oy Lassie,” Thorim said.  “Last time someone cut ‘im off we got smooshed by a dragon.  Reel it in, will ye?”

    She pantomimed zipping her lips shut.

    “Anyway,” Andrew went on.  “The ice trolls have their sights on the Braddington’s livestock, but they’ve migrated from the east, and they brought their spoils— weapons stolen from Dwarven caches.”

    “By me beard!” Thorim said.  “New backscratchers for everyone!”

    Stiger leaned closer.  “Any daggers?”

    Andrew nodded.

    Grognar looked unimpressed.  “Meh.  Dwarf weapons?  More like toothpicks.”

    Thorim stood up clapping his hands on the table.  “Dem’s fighting words greenskin.”

    “Fight?  That what you call me punting you across the field?”  He took a puff on his inhaler.

    “Boys… come on,” Mandy said.  “I’m not happy either.  Not like there’ll be any relics for me, either.”

    “On the contrary,” Andrew said.  “The all-seeing eye spied the Orb of Golek-Sah.  A highly sought after trinket the tolls mistook as a mere bauble.”

    Mandy gaped, leaning forward in her chair. Her new bosom mashed on the table pushing her bra past her nipples.  Shit… Maybe I should probably just take it off.  She sat up and fixed it through the robe.  “A-Anyway, I’ve been trying to get that thing since I rolled this character.  How’d you find the kit?”

    Andrew smirked.  “I told you, I did my homework.  But if you think I’m gonna just hand it over to you, you have another thing coming.”

    She grinned.  “Ice trolls, huh?  Highly resistant to physical damage, need magic to polish them off?   Yeah, this is right up my alley.”

    Stiger leaned back with his hands behind his head.   “Sounds like someone is gonna be casting a loooot of spells.”

    “Of course,” Mandy said, beaming with pride.  “I took the expansive mind perk that lets me memorize twice as many spells at camp.  Given I have proper preparation time.”

    “You do,” Andrew said.

    “Perfect.  Then I’m going to—” She hesitated.  Lots of spells.  Many stood up, clapping her hands on the table.  “You… you made the campaign like this on purpose, didn’t you?  You’re just looking for an excuse to make this curse worse, aren’t you!”

    “Hey, you agreed to the contract.”  Andrew leaned forward, a smile peeked over his DM screen.  “Is it not the job of the DM to challenge people based on their skill set?  This should be ample motivation for you to branch out a little.  Spellslingers pride themselves on being efficient.”

    He wasn’t wrong.  Mandy sat down in a huff.  “Fine.  I’m spending the prep time to double charge my spells.  Assuming the curse goes per cast, correct?”


    Andrew rolled his dice behind the screen.  “The double charges are effective and go without incident.  Just to verify, that effects every offensive spell in your memorization pool, correct?  Ten spells.”

    “Yeah, why?”

    “Just checking.”

    The others at the table sniggered.

    “What’s so funny?”

    “Yer the type that doesn’t like debt, huh?”  Thorim said.  “Pay it up front?”

    “Ha.  Front,” Stiger said.

    “What do you…”

    Mandy flinched against the sensation of growth.  It was faster than before and more drastic.  Without the support of her bra, her tits wobbled under her robes, clapping together lewdly. Before settling to a slow quiver.

    F-fuck.  I messed up.  Double charging is still a spell.  The worst kind—a zero cost one.

    She tried to regain her composure, sitting up a bit straighter.  She reached into her robe and unfastened the useless bra.  Even if she could get it over her breasts, it would be dental floss across her boobs.  That was not the kind of support she wanted or needed.  Many slipped out of it, tucking the crumpled-up bra in her sash.

    There was no ignoring the lusty glances from the guys at the table now.  Her robes did a good job of hiding perky B-cups, a passable one with D-cups, but there was no hiding her tits now.  They were huge.  She had to be a Triple-D by now.

    “Let’s just get on with it,” Mandy said.  “Those trolls aren’t gonna kill themselves.”

    “Agreed.”  Andrew leaned back in his chair speaking easily.  “There’s three ways to make it up to the mountain.  The main road is plagued by bandits, the forest path is longer but safer and the caves are overrun by kobolds.”

    Thorim and Grognar threw their hands up.  “Bandits!”

    Mandy actually agreed with them.  Kobolds never had anything good in terms of treasure and they were usually thralls to something more dangerous—something she’d have to use magic to deal with them.  It was good as time as any to get some dagger practice in.  She nodded to agree.

    Stiger grunted.  “I would have gone with the forest path.”

    Everyone turned to him.

    He shrugged.  “What?  Maybe we’ll find a temple full of gold or something.”

    “Anyway,” Andrew said, rolling his eyes.  “Let’s get started.”

    –In Character–

    Ella Silverwind spent the morning as she usually did, double checking reagents and ensuring she had everything ready for a one-way trip.  She didn’t adventure for the glory or the piddling sum of coins offered by desperate peasants.  She did it to find the Orb of Golek-Sah and to that greater effect, use it to find the Lich that killed her master.

    She had doubts about the band of adventures she was stuck with.  To them, this was a grab for treasure and weapons, likely to slake a need to booze and prostitutes.

    Ella made camp a short distance away from the village proper.  She had no love for human dwellings and even less love for dwarven tavern songs.

    Several hours after daylight broke her band approached her camp.

    “You’re late,” she said.

    “Fashionably late,” Thorim said.  “You damn elfies may be content to wake at the buttcrack o’ dawn, but we dwarves need our beauty sleep.”

    “Well the way I see it, you need to go back to bed.”

    “Har har… well, don’t go complaining to me when you need me to carry your big titted ass up the damn mountain.”

    Ella opened her mouth to protest but realized he was right.  The curse had taken its toll, warping her usual slender body to that of a bar wench.  Even her early preparations for spells backfired, weighing her down with unneeded curvature.

    Perhaps when she got hold of the orb she could lift the curse.”

    –Out of Character–

    “Hold it,” Andrew broke character.  “That curse is permanent.  You need a way to stop it.”

    Mandy stared at him wide-eyed.  “Permanent?  You mean whatever I get I keep?  For good?!”

    He nodded.  “Also, try to cut back on the exposition?  We don’t want to put Grognar into a coma.  He has ADHD.  Feel free to talk about your boobs, though.”



    Ella stood up, testing her new center of balance.  Her breasts were so big and unwieldy now, the trek up the mountain would be arduous.  They’d likely be bouncing with every step.


    Andrew gave her a thumbs-up


    “Have we agreed on the main road, then?” Ella said.

    Thorim tapped his warhammer on his shoulder.  “Aye, we may miss out on a few golden temples, but we need ta bring this ice troll nonsense to heel.  Plus, I’m always up for bashing in some bandit skulls.”

    “Bashing?  Bah.”  Grognar said.  “Splitting way better.  Bandit brains make best squish.”

    “It still squishes when I use me hammer, you oaf.”

    Stiger cleared his throat.  “So, you two will be handling the Bashing and squishing, right?  I can work towards reclaiming misplaced treasures.”

    “Oy,” Thorim said, jabbing a finger in the center of his chest.


    “Hold it.”  Mandy raised her hand.  “Belly.”

    “Huh?” Thorim said.

    Mandy smirked.  “You’re a dwarf.  You’re short and you’re poking a human.  That’s a hell of a reach.”

    “Smart ass wench… fine.  Belly.”


    …jabbing his belly with a finger.  “I want an inventory of every coin you nick.  We’re splitting it four ways, got it?”

    Stiger sighed.  “…fine.”

    They kept to the main road.

    Thorim took the lead, keeping his eyes peeled for disturbances.


    Andrew rolled the dice.  “Perception checks for the time on the road.  You nailed it.  No one is sneaking up on you.”

    Thorim pumped a fist.


    Ella kept her dagger at the ready.  She wasn’t about to waste any spells on common thugs.   Plus, there was the curse to think of.   She certainly looked forward to halting the progress of the affliction.

    Stiger approached her from behind, cupping his hands under Ella’s boobs.


    “What?  No!” Mandy stood up.  “You can’t just molest me.”

    Stiger shrugged.  “It’s not molestation, it’s support.  Unless I missed the part where you went to a tailor and got a new brassier.  That flimsy little outfit you have isn’t keeping those new lady bumps contained for long.”

    Mandy opened her mouth to complain but realized he was right.  The outfit she made for Ella was practical adventuring gear, but it certainly wasn’t made for large breasts.  She pulled out a sketchbook and worked it through.  Stiger was right… The wrap around top would be in a bad way with four extra cup sizes dragging her down.  The loose robe she wore now was uncomfortable enough.

    She snapped the sketchbook shut and fumed.  “Well, regardless.  You can’t go around grabbing other people without permission.

    Andy rolled the dice.  “Speed checks out.  He can.”

