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I know iit early but Merry Christmas
Fri Dec 9, 2016, 2:38 AM
It was so lonely down here... T_T thanks!
Wed Nov 23, 2016, 2:28 PM
I going to be nice and say this: Let start filling up this shoutbox for the nice bear
Wed Nov 23, 2016, 7:42 AM

Anyone want a porn free version of Boob Note? (There'd still be breast expansion.) I would mark it as 'moderate' adult. 

48 deviants said No! Space Bear are you crazy? Sex is the best part!
32 deviants said Yes! I'm not big on sexy times.
Ppathbanner by ShamusBaran

I guess this is as good a time as any to get started on this.  As I did the same thing for H Path Last week.

So, what happened last time on P-Path?  (Episode 5-3)

* Chris went to investigate Ruby's little issue with 'shrinkage'.
* To his surprise she seemed disenchanted with regaining her bosom.  Not only that she seemed a little down in the dumps.
* With a little hands on convincing, Chris cheers up Ruby and with some admittedly underhanded trickery brings her back to her glorious old size.
* He takes the added precaution to put a condition in the notebook that lets Ruby return to a rather impressive size without his help.
* It's not just Ruby that got reduced!  All the girls of Chen's are residents of flattie town now.
* Chris 'fixes' them on a knee jerk reaction and finds a recent customer managed to put a dent in Sam's unflappable ego.  Worse, she hardly seems happy about her book-given upgrade.
* Not just Sam either, but Yulia, too?  Boobie Satan Indeed.

A fair amount happens in this chapter, outside the healthy serving of 'plot' in the first half.  It's also one of the few scenes in Boob Note that involves sex without giant boobs involved.  

Lilmonokumasmoke by ShamusBaran

...anyway.  It's all for good reason.   Chris is such a stand-up guy that boobs are that important.  I mean he's not the type to become a tyrant spreading giant boobies across the land without any regard to the whims of women, right?   ...right?

*sigh*  An 'evil path' for boob note is really calling to me.


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I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the overwhelming daily support.  It isn't much when compared to a lot of visual media artists on DA, but I love and appreciate the 100-300 daily hits I get from you all.  There's a lot of exciting Space Bear Themed stuff coming in the next few weeks.  None of which would be possible with the DA Community pushing me along.
SBbearhappy by ShamusBaran

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    On his way out the Restaurant, Sharnel stopped Chris with a tug at his shirt.  She wore a mischievous little smile that immediately told him she wanted something or knew something she shouldn’t.

    “That Abner guy has a book, doesn’t he?”

    Chris peered past her and into the restaurant.  Once he confirmed no one was watching, he nodded.  He had no reason to lie to Sharnel.

    “Then why not piss him off a little?  Show him who’s boss?”

    “I’m open to suggestions.”

    “I’d need you to fill me in on what’s going on first.”

    So, Chris did.  He explained how Abner ‘undid’ all of Chris’ work and his role as proverbial ‘Boob Satan’.  She listened carefully without saying a word, nodding along and taking it stride.  Oddly so, really.  She acted like Chris explained the plot of a TV show more than a bizarre twist in his life.

    After he finished his story she mulled over his word before snapping her fingers in sudden realization.  “I got it.”

    “Got what?”

    “The way to piss off Mr. ‘Flat is Justice’ here.  Give all the girls at Chen’s massive titties.  He’s a regular.”

    Chris smirked.  “Well, I already did that.”

    “No, not big, massive.”

    He lost his smile.  “You’re serious?  Isn’t that a little…”

    “Hear me out,” Sharnel said, glancing back.  “You know where this guy lives, right?  So, what if I get him to come back here?  I can say he forgot something—and just happen to mention something about giant breasts.”

    Chris rolled his eyes.  “Oh, I’m sure that’ll be completely natural.”

    Sharnel cleared her throat.  “Heather!  Watch where you’re walking, your stupid fun bags knocked over the soy sauce caddies again.”

    He pursed his lips.  Ok, so that was believable.  “And you’re OK with this?  I’d have to make you huge too.”

    She gave him a thumbs-up.  “I’m counting on it.  Besides, I have a date tonight.  Though if he comes back he’ll probably deflate all our tits again.”

    “I have a plan for that.”  Chris pulled out the notebook and started writing.  “Do you mind if I use you as a ‘node’?”

    “A node?”

    “Yeah.  So, like… if he comes in and makes everyone small.  You just have to do something unusual and ‘trigger’ growth.  I don’t know if this will work but…”

    Chris stared down at the paper wide-eyed.  The text turned red.  “I… I can’t believe it.  It worked!”

    “What did?”

    “Well, the problem with stories is that I need to make something happen… you know something the girl would be aware of.  But I never thought to use a story that changed the subject’s timeline.  Look.”

    He held out the notebook, showing the freshly written story.

    If Sharnel holds both sides of the north drink station of Chen’s restaurant, every second she holds it, the girl she looks natural size increases a cup size—to the same effect as her size being rewritten in the notebook.  She can look down at herself to increase her own size.  

    “Huh.  That’s handy!  It’s like I have my own boob note!”

    Chris gave her a stern look.  “Keep it reasonable though.  Just use it to put the girls back to normal.  OK?”

    “Of course.”

    “I mean it.  I don’t want to come back to the restaurant finding the girls pinned to the floor.”

    “Mmm hmm.”

    He shook a finger at her.  “Promise me.”

    “Fiiine I promise.”

    “So how big should we make everyone?”

    “Real big.  How about Z cups?”

    That would certainly get Abner’s attention… and it’s something I can ‘fix’ later.  “Fine, I’ll do it.”

    “Me first!”  Sharnel stood up on her tiptoes.