    “That’s not the point!”  Mandy said, sitting.  “Gah… fine whatever…”


    Ella flinched against the intrusion, letting out a yelp.  “Ah!  Don’t sneak up on me like that.”

    “I’m just being helpful.  Those things are pretty heavy.”

    She squirmed free.  “I can carry them just fine.  Touch me again and we’re going to have problems bigger than my curse.”

    “OK.  No need to be crabby.”

    “Just ignore him, lass,” Thorim said.  “He didn’t mean any harm.  He’s just an odd bird.”

    “If boob too heavy,” Grognar said.  “You let Grognar hold.  He bigger.”

    Ella rolled her eyes.  “I’ll keep your gracious offer in mind.”

    An arrow flits by, slamming into the ground.

    “An attack?” Thorim spins around, readying his shield.  “Up and at em, we got company.”


    “Wait a second,” Mandy said.  “I thought Thorim was on watch.”

    Andrew shrugged. “Breast distraction modifier.  He failed his saving throw.”

    Thorim slid his character sheet over to her.  “See?  It’s right here.  Thorim gets distracted by boobs bigger than D cups.”

    “Are all of you completely obsessed with tits?!”

    The three adventurers spoke in unison.  “Yes.”

    Grognar pushed his character sheet forward.  “Grognar distracted by triple D boobies.  Grognar have standards.”  He nodded sagely.

    Mandy rubbed her forehead.  “For fuck sake, whatever let’s just kill these bandits and get this over with.”

    Andrew steepled his fingers.  “Well, see there lies the problem.  The bandits are actually…”


    Figures poured from the forest on both sides, all clad in tight leather bikinis with crude wooden spears at the ready.  These were no ordinary bandits, they were the Crimson Thong!

    Thorim is over run by the first line, toppled and pinned by a trio of spear women. Grognar fell prey to a flank attack.  Stiger submitted to the encroaching forces.

    “Why aren’t you fighting back?” Ella readied her dagger but realized the truth of the matter.  She cast a spell—detect magical beings.

    Her bustline reacted immediately, straining against the fabric of her traveling robes, but more importantly, a faint glow wafted over the ‘bandits’.

    Her superior perception coupled with her general experience pointed to one thing.  These women are under the service of a powerful succubus.

    Ella avoided capture easily.  The women were no warriors, relying almost entirely on their pretty being subjugated.  She pushed past with ease, following the trail of magic to the source.  A demoness waiting on the flanks.

    “Well, well, what do we have here?” The Demoness said.  “The buffoons actually had the foresight to recruit a woman?  And a shapely elf at that.  Thanks for the initial distraction.  You’ll make an excellent addition to my army of thralls.”

    “Not happening,” Ella said.  “Release my companions and this… an improbable collection of attractive women… and I’ll spare your pathetic life.”

    The succubus twirled a finger.  “I don’t think you realize the gravity of your circumstances, curse bearer.”

    The fabric on Ella’s top strained her breasts quivered and gurgled.


    Mandy’s tits bubbled outward, straining the bathrobe.  “Oh, come on!  I didn’t even cast another spell.  And I have resistance against…”

    Andrew slid the dice out from behind his screen.  Snake eyes.

    Oh.  Critical failure on resistance.  For fuck sake.

    “Why the hell is the Succubus inflating my tits?  She has enough big titted bimbos in her army!  Where’s the balance?”

    “Well two things, first she has a glamor put on all her ‘army’.  Second, she has the ability to accelerate curses.”

    Mandy rubbed her forehead.  “Well shit.  I better take her out fast then.  Time for my specialty.”


    “You picked the wrong elf to cross, demon.” Ella brought her hands over her head, gathering the loose power of the light around her.  She twisted it, refracting it until it formed a ball of concentrated power.

    “Protect me!”  The demoness bellowed.  The women flocked around her putting their bodies before her.  

    Ella smirked and released the spell— straight up.

    The beam of light twisted and gathered power as it moved, banked and struck from above.  It slammed into the demoness, purifying her with righteous power.  She let out a hellish scream— one that echoed into the forest air.

    Ella blew away a tuft of smoke from her finger tip.  “Maybe you should protect yourself the right way next time.”  Glad I double charged that—

    A surge of magical backlash slammed into Ella, pumping power into her chest.  Her top surrendered to the girth of her breasts flopping free from her robes.  She covered herself.


    “What… What happened now?  This is way more than usual!” Mandy crossed her arms over her chest.  It was enough to take out her character’s top, but the bathrobe held fast, thankfully.  I don’t even know what size I am now, this is ridiculous.  How the hell am I supposed to finish this campaign if my tits grow with every spell?!

    “Natural selection,” Andrew said.  “You killed that succubus, but demons have adapted since people have caught on to the simple resolution of sending women… so succubi evolved so when women killed them, they’d inherit their assets.”

    “Well lucky for me she didn’t have too much up top…” Many said, musing over her newfound bustiness.

    “Assets.  Plural.”

    “Huh?” Mandy winced at a growing pressure in her hips and butt.  She hopped a bit in her chair, lifted by the force of proverbial junk forcing its way into her proverbial trunk.  She’d never had much in the way of an ass, but in the blink of an eye, she went from board flat to bootylicious.

    She groaned, massaging her backside.  Well, at least the chair is more comfortable now with all this padding.

    “If this keeps up, the guys are gonna have to roll me up the hill.”

    “Grognar’s offer still stand.  He also have—”

    “Let me guess,”  Mandy said.  “…distraction penalty to huge asses.”

    “How you know?”

    “Well, my answer is still no.”

    “So,” Andrew said, clearing his throat.  “Shall we press on?”

    “Let’s.” Mandy struggled to adjust her bathrobe and went back into character.


    Ella turned back to find the ‘bandits’ had returned to normal— a myriad mixture of village girls kidnapped from nearby towns.  With the glamor gone, most of them couldn’t even fit in their leather bikinis anymore.  They graciously offered to part with one to help with her wardrobe issue.  She put the bikini on but kept her robes to cover her shoulders and back.  She directed the girls back to the village, who swore to pay them back for their kindness.

    The guys slipped free of the succubus’ influence and since most of the freed girls don’t meet the distraction guidelines, the band found themselves back on track.

    “Nice bikini,” Stiger said.  “It suits you.”

    “Shut up.”

    The rest of the trip on the road went without incident and the mountain trail lay before them.  The trip takes the party to the late afternoon.

    “Let eat,” Grognar said, rubbing his belly.

    Thorim nodded.  “Agreed,  who knows what we’ll run into?”

    “Vampire bats that inflate boobs instead of drink blood?  Venomous breast expanding spiders?  Breast inflating dart traps?”

    “Don’t be like that,” Thorim said.  “What are the odds some crazy wizard would drum up something like that.”

    “About the same as a crazy wizard inflicting a boob inflating curse on an elven sorceress.”


    “Hey,” Andrew said.  “We’re getting a little meta here.  That’s your first and final warning.”

    “Seriously?” Mandy said.  “I’m pretty sure an elf woman would be just as annoyed as a human one sitting at a damn D&D session that’s turning into T&A.”

    “Ha,” Stiger said.  “That was a good one.”

    Mandy narrower her eyes.  “No, it wasn’t.  Look can we please cool it on the boob growing stuff?  I’m gonna have to cast spells to kill the Trolls, if I can’t walk, that’s gonna be really hard.”

    “Relax,” Andrew said.  “There’s no bats, traps or spiders.  Just push on.  You’re doing well and you got the bonus for taking out that succubus.”

    Stiger sighed.  “But I like being a puppet for a succubus.  It’s not like I was using my soul anyway.”

    Mandy groaned. “Stiger… just… nevermind.  Let’s just go.”


    The party stood before a great mountain trail, winding up and around.  It was treacherous, only about four feet at the widest point and thin enough to make them sidle across at the smallest.  

    Ella wasn’t particularly good with heights.  A mountain path with no railing was a far cry from a cozy tree house.  It wasn’t packed soil below but spiked rocks.  The air took a turn towards cold-- her stupid leather bikini didn’t help with that at all.

    She raised a hand ready to call on her magical cloak but hesitated.  Damn it!  Summoning it is as much of a spell as an offensive one.  She turned to her party members instead.  

    “Hey… uhm… would you happen to have a spare cloak?  Anyone?”

    Thorim nodded, working at the hooks.  “Me cape should fit you just fine.  This is a holiday on the beach for a Dwarf.  It’s all yours, lassie.”

    “Thanks, that’s awful kind of you.”  She took it and hesitated, taking a moment to note her party member’s expressions.

    Grognar picked his nose idly, not a care in the world while Steiger wore a smug smile behind his own bundled cloak.

    “Why are you smiling.  Please tell me this cape isn’t cursed.”

    “Not at all,” Stiger said.  “But it is enchanted.”

    It was too cold to argue.  She wrapped herself in it and sighed.  She felt warmer but… she looked down, realizing she could see herself clearly.  A cloak of invisibility…?  No.  A cloak of transparency.  No wonder I didn’t notice him wearing the cloak before.  


    “Hey Andrew,” Steiger said.


    “Roll to see how hard her nipples are.”

    Mandy slapped the table.  “Stiger.  Shut the fuck up.”

    “Why?  It’s a legitimate question.  Oh and before I forget, how big are your titty toppers?”

    “Andrew!   Make him stop!”

    Andrew rolled his eyes.  “Steiger.  That’s not appropriate.”

    Mandy relaxed a bit.  Finally, he’s actually taking my side for once.  

    “Really you have no reason to ask me such a stupid question.  If you want to know, just look.  As for the latter?  She’s wearing a top so out of sight out of mind.”

    “But her she was topless when she put on the bikini.”

    “You were in a sex-addled daze when she changed clothes.  No.”

    I wasn’t really surprised about his strictness.  Detail oriented DMs were always the best ones.  She sat back with a smug smile.

    He rolled the dice.  “Pretty hard.”

    Mandy nearly fell out of her chair.  “I thought you weren’t going to answer him!”

    Andrew scoffed.  “Never said that.  It was a stupid question because I was just factoring your resistance to cold relevant to your change in size.  Look at it this way: You have a nice warmth modifier because out your new boobs.”

    “Oh boy,” Mandy said with mock enthusiasm.  

    He rolled the dice again.

    “What now?”

  Andrew glanced between the dice and her, a grim look on his face.  “Someone just had a critical failure on their Dexterity check.”

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Chris wrote the story for Yuria in the notebook.  When he showed her the red text she gave him a sultry little kiss, but otherwise just sauntered out of the living room.  He couldn’t fight back the sensation of jealousy.  He wouldn’t get to enjoy that growth for once.

He could hear her wake up her new boyfriend.  It didn't take long for other noises to follow.

He glanced over at Elle, who stared at him intently.



“Your nothing means something,” Chris said approaching her. 

“Fine.”  She straightened, donning a dark smile.  “I tried to spare you the trouble, but since you insisted… I find you interesting.”

“Interesting good, or interesting bad?”

“Both.”  She shrugged.  “You’re reckless but your heart is in the right place.  That’s something.”

“Impressed enough for sex?”


Chris lost his smile.  “Really?  Because that compromise left me hanging.”

“I’m not here to clean up your messes… and I’m sure as hell not here to appease your deviant desires.”

He stepped closer, pulling her against him.  “You sound like you’re accusing me of settling for you.  This is one hell of an improvement if you ask me.”

Elle gave him an even look, she halted him with a calm hand on his shoulder but there was no retaliation or anger.  “You sure you want to open this can of worms?  I can get very grumpy when my needs aren’t met.”

“Well, I wasn’t just thinking regular sex.  I wanted to involve the notebook.  You said this is your normal size, right?  Then how about an upgrade?”

“Why would I want larger breasts?”

“I could make them more sensitive, too.”


“That’s a yes, right?”

“You’re going to have to do better than—” 

Chris turned her around, slipping his hand down the front of her pants, finding her wet and aroused.  “—someone’s a bad liar.”

“I never said I wasn’t turned on.”  She peered back at him with a bored expression.  “You realize this toes the line of non-consent, right?”

“You gonna arrest me?”

“I might.”

He kissed her neck.  “It’ll be worth it.  Besides, I know you’re more than capable of whooping my ass.  I wouldn’t get this far unless you wanted me to… I haven’t noticed you sucking on candy.  You over that?”

“No.”  She leaned back, making it easier for him to work between her legs.  “A certain horny deviant scratched my itch enough for me to back off.”

“Huh?  If that’s all it takes, why not sleep around a bit?”

“I tend to intimidate people.  Plenty of them flirt, but they rarely get this far.  Most of them that do are women.”

“So… you’re not a lesbian so much as…”

“…someone that likes sex.  Addicted to it, really.  I’m a tier three nymphomaniac.”

“Oh, right,” Chris slipped his hand under her shirt.  “So, you’re saying if guys were more forthright, you’d go for it.”

She squirmed against him, “It could be problematic if they were too forward, but I won’t lie.  I’d like nothing more than to have you impregnate me—not out of some perverse desire to be with child, but because of the permanence of it.”

Chris stiffened at her words.  “Is that so?”

“Mmm hmm.  There’s no hiding from that.  I heard about you and Samantha… about what you did?”

“Oh, the scare, huh?  Not my finest moment.”

“On the contrary.  It speaks volumes about your character.”  Elle’s breathing became a little ragged.  He’d never imagined her getting so bothered over a little finger work.  But it wasn’t that at all.  She was working herself up.  “You want to fuck me, right now, correct?”

“I do.”

“Then do it.  Full on until you cum, but know doing it, I’m fully fertile.”

Chris knitted his brow.  “Do you want me to get you pregnant?”

“The chances are still pretty low, you know.  Married couples have sex non-stop to make children.  It all comes down to luck.  Right place, right time.  I’m not interested in sex unless there’s a risk.  A thrill.”

She wants me to play Russian Rolette with spunk?  Chris pulled her closer, grinding his cock against her backside.  “That’s not gonna scare me off.  If you ask me to risk it, I’m gonna.”

Elle searched his expression, her cheeks flushed.  “Why?”

“That trap goes both ways, Elle.  I might belong to you in that case, but then you’d belong to me too.  Best believe it wouldn’t be the only baby I’d put inside of you.”

“You’re bluffing.  I can tell.   You’ll talk tough, but if it happened… you’d be crying for mercy you…”

Chris pulled her pants and panties down dipping the tip of his cock against her moist sex. “Then let’s make a bet.  The notebook may not be able to get you pregnant, but it should be able to tell if you are.   I’ll just make a condition like I did with Yuria.  The instant you get pregnant from my cum you’ll triple in size.  How does that sound?”

Elle let out a satisfied moan.  “Haaaah… It’s always about tits with you.  Your content as long as you think you’ll have a bit titted cow at you back and call.  But it wouldn’t be that way with me.  I wouldn’t even give you the satisfaction of a monogamous relationship.  I’d make you work for it.  If you wanted to keep me in your bed and only me you’d have to keep impressing me, over and over.”

“Keep impressing?   So, I’m impressing you now, am I?”

She clicked her tongue.  “Don’t grill me over semantics while I’m getting off.”

Chris set the notebook on the table and wrote a simple story.  He didn’t bother waiting for the ink to turn red before pushing into her.  “As big as you are now, you’ll have a hard time walking if we get unlucky.”

Elle squirmed against his cock, working into a rhythm. “I wasn’t lying you know.  If you go through with this—”

“You trying to discourage me, or turn me on more?”  Chris slipped his arms under her breasts, hugging her.  “Nothing you could say could convince me that being ‘stuck’ with you is a bad thing.”

“Is that so?  Then what about Heather?  I would think having a child with me would screw things up with her.”

Chris laughed.  “You obviously don’t know her very well.  Unless you’d order me to break things off with her?  We could always have one of those overly complicated romantic arrangements.  I wouldn’t mind sharing Heather with you.”

“And if I told you no?  Would you just break things off with her?”

“If you told me no.” He whispered in her ear.  “But that’s not your style.”

Chris pushed Elle over the table draping her tits over the notebook and poured semen into her with renewed urgency.  “Just so you know, I’m gonna want to do most of the milking by hand.”

Elle didn’t process his words immediately, instead savoring his release.  He felt oddly calm about the whole thing, mostly because he wanted to savor Elle’s orgasm.  He trusted a few times for good measure, pumping her with long forceful thrusts.  She accepted them lazily, lounging on the girth of her breasts.

Chris slid his hands down her body, giving her butt a squeeze.  “Feeling knocked up yet?”

Elle took a moment to respond and sighed.  “Of course, not.  I can’t believe you can’t tell why…”

Chris pulled back and took a better look.   She was wearing an internal condom.  It’s not like the damn thing would have covered her clit.    “So much for getting off on risk.”

She chuckled.  “I figured you’d mistake this as a pregnancy fetish.  I wasn’t lying about conviction being hot.  It’s one of the few things that get me going.”  Elle stood up and pulled the condom free.  She tied it off, pulled put a marker and wrote the date on it.  “Thanks for the sample by the way.”

“Huh?  What are you going to do with that?”

“Make candy.”

“You’re joking, right?”

She shook her head.  “Work sometimes puts me in places where I can’t hope to have sex for weeks.  These suckers help me cope—even more so if it's from a guy that actually got me off.  Makes all the difference in the world.”

“That’s kind of weird.”

“Really?  This coming from a guy who wanted to knock me up and inflate my breasts to near immobility?”

“Well, lucky for me, I had a contingency plan.”  Chris leaned forward and kissed her, catching her completely off guard.  He cupped his hands under her breasts and squeezed gently. 

This time she pushed him away.  “I just let you fuck me and you’re still trying to make—” A gurgle came from her breasts, setting them to swell against her already crowded top.  She gave him a dry look.  “Seriously?”

Chris grinned.  “Just making your bra size match your namesake.”


“Elle?  You know like the letter?  I think you gotta be close, by now… but I figured putting you at an L cup is totally appropriate.”

She groaned but draped her arms over his shoulders.  “You would use any excuse to make me bustier, wouldn’t you?”  He leaned closer to kiss her, but she dodged away.  “No.  I’m good for a while.”

“Relax, I only put you for fixed additional contingencies.  Unless I find a way to knock you up by making out, you’re safe.”

“I better be,” she accepted his kiss, savoring it. 

He massaged her butt as they made out—it swelled against his palms and split her jeans at the butt.

She bit him.

“Ow!” Chris backed off cradling his lip.


“Contingencies.  Plural.  You should have paid better attention.”

Elle borrowed a set of yoga work-out clothes from Yuria as her current duds didn’t really cut it for her new shapely form.  When they left the house, Penelope was parked behind them.

She stepped out of the car instantly noting Elle’s new rack.  “What?  Again?  Seriously Chris, how the hell am I supposed to keep up if you keep giving her magical boob jobs?”

“I didn’t ask for it,” Elle said. 

“Doesn’t matter.  You look great now that you’ve got it.  Oooh… that gives me an idea.”  She walked over to Elle and whispered something in her ear.

“No.  I’m not doing it.”

“Oh, come onnnn!  It’ll be fun.  Plus, Chris’ll love it.”

He was intrigued.  “What will I love?”

“The sexy busty twins bit.  Elle and I can make out a little for you.”

“I said no,” She tweaked Penelope’s nipple.  “Incest is gross.”

Chris raised his hand.  “It’s no incest if you both pay attention to me, though.”

“Exactly,” Penelope said.  “Look, just do it, OK?  He’ll love it.”

“Fine.  If it gets you to shut up…”

Penelope squealed and hurried over next to her.  “Chris get your camera ready.”

“For the record,” Elle said pointing at him.  “If you share this, I will kill you.”

“I will guard it like I guard my porn stash.”  Whatever it is…  Undaunted he held up his phone. 

Penelope hesitated.  “No… this won’t work.  I can’t be the little sister.”  She arched her back to try and compensate.  “Fill me up again.”

Chris laughed.  “Well, twins should be the same size, right?”

She pouted.  “I guess…”

He pocketed his phone and wrote in his notebook.  “I should fill you through the same method too.”  He approached lifted her chin and gave her a kiss.  He kept it simple and sweet—no reason to incur the wrath of Elle.

Penelope wasn’t far behind Elle in terms of breast size, so they just quivered and shook filling a single cup-size and deepening the cleavage for her skimpy little outfit.  He backed off, twirling a finger to get her to show her butt and goosed her— that was a more significant increase.  Enough to make her but gurgle and wobble noisily.  Her butt peeked out under her skirt and turned her panties into a glorified thong.

It dredged up some real desire for a threesome.

Penelope shook her butt playfully.  “I guess it’s only fair we match all over.”

“So yeah…” Chris said, clearing his throat.  “So, what’s this plan of yours?”

“What else would sexy twins do?” She cupped her hands under her swollen bosom, bobbling them.  C’mon Elle, don’t be a spoilsport.”

Elle groaned and grudgingly imitated her sister, rubbing their breasts against each other. 

Chris was instantly revitalized.   His cock went rock hard.  “Holy shit that’s hot!”

Penelope looked over at him coyly.  “I know, right?  Maybe someday we can rub our tits on your—”

“OK, I’m done.” Elle backed off.  “Bad enough I had to spend nine months sharing a cramped meat room with you, I’m not doing this.  Move your damn car so we can leave.  Chris needs to buy me new clothes.”

“You can borrow mine.”

“No,” Elle said.  “No.   I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing your clothes.”

That got some pretty arousing imagery in his head.  The idea of both of them dressing the same, whether that meant Elle in Pen’s brighter colored style or Pen gothed out like Elle really pushed his buttons.   He sidled over, draping his arms over their shoulders.  “We definitely need to work out a compromise on this.”

Elle gave him a glare that could burrow through steel.  

“Oh, I almost forgot.  I came here for a reason.” Penelope reached into her pocket, struggling to free a card from her back pocket.  The extra booty made it a tight fit.  “Someone dropped this off at the house.”

Elle took it and looked at the little text in the center of it.  She read it aloud.  “You’re a disgrace to your profession, you should quit.  Emme.”

“That was… rude.  Do you know who it’s from?”

“Emme, apparently.”  Elle offered the card back to Penelope.  “Just throw it out.”

“You’re not worried?” Penelope said, looking down at it.  “It could be important!”

“Probably just a pissy co-worker.  I don’t have time for stupid games.”

“But…” Chris took it from Penelope.  “…don’t you think it’s strange that the person that wrote this called themselves ‘Emme’?”

“No why?”

“Well, it’s like I said.  Your name sounds like the letter.  It’s the one after yours.  It’s like if someone called themselves Jay or Kay, it can’t be a coincidence.”

“I know it’s not a coincidence,” she said, scoffing.  “I’m just saying it’s a waste of time.  Are you two seriously trying to tell me how to do my job?  Because the first thing you should know about being an FBI agent is to know pointless red herrings when you see them.”

“Well, I’m looking into it,” Chris said.  “Especially since this, someone insulted you.”

“Do what you want, after we buy me some clothes.”

“Chill, sis, Hot Topic doesn’t close for like four hours.”

Elle gave Penelope a death glare.  “This coming from the bitch that has a framed picture of her in the Gap.”

“Ladies, come on…” Chris pulled them closer.  “Make love, not war.”

Elle pushed herself free.  “Waste your own time.  You two can go on your little goose chase, I’m going clothing shopping.”  She snatched Penelope’s car keys from her to made her way to it.

Chris held up the card.  “If this thing turns out to be real I want a blow job.”

“I get to help!”  Penelope called out.

“If that turns out to be real, I’ll even throw in some slutty Penelope clothes.”

Chris pumped a fist.  “Deal!”

Penelope gave him a pouty look.  “Hey, my clothes aren’t slutty.”

“Relax, she just means slutty versions of the stuff you wear.   There’s a difference.” 

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    Roxy counted the stack on the sly, under the coffee house table.  She had a habit of ordering her money by serial number.  It formed a close connection to every bill, forging evidence of how worked hard to get each one.  

    Still about a hundred short.  That dress isn’t gonna buy itself.

    The door jingle of the coffee shop drew her attention.  Two people stepped inside, two college students, Leon and Claire.  She tucked the bills into her purse and worked through the plan.  Coffee houses were treasure troves of accidents, but she had something special planned for them.  She stood up and hurried to the restroom, making sure the guy of the pair spotted her.  There was no way he wouldn’t, Roxy wore the shortest skirt she had that day.

    She stopped halfway there to root through her purse, jutting her ass out just enough to turn heads.  Roxy could practically hear the necks crick, turning to steal a peek.  She felt Leon’s eyes on her, glancing back to confirm.  They made eye contact briefly, but he glanced away.  

    Claire chatted with him, completely oblivious.  She was the trusting type.  The very reason Roxie was able to siphon away money from Leon time after time.  Not my fault you don’t put out, dumb bitch.

    “Hey hon, pick out a table,” Leon said.  “I gotta go to the bathroom.”

    Claire gave his arm a little squeeze.  “Sure, you want me to get the coffee too?”

    “Yeah sure…” He absentmindedly held out a twenty.  “You know what I like.”

    She took the twenty, giggled and moved to the line, the serpentine put her back to Roxy.  Perfect.

    Leon walked towards the restroom hesitating next to Roxy, his sunny countenance melted away.  “What are you doing here?”

    “Getting coffee, what’s it look like?  But I can’t quite find my money…”

    Leon groaned fishing in his wallet.  He plucked out a twenty and held it out.

    Roxy plucked his wallet from his fingers.  Four crisp new hundreds sat among a row of twenties.  “Oh, there it is.”

    “Hey, you can’t just--”

    “Oh really?  I can’t, or shouldn’t?  Just like you shouldn’t mess around with other girls just because your beloved is saving herself for marriage.” Roxy glanced over at Claire.  “Spoilers:  She’s not worth the wait.”

    “You leave Claire out of this.  Just give me back my wallet, OK?”

    Roxy plucked out the money inside then handed it back.

    Leon twisted up his face.  “Fine, but this is the last time.”

    Roxy fanned herself with the money.  “Are you suuure?  I don’t think you can keep your hands off me.”  She traced the top of her perky B-cups with her pinky.  

    He flushed and urged her into the hall.  “Not here, damn it.”

    She playfully jogged around the restroom hall corner, rustling her little miniskirt in just the right way.  Not many people knew it, but the coffee shop had three restrooms.  The Men's, the Women’s and thee unmarked employee one.  That one locked and Roxy had every damn manager in the place wrapped around her finger.  She reached to open it but Leon stopped her, turning her so her back lay against the door.

    “No.  I’m telling you it’s over.  This was the last time.”

    Roxy gave him a blank look, one that melted into a smile.  “This time is the last one?”

    “N-No.  I mean, last time was… I…” His gaze fell to her cleavage.  She folded her arms under her breasts, deepening the effect.  “...damn it Roxy.  Why do you have to be so fucking hot?”

    “Face it, Leon.  Things aren’t gonna work between you and that naive bitch.  If you’re not happy now, what makes you think you’re gonna be happy when you put a ring on her finger?”

    He snapped out of his daze.  “You’re wrong.  I love Claire.  You’re just using my dick against me.”

    “Well, it’s not going anywhere, is it?  Look.  I don’t care if we mess around or not.  I’m keeping this money either way.”

    Leon opened the restroom door and shooed her inside the employee restroom, closed the door and grabbed Roxy’s tits, rough enough to make her squeal.  “This time is the last one.  Make it fast.”

    She grinned, dropped to her knees and went to work.

    Roxy left the employee restroom two minutes later.  The line had thinned quite a bit and Claire was a person away from being served.   Roxy lined up behind her.  “Hey, Claire.”

    Claire jumped at hearing her voice.  “Oh!  Roxy, I didn’t see you were in here.”

    “You know, needed my caffeine.  Here, let me pay for yours too.”

    Claire blushed.  “No, it’s alright. I’m here with my boyfriend.  He gave me money to pay for it.”

    “You have a boyfriend?”  Roxy said.  “That’s big news.  Why don’t you let me buy both your coffees then?”

    Roxy strutted past her, the attendant pushed a macchiato towards her.  It was her usual drink.  She smiled down at the blob of frothy milk on top.  “Thanks, but I need you to make me a new one-- to go.  No cream today.  I’ve had plenty today.”

    She left a minute later, sipping her drink as she walked.  The coffee might have been bitter, but making a profit on idiots was so sweet.  With Leon’s little donation, she would have more than enough money to cover the dress.  I deserve matching accessories for this little act of brilliance, or maybe a matching bra.

    All in all, she was feeling pretty good about herself.  The dress shop was only a short walk from the coffee shop, but just out of range from Claire going there randomly.  Roxy relished the notion of Claire finding out Leon was cheating on her.  It’d play out perfect really, he’d turn to Roxy, drown his sorrows with sex while she drowned out his whining by spending his money.

    Leon’s family had money, but not enough to justify seriously considering him as a husband.  Besides, she knew him well enough to know he was a tit man.  If things did work out with Claire, he’d probably twist her arm into getting implants… and not the normal kind either.  He wanted girls with saline watermelons strapped to them.

    Not that he ever complained about my body.

    She stopped a block away from the dress shop to sort her new spoils.  The last thing she’d want to do is walk in there like some sort of peasant counting bills when it came time to settle up.  Just because she was spending every cent to her name on clothes didn’t mean she had to look like she was.

    Rent was due in five days and the credit cards in eight, but the party was in two-- and there was no way in hell she was going to show up in a two-month-old dress.  She’d be laughed out of the front door.  She would never let that happen.  Never.

    She found the dress right where she left it.  She held it up against herself, working through what jewelry she had and what would need to be bought.  It was her color, made her butt look great and fit her perfectly.  Well, mostly.  It was clearly made for someone with a bit more of a chest, but that was easy enough to work around.

    Unless someone actually invents a breast cream that works, I can just bring it in a little.

    Roxy took the dress to the attendant, haggled it down ten percent by pointing out a non-existent flaw and even got them to do the alteration for free.  Of course, that meant having to have the cash burn a hole in her pocket for another twenty-four hours.  She handed over the crisp hundreds to keep the illusion alive.  

    She couldn’t just offer to pay it up front, then they’d know she was hard pressed for money.  If only the party was a few days out.  I could use tips to settle up.  Fridays are always good around this time of year.

    Roxy kept the mental Arithmetic from her facial expression, though.  Well to do ladies just spent without any regard.  The last thing she wanted was to be stamped a fraud.

    Now she had time to kill, but not enough to find another mark for a con.  Guess I’ll hit up that new jewelry store on the way home.

    But on the way, she came across an alleyway she didn’t recognize.  She’d sworn she’d walked past a thousand times, but she’d never seen it.  Roxy knew every shady looking shop in the city-- this one was certainly shady.

    It’s probably just some shitty curio shop.  She moved to disregard it, but something deep inside her gave her pause.  The last time she found a place like that she found a necklace worth five grand for a hundred fifty.  She’d lived good off that eBay haul and it helped her establish her rapport with the high-end stores.

    So, it’s worth checking out, I guess.  Roxy made her way to the front door, careful to keep herself ready for an ambush.  Hoodlums loved setting up in front of places like this looking for easy targets.  Roxy knew her way around a can of pepper spray and what parts to punt when guys bigger than her got frisky.

    Well guys that didn’t respect her going rate anyway.

    Once convinced the way was clear she approached the shop.  She couldn’t see inside, even up close, but the place looked clean.  It was definitely open.

    What kind of shop doesn’t want people to see what’s in-- It hit her all at once.  Oh, it must be a porno shop.  Heh.  Well, I got time to kill.

    She moved to the doorway, pushing against it to find it unlocked.  Inside she squinted against the interior.  It was considerably brighter inside than the dreary city day cloaked by pollution.

    Statuettes glinted, jewels sparkled and the lusterless trinkets looked old enough to be in a museum.  The place stunk of money.  She covered her mouth, out of fear of drooling.

    “Hey there!”

    Roxy turned to see the shopkeeper-- a tall blonde woman clad in hideous cowboy clothes.  Her hat, vest and pants… crotchless chaps by the way… had a hideous tan and white cow-print while her knotted off blouse and panties were bright red.  Her breasts were enormous and enormously fake too.  She gave Roxy and enthusiastic wave and those mounds of… whatever they were… barely moved.  Her thick nipples poked through the fabric of her blouse.  There was no bra holding up those monstrosities, that was for sure.

    Roxy waved back, mustering up the politest tone she could fake.  “Heya… is this… your store?”

    “Oh, shucks no… I don’t own it,” the woman said in a deep southern drawl.  “I guess you can say I’m married to my work?”

    So, she’s just the person they get to watch the fort?  Roxy’s smile became genuine.  The shopkeeper looked pretty young, young enough to be in college, but those giant stripper boobs made her future pretty clear.  Maybe she married some Texas oil baron?  Roxy cleared her throat.  “This is an amazing shop, I love antiques so I’m shocked I haven’t seen you before.  What’s your name?”

    She held out a hand.  “Demitra, pleased as punch to meet you.”

    Roxy approached into a cloud of cloying perfume.  She managed to maintain her composure though.  She shook her hand, finding it quite dainty considering her rather large frame.  “Pleasure’s all mine.  You mind if I look around?  I might want to buy something.”

    “Please do,” Demitra said.

    Roxy drifted down the aisles, browsing through the shop.  She didn’t dare touch anything.  There were rules about such things.  Expectations.  She glanced back to find Demitra fiddling with her phone, paying her no mind.

    Right.  They probably have cameras all over this place.  Better see if I can find any…

    Roxy divided her time between browsing and scanning the ceiling, but if there were cameras she didn’t see any.  The ceiling was flat plaster, with no signs of two-way glass or camera bubbles.  Also, none of the objects had price tags.  

    What am I going to do?  I can’t just ask for prices…  I guess I have to act like I’m interested in a piece.  She settled on something she looked like she could afford, a statuette of Ra, the sun god.  “Excuse me, do you know if this statue is authentic?  It would absolutely match my den.”

    “Oh, that thingie?  It’s uh… from Egypt.”

    Roxy clenched her jaw.  Obviously!  And is definitely real.  Maybe she thinks it’s fake?  “I was thinking a hundred and fifty dollars might make a good point to start haggling.”

    Demitra slapped her knee.  Her bulbous bolt-ons didn’t move an inch.  “One fifty?  Ha!  You can have that for a buck.”

    “A...A hundred?” Roxy said, shocked.  It’s worth at least nine hundred… probably more.”

    “Naw.  I mean a buck.  A dollar.”

    Roxy stared, mouth hanging open.  It took her a moment to realize the gravity of the woman’s words.  Even a convincing fake would pull it a hundred dollars.  “That’s quite a deal.  You… I… I’ll take it.”

    “Great, I’ll wrap it up for you.”

    Roxy glanced over to another piece.  A solid gold Mayan eagle statue.  She’d placed it at about five thousand dollars… if this lady was up for selling it…  She licked her lips before going on.  “How much for the eagle statue?”

    “That chicken?  Shucks.  That’s a purdy one.  I better ramp up the price on that.”

    I knew it.  Too good to be true… at least I got--

    “Five dollars.”

    Roxy felt dizzy.  Five.  Dollars.  If it was pure fool’s gold she could sell it for three hundred, easy.  The authentic appearance alone make it great.  “I-I’ll take it too!”

    “Great I’ll wrap it up read careful, like.  We gotta make room for the good stuff, after all.”

    “G-good stuff?” Roxy felt herself getting wet.  The amount of money she’d make… the money she could make… “If you need to make room I’d be happy to buy more.”

    “Well hold on a sec.  This stuff is cursed.”

    Roxy’s high drooped a little.  “Cursed?”

    “Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy to sell you whatever you’d like, but everything in this shop should only be sold to a self-sufficient person.”


    “You know, someone that is ready for anythin’.  The type likely to survive in one of them zombie apo-co-chips.”  

    Roxy grinned.  “No worries there, I practically exhume self-sufficiency.  You’d be hard-pressed to find someone better.”

    “Is that so?” Demitra said, raising a brow.  “Then maybe you can help a lady out?  Cuz we got this thing in the back room?  African, made of purified bronze, tall as me.  Darned thing, wouldn’t you know it, I can’t sell it for the life of me.  It’s yours if you want it.”

    Roxy swallowed back a lump in her throat.  “A-African?  Bronze?”

    “Yep.  Got these real purty jewels for eyes.”

    Roxy pulled out her phone browsing through the net.  She found it, a statue she’d seen on a whim.  Some crazy collector guy promised a billion dollars to the person that found it.  The notion this could be the same statue was ludicrous but ever treasure bone in Roxy’s body screamed out.  She held out her phone, zooming in on the picture so Demitra couldn’t see the article.  “Is this it?”

    “Right as rain.  The very same.”

    Roxy couldn’t hold her excitement in.  “...and you’re sure I can have it?  I mean… that’s really generous of you.”

    “You seem like a swell gal.  It looks real big, but it’s just unwieldy really.  Not heavy at all.  We could have it deliv--”

    “No!  No… I can carry it.  I don’t want to cause you any trouble.  I can just call a friend to help me he has a car.”

    “Sounds great, I’ll just unlock the back room and you can go grab it.”

    Roxie texted Leon.  She kept it simple.  Hey, sorry about before.  I feel terrible about being a bitch.  If you do me a favor, I’ll give you back your money.

    He answered a minute later.  You and your favors… I’m out with Claire.

    It’s nothing weird.  I just found an antique statue, I really want it and this lady is giving it to me for free.  FREE.  Come bring your truck after your date and I’ll give you your money back.

    She even had the money to give him.  The deposit for the dress only used up what she’d saved.   

    Fine.  It’ll be an hour.  Picking up a statue better not mean anything else.

    Roxy pumped her fist quietly.  “Ok, so… I just go in the back room?”

    “Yeah, but about payment…”

    “Payment?  But you said it was free?”

    “Money wise, sure, but I need something in exchange.  The back room is a different thing than the shop.  You can buy all you want from here but back there…”

    “Fine.  I get it.  You want something cool, right?”  Roxy pulled off her watch.  “This is an heirloom from my family.  You’re lucky I was wearing it today, but since you’re helping me out with the statue, I’ll give you this.”  She held it out and Demitra assessed it.

    “Really?  An heirloom?”

    “Yeah.  It means the world to me.”  Roxy fell into the lie easily, she’d used it countless times.  Mostly because there was a watch just like it in her jewelry box back home.  Her dad gave her the watch and the twelve fakes.  He told her over and over that suckers were born every day but you had to break out the good stuff when it came to the tough nuts.  “I know you said you’d give it to me for free, but this… I’ve been looking for this statue my whole life.  I have a fiancé I love sooo much and I want that fertility statue so we can have triplets.”

    Demitra took the watch.  “Well then, since you’re being all earnest?  I don’t see the harm.  It should work out for you.”

    Yessss!  She took a deep breath to calm herself.  “So, I just walk through that door?”

    Demitra hopped off her chair, pulling a key ring from her desk.  “Yep.  Just keep walking till you see it.”

    While she worked to unlock the door, Roxy glanced back to where she was sitting.  There was no sign of a cash register, or a point of sale computer.  When she looked back, Demitra had the door open to reveal a long well-lit hallway.

    “Oh,” Demitra said, snapping her fingers.  “I gotta stay up here to watch the shop, but if you need something there’s an intercom by the statute.  Just press it and I’ll be able to hear you.”

    Better make this quick before she changes her mind.  Roxy stepped forward and into the hall.  The air was stuffy, with the air of an attic but with a smell she couldn’t quite put her finger on.  It reminded her of her friend Mandy’s house.   Cats.  Litterboxes.  Right.  It smells like animals.  She waved a hand in front of her nose.  It wasn’t strong, just enough to be distracting.

    After walking for a while she crossed two doors both with peepholes.  She gave them a try but they were locked.  She glanced back to see if Demitra was still watching.  When she noted she wasn’t… she flipped open one of them.  The smell of squalor hit her hard like someone had piled shit and tried covering up the smell with more shit.  Curiosity urged her to open the flap again, this time she peeked in.

    Someone had set up a pig pen, with troughs filled with slop.  She let the little window snap shut.  Weird.

    Roxy moved to the other door and opened the flap.  This one smelled better, but only marginally so.  The stale stink of hay and an underlying sweet smell she recognized… giant containers of white liquid sat on the side of the room.  Milk?  It’s a cow pen?  The other… pigs?  Where are the animals though?

    She let go of the flap and twisted up her face.  It was weird to see something like that in the city, especially since the building didn’t look that big from the outside.  She worked through the layout in her head.  I haven’t gone downstairs at all.  But then I should be in the middle of fifth street.

    Roxy shook her head and kept moving to the final door at the end of the hall.  A handwritten sign hung on it.  She traced her finger over it and read it aloud. “Last chance to come clean.”  She flipped it over finding it blank.  When she flipped it over again, it said: Storage.  

    Huh?  I swear it…

    She shook away the thought.  No.  I’m just… excited about the money.    The door opened with a click.  Inside was pitch black.  “Hello?”

    Roxy leaned inside, cool air tickled her face.  “Light switch… light switch…” She felt on one side of the door, then the other.  With no luck, she tried to lean inside and squint.  Her foot hit empty air.

    “W-what?”  She toppled forward, plunging into the darkness.  She tumbled face first into something slick and wet.  It caught her and she slid recklessly forward.  It showed no sign of stopping.  She flailed trying to stop herself, but she couldn’t get a hold.  The chute was too wide and curved in the worst places she only managed to roll onto her back making the whole thing that much more terrifying.

    A flicker of light caught her eye, but it swished by faster than she could reach.   Another, then another until light poured over her and the ‘slide’ leveled out to an open floor.  She collided with a wall, leaving her in a crumpled heap.

    “Ow ow ow…” She sat up, rubbing her head.   Her clothes were soaked with stale smelling water.  She stood up and took in her surroundings.  Piles of boxes lined the wall and five evenly spaced lamps kept the room well lit.  She saw no sign of the slide where she came in.  On the far end of the room stood the statue Demitra spoke of.  Her billion-dollar meal ticket.  Her worries about the slide and the strangeness about her receded a little.

    That was until she realized the room had no exit.

    Next to the statue, she spotted the intercom.  She pressed it, deciding to stay calm.  “Hey, uh Demitra… why didn’t you warn me about the slide?”

    “Slide?  What are you talking about?”

    Roxy looked down at herself, she wasn’t wet anymore.  “Uh… I… never mind.  So, I found the statue, but I don’t see a way out.”

    “ don’t?” Demitra hesitated.  “Uh, girlie.  You were telling the truth before, right?”

    “Truth?  What do you mean?”

    “I’m just speaking ha-pee-testicles here, but if you went through that door with bad payment, then there’s be a cost involved.”

    Roxy was losing her patience.  “Cost?  But I paid you!”

    “Oh boy… so this here watch is fake, huh?  Paying with fake payment is the worst.  But tell you what, no hard feelings.  Let’s just get this over with.”

    A little panel flipped open revealing two pills.  

    “Pills?  What are these?”

    “Pig or Cow.”


    “I said.  Pig or cow?”

    “How about neither!  I’m not putting any kind of weird pill in my mouth.  Not happening.”

    Demitra laughed.  “Neither is the worst answer you know.  The.  Worst.”

    Something cold tickled Roxy between her legs.  She tried to flinch away from it, but it pushed up and through her panties, pushing into her sex.  The presence was soft and squishy like gelatin, but something, solidly held in together.  

    She gasped against a warm thick presence.  Too thin to be semen, more like oil or lotion.  It tricked inside her like a little hose.

    “Wh-what is that?”

    “Nothing dangerous.  But it is unpleasant.  If I were you, I’d pick.  Pig or cow.”

    Roxy struggled against the invasive presence, but it held her in place.  Moving didn’t hurt, it was more the opposite, squirming felt incredibly good.  So good it was hard to think of anything but the invasion.  It also taunted another squirt of liquid into her.

    I gotta call the police.  This is insane.  She pulled out her phone, to find the battery stone dead or at the least it didn’t turn on.  No!  How?  It was at like 60% a minute ago!

    Her gaze turned to the pills.  One was pink, the other mottled brown.  The pink one is pig, the spotted… no.  I can’t seriously be considering taking them.  I won’t.  I can’t.

    Standing up was getting hard.  Not because her legs hurt, but because standing felt… unnatural.

    “So,” Demitra said.  “Maybe I should give you a hint.  Those pills?  They’re the physical side of your choice.  That good pumping into your lady bits?  That’s helping you get more into the part.  Take too long and well… you might never want to leave.  Thankfully for us and you, them pills are might tasty.   So eventually instincts gonna kick in and choose for ya.”

    “I-instinct?   What?”

    “Pig or cow.  Either you make a conscious choice, or you’ll be drawn to eat the one best suited for yah.  I’m wagerin’ you’re more of a piggy.”

    “Fuck off,” Roxy said.  “I’m not either… I’m a… a… uggghh….”

    Thinking became difficult and a distant smell distracted her.  But it wasn’t distant at all.  It was the little tasty looking jellybean just in reach.  Mmm… Pink.  It’s probably bubble gum…

    Her senses screamed out.  Pig!  That’s the pig pill.  She yanked back her hand forcefully.  If I eat that I’ll probably get fat.  No one would want me.  I’d be ruined!

    Her gaze flicked over to the other pill.  It looked like a marshmallow jellybean.   It looked and smelled divine.   She reached out and rolled it in her fingers.  She couldn’t pick it up.  She couldn’t remember how.  It was like her hand was a useless hoof, dangling over the bean.

    I need to eat.  It’s getting worse… I… I…

    Roxy leaned forward, mashing her face on the panel.  The pink pill fell to the floor and her nose hovered inches from the ground.

    There’s… there’s no way this will turn me into a cow.  It probably means boobs.  Huge boobs that Leon would love.  Oh god, he’d probably want to fuck me all day… fill me with babies… my life isn’t over.  I can do this.

    She reached with her tongue trying to get the bean, it jostled around, but it didn’t stick.  It fell onto the floor.

    No!  No!  She chased after it, the thing between her legs complied, easing her to go on all fours.  She sniffed around on the ground trying to find the bean it wasn’t there.  Her fingers brushed on something.  Found it!

    Roxy stooped over ready to press her lips on the ground.  It tasted terrible, dirty and salty.  But the smell of the bean was divine and alluring.  The urge to bite down and swallow was strong.

    Wait.  What color?  Pig or cow?

    She forced herself to stand.  The pink pill lay before her, dented by her teeth.  

    Close.  That was… pig.  She glanced around searching until she spotted the white bean.   She scurried over, the thing between her legs stretching and jostling.  Another squirt poured into her. It was just out of reach.

    She pawed at it, rolling it closer on the third try and picked it up between her teeth.  Cow.  This one… I pick it.  She sat up, took a deep breath and bit down.  Flavor exploded in her mouth.  It tasted like fresh cream and strawberries.  The presence between her legs melted away, leaving a delicious sticky residue behind.

    All at once she remembered the joy of having hands and the best use for them, thrusting a hand between her legs and masturbating furiously. She rolled onto her back and savored the sensations shooting through her body.  The substance inside her created intoxicating warmth and left her clitoris feeling overwhelming sensitive like she’d been thrown into heat.

    She lost all sense of time.  The floor felt so comfortable, unnaturally so.  She arched her back, surrendering to the pleasure.

    Why am I so turned on?  Oh, r-right… I’m gonna be rich… rich!

    Roxy masturbated harder, working herself into her first orgasm.  She moaned against the pleasure, hardly recognizing her own voice.  It seemed deeper, lustier now.  She pushed for another, but her clothes distracted her they felt tight.  Not just that, it suddenly felt weird to be clothed at all.  

    She pawed helplessly at her clothes unable to recall what she had to do to get them off.  A rip in her blouse presented the answer.  The realization hit all at once, her arousal masked a fullness in her body she hadn’t noticed before.  Her breasts strained against the fabric, widening the tear.  They felt so full and firm, leaving her with a tingling sensation at the tips of her nipples and spreading warmth across their breadth.  Roxy touched them, alarmed to find they were significantly larger.  Glancing down, she spied a clear and deep line of cleavage-- before she could only do something like that by stooping over and pressing them together.  Now it happened easily, with her breasts spilling out of her now too small bra.

    Muffin tops.  She giggled.  The phrase seemed to silly before, but seeing breasts-- her breasts-- bubbling out of her straining top, quivering and puffing up, it made her hungry for more.

    I think I chose wisely.  I look good like this.  She sat up, admiring herself.  Doing so put a strain on her panties, digging against her sopping wet sex.   She shifted in place, noting the shimmy of her hips against the tight confines of her skirt.  She pulled at the front with her thumb, the buttons surrendered easily, giving her more breathing room.  Her stomach was still flat and alluring, but her hips had filled out quite a bit and her butt shifted against the cool floor.  It’d gone from barely there to bootylicious.  

    I’ve screwed around enough.   I should get out of here.  

    Roxy reached for the com but found herself only doing that.  It was too far away.  Shrugging, she moved on all fours and padded closer, each ‘step’ sending her new tits into a sloshy bounce.

    Slosh?  She looked down, deliberately shaking this time and something moved towards the front of her breasts-- something tangible.  She reached up with a hand and nearly toppled over, catching herself with an elbow.  Her breast mashed against the cold ground and sent a rush of pleasure through her.

    Yikes.  They’re sensitive and… and…

    It was enough to get her close to orgasm.  Roxy lowered herself to the ground, rubbing both breasts along the ground.  It felt delicious.  She rubbed back and forth, back arched and further tearing her top.  The jostling popped her completely out of her bra, leaving it to uselessly cup under their girth.  She wasn’t even close to being able to fit into the measly B-cup bra.  She’d need to buy something much, much larger.

    Maybe triple D?  Wow… Leon is going to flip when he sees me.

    Roxy bit her lip at the thought.  It was so easy to imagine him plowing her from behind.  She suddenly had the urge to have Claire watch… maybe just set it up so she caught them full on fucking.  But among her distractions, she felt something else, something different.  A tingling underneath her swelling bosom.

    Undaunted she rubbed more, trying to get her first orgasm from breast play alone.  She’d never thought it possible.  She worked it harder, faster until she was so close she could taste it.  Then it came out, moisture dribbled through her shirt like rain had landed on her front.  But contradicting that, she felt it dribble outward leaving her with the delicious sensation of her breasts reaching climax.

    “M-Milk?” Roxy gasped, the word turned into a lusty moan.  It felt so good to feel it coming out of her.  Perhaps good wasn’t the best word.  It felt right.  The context of the pill became clear.  The pill was turning her into a cow.  A human milk cow.

    No… No…  The realization snapped her from her passion.  She got up on all fours and hurried to the panel.  Scrambling along the wall to reach the com button.   She felt so clumsy, unruly and her breasts mashed against the wall, deepening the tear on her shirt.  Her nipples poked out, stung by the chill of the concrete.  It hit her with an unchecked wave of pleasure.  Milk dribbled down the fronts of her breasts, dripping to the floor.

    Panic hit her in a strange way like she was more concerned about wasting the milk than it being there at all.  

    No!  That doesn’t matter.  I need help!  She smacked the com button.  “De… Demi…. Dur…”  Why can’t I remember her name?!

    “Just relax.  Let it happen.”  Her voice was oddly friendly.  “The best path to redemption is acceptance, ya know?”

    Let it happen?  No!  I don’t want to be a cow!

    Roxy opened her mouth to protest, but she couldn’t talk.  Not that she couldn’t form the words, but that she felt like she shouldn’t.  She sagged to the ground, back on all fours and felt oddly content.  Her breasts surged with growth, finishing off her top and leaving it dangling across her back like a useless towel.  She arched her back, adjusting to the weight and the growth settled into her ass and hips sending a bubbling gurgle through her.  With a satisfying ‘snap’ her panties fell away.

    Can I even do anything about this?  I mean… milk?  A curvy body.  It’s not all bad… I guess.  She jostled enough to shake off the scraps of her top and skirt, but her bra stayed firm.  In fact, she felt a stirring against the silky fabric.  She swayed her tits side to side to confirm, but there was something behind and under them, something held her bra in place.  At first, she thought it was the underside of her blossomed bosom, but now she was sure of it.  They moved independently from the presence below them.

    It’s almost like I…  She couldn’t finish the thought because she realized the truth of it.  She’d grown another pair of breasts, about as large as her old ones, filling out the bra perfectly.  The very notion twisted her stomach.  She wasn’t just a curvy woman, she was a freak.  The stupid pill wasn’t just making her like a cow.  It was actually turning her into one.

    Not only that, her ‘extra boobs’ were growing.  They strained against the fabric of the bra, swelling abruptly.  It rode the bra up higher, catching the garment between her swelling assets.  She gasped against a surge of pleasure.  The new pair was eager to catch up with their neighbor.  They fattened again, faster this time, pushing the bra to sit uselessly between both pairs of tits.

    Roxy’s top pair were huge, challenging the size of her head, while the bottom was on the large side of normal.  Triple D’s probably but where they were positioned she couldn’t tell.  They’d sprouted just over her belly and left the odd sensation of having a fat stomach.  

    Ugh… what am I going to do… this is…

    Her thought was silenced by another surge of growth.  This one erratic and merciless.  Her top left breast, as if jealous from the action surged, sending a noisy smack against the concrete.  The contact with the cool ground caught her off guard, but the one on the right surged just as quick.  Smack.

    Her now-thick nipples tilted forward, sending milk pouring onto the floor.

    “You should probably move while you still can,” Demitra said.  “We have a nice little spot set up for you.”

    A door opened on the edge of her peripheral vision.  She moved to it reflexively, dragging her breasts along the ground.  She arched her back a little, giving her just enough leeway to move, but her nipples still brushed against it sending little prickles of pleasure through her body.

    I need to get out of here.  So, I have to listen for now.

    She bit her lip, fighting back the pleasure welling inside of her.   She moved through the door, and into the hall-- one she recognized.  Freedom was a few hundred feet away.  The floor was smooth now, something she hadn’t noticed before.  It felt nice against her nipples, enough that she didn’t mind the dragging.  Her nipples lolled around and left a little trail of milk in her wake.  Her front breasts felt full and content like they were done growing.  She just knew somehow.

    Roxy grew accustomed to the shifting of her back pair, they wobbled and swelled with each step.  She wasn’t worried, she just had to walk with her butt in the air a bit higher.  She had plenty of time even if the back pair caught up with the front.  

    Her pussy was sopping wet, free to the air she fantasized about what Leon would do when he saw her.  No doubt he’d never want to let her go.  He’d probably just fuck her on the spot and fill her with babies.  The thought struck her as amazingly alluring… despite how much she hated children.

    A noisy ‘blorp’ echoed from her rear breasts, signaling another surge in growth and sent them clapping together.  The warmth grew in those as well.  Roxy knew by now that meant those were full of milk too.

    A smile came to her lips.  Knowing that left her feeling oddly proud.

    Only a little bit further.

    Roxy approached the twin doors.  She knew what lie behind them.   Both opened filling her nostrils with a volatile mixture of scents.  Muddy manure from the pig door mixed with the dank smell of hay from the cow.  She found it soothing.

    Without thinking, she turned into the ‘cow’ door, trudging along the polished wood planks.  Bits of hay stuck to her skin as she passed and prickled her fully erect nipples.  There were four stables open an available.  She picked the best one, largest with a big comfortable pile of straw-- matching the color of her hair.  

    It’s like it was made for me.  She wandered in and relaxed, toppling onto the tidy pile of hay in the corner.  It felt nice against her skin.  Even better against her engorged breasts.  

    This was home.

    Among an overwhelming content sensation, Roxy felt a hint of restlessness, like she’d left something behind.  She stretched out in her stable, working through her thoughts to come up with what it could be.  She had warmth and a roof over her head.  She wasn’t particularly hungry, but she did wonder where she’d find food.  But time slipped away without any answer her breasts swelled, feeling thick with milk and made standing rather inconvenient, so she stayed on her side, admiring the way her tits quivered with any motion.  

    A noise drew her attention, but she felt too full too move, so she perked her head towards the entrance.  A familiar voice called to her.  

    “Ya got yourself a guest little dogie!”


    The woman in the cowgirl clothes… her name escaped Roxy now… stepped into the stable, peeking over at her.  “Here she is.”

    A young man peeked over next to her, giving her a blank stare.

    Oh, my god… Leon!  That’s it.  The statue!

    Roxy sat up, scrambling onto all fours. She tried to call out to him but all that came out was a sort of grunt.   A blush came to her cheeks with her failure.  I... I … can’t let him see me like this.  But then things got worse.  A girl peeked over next to him.  He’d brought Claire.

    They looked at her with quiet judgment, but with every passing moment, she realized they didn’t recognize her.

    “She’s… uh… unique?” Claire said.

    But Leon was only half paying attention.  He stared at Roxy with a hungry look.  Roxy recognized it.  Lust.

    The prospect of it turned Roxy on, left her feeling overwhelmingly moist.  She wanted him.

    Claire noticed, falling quiet and looking between them until she said something unbelievable.  “You want to fuck her, don’t you?”

    He turned to her with a horrified look.  “I… I…”

    Claire put a hand on his arm.  “It’s fine.  I told you I don’t want to have sex until we get married, but… it’s OK if you do.  As long as you don’t mind if I watch.”

    Roxy gaped.  She couldn’t fight back the excitement, she squirmed in anticipation.

    “Go on,” Demitra said.  That’s it.  Her name is Demitra.  “She’s gonna be here for a long time, so I’d be real grateful like if you kept her fulla milk.”

    Leon went pale.  “W-what?  I can’t… you want me to get her pregnant?!

    “Relax lover boy.  She won’t pop out no calves.  She’ll just… get the yield you know?  Though the time she spends he'll make her real fertile.  No time like the present, though.”

    He turned to Claire.  “You… sure?  You’re OK with that?”

    She nodded.  “Go on.  Don’t hold back.”

    Leon inched closer, rubbing the top of Roxy’s head.  His touch tapped little nubs of horns hiding among her hair and stroked her ears they felt long and droopy now.  But he wasn’t shy about rubbing the sides of her swollen tits.  His touch made her want to make more milk.  The tiniest tap sent a surge enough to lift her from the ground.  

    “Don’t worry about spillin’,” Demitra said.  I’ll milk her when you’re done.

    What about during?  Roxy bit her lip. He moved out of her field of vision and made a jingling and rustling behind him.  He was taking off his pants.  She lifted her butt higher in the air, something swished against it… a little tail with a fuzzy tip-- Leon pushed aside and plowed into her.

    She moaned loudly, orgasming the instant he entered.  Her nipples, all four of them, gushed with excitement.  Moisture spread across her elbows.  The rocking motion formed from his pounding put pressure on her nipples and released over and over.  Milk from her front breasts spritzed on every upstroke.  

    Roxy found herself lost in the passion and somehow knew when Leon’s seed splashed into her that she was pregnant.  Very pregnant.  Her belly responded in kind, fluffing up to a comfortable chub, all trace of her flat belly gone.

    Leon rubbed her midsection.  “Uh, you said…”

    Demitra laughed.  “Don’t worry.  There’s no babies in there, just some weight settlin’ in.  Not that she knows that.”

    It was true.  Roxy couldn’t truly understand what they were saying.  Her mind was a blur.  She squirmed against his relaxing cock, hungry for more.

    “You… uh… mind if I come by every so often?  I can’t place it but I feel like I know her…”

    Demitra grinned.  “You will remember if you want to remember.”

    “You’re right.  Must be just my imagination…” He stepped past, buckling his pants.  “You have a good time too, Claire?”

    She nodded.  Her face flushed red.  “You know… I don’t think I’d mind being like that.  I’d probably stick with two boobs, though.”

    Leon gave her a little kiss.  “That sounds pretty hot.  But we should-- oh right.”  He turned to Demitra.  “Someone called me about a statue?”

    “Yeah it’s all yours.  You should get a pretty penny for it, but the young missus may want to keep it.”

    He reached for his wallet.  “Well let me pay you for it at least.”

    Demitra stopped him, putting a hand on his arm.  “Oh, it’s being paid for alright, but I’m sure y’all will have a swell time.”

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