    Chris wasn’t about to turn down such an enthusiastic offer, writing Sharnel Z-cup Pregnancy.

    At the first sign of growth, she brought her hands under her breasts.  Because she’d touched the book she got to enjoy every moment of it.  Mashing her breasts together alluringly as her shirt expanded with her.  “Mmm.  I love this part.”

    Me too…  Chris squirmed in place, fighting against a powerful erection.

    Before using the notebook, Chris never though he’d ever see a girl with Z-cup breasts, now it was hardly the ‘Omega’ to the A-cup ‘Alpha’.  He had to behave, watching her former M-cups blossom and fill a whopping thirteen cup sizes.    

    Sharnel wasn’t a particularly tall girl, so twenty-six inches of tit flesh hung low on her body, doubly so because they were full of milk.  He peeked over her shoulder, noting no one paid them any mind, so he tentatively touched the sides of her breasts and squeezed gently.

    “Oh, someone’s getting thirsty huh?”  Sharnel said coyly.  “Good thing I put milk pads in my bra or I’d be leaving stains.  You touch em’ even a little bit and they gush, you know?”

    She reached down and tweaked his cock.  “Bet it works like this guy down here.”

    Chris pulled his hands away, getting to work on filling out the other girls.  “I… better get going.  Still, need to figure out what I can even do with the time you’re gonna buy me.”

    Sharnel was only half listening, admiring her new assets.  “I might need to keep this size for good, you know?”

    “Sharnel.  Focus.” Chris said, ironically admiring Heather’s inflating tits flump onto a table she was cleaning.  “Text me when he gets here, OK?”

    “Huh?”  She blinked away her distraction.  “Oh, right.  And I forgot to mention, that date I have?  It’s with you.”

    “Wait… what?”

    “Yeah, you didn’t think I was doing this for free, did you?  So yeah, you’re boning me tonight.”

    Chris groaned.  “Look, I don’t have anything against you.  But… I have a girlfriend now.”

    Sharnel shrugged.  “Then bang us both.  I don’t care.”

    That was a tough mental image to shake.  “L-look.  I’ll ask her.  Just—”

    “You got a phone.  Ask her now.”

    Chris pressed his lips together, frustrated.  He secured the book and dialed up Penelope.  With a little luck, she—

    “Hey, Chris!  What’s up.”   She picked up on the first ring.

    “Hey… Penelope.”

    Sharnel snatched the phone from him.  “You’re Chris’ girlfriend, right?  The hot blonde chick that picked him up the day he got fired from his job, right?”

    Chris gave her an icy glare.

    Sharnel ignored him.  “Anyway.  I wanna bang Chris today.  He said he can’t cuz you’re his girl.  It’s not like love sex or nuttin’, I just—  really?  Really?”

    He got a little nervous.  

    Sharnel offered him the phone.  “Penelope wants to talk to you.”

    Chris took the phone, flinching.  “Hey… uh… I can explain.”

    “Is she cute?”

    “Yeah, she’s cute.”

    “Then what’s the problem?  Go for it.”

    Chris took a few paces away, speaking in a hushed tone.  “She’s kinda young.”

    “Uh, oh.  Jailbait?”

    “No!  She’s… eighteen but…”

    “Oh, I get it.  You’re just being funny about her being fresh aboard the legal train.”

    “Pen… you’re not helping.”

    “What you want me to be there?  Wait.  Lemme guess.  She has kids.”

    Chris let out a sigh.  “Got it in one.”

    “So?  She’s got some milk in the tanks, big deal.  I thought you were into that.  I mean I think I’m starting to show. I bet if I squeezed hard enough I could get some milk out.  We can try it tonight.”

    He was stunned silent and glanced back at Sharnel before going on.  “Fine.  I’ll… uh… bring her along.”

    “Looking forward to it!” Penelope hung up.

    Chris smiled back at her.  “It’s a date.  I guess.  Assuming I don’t get arrested for snooping around this Abner guy’s home…”

    “Nice!” Sharnel gave a triumphant fist pump.  “See you later then.  I’ll call him and keep you updated.”  With that, she vanished inside the restaurant just in time to avoid a veritable influx of customers—all male.  Likely a side effect of giving the entire wait staff magical breast enlargements.

    Chris hung around admiring his handiwork watching Heather and Yuria bounce around the dining room and Sharnel working to seat people.

    “Chris?” A familiar voice caught him off guard.  He turned to see Suzie with Naomi close behind—still hugely enlarged from the party.  “What are you doing in front of Chen’s?”

    He wasn’t quite sure how to field it.  “Uh… visiting?”

    Naomi gave him a sly smile.  “Oh, I get it, planning to hand out some upgrades?  If you did that Heather, Sam and Vanessa wouldn’t be able to walk.  They’re already huge.”

    Huh…?  Oh right… they would think that’s their normal size.  “It’s a long story but… you girls want to join the big leagues too?”

    “More boobs, huh?” Suzie tapped her chin.  “Sure.  But we want to be even BIGGER than them.”

    Naomi gave her a weird look.  “We do?”

    “Yeah, like… at least like… ten inches bigger.  If Chen’s gonna call us in on our day off, then I want awesome tips!”

    Chris crunched the numbers in his head.  I guess if I write JJ cups… the book will call that ten inches larger than Z… so…  “Yeah, I can accommodate that.  But here’s the thing.  There’s a breast thief around.”

    He went on to explain Abner’s suspected role in deflating tits and that they might risk being made small by working the day.

    Suzie shrugged.  “S’all good.  You can just blow us up again, right?”

    “Yeah,” Chris said.

    “Except we want it to happen during sex,” Naomi said, cutting in.

    He laughed nervously.  “My schedule’s pretty full at the moment.  But I can make you girls bigger.  Just act natural.  No one else will notice except you two and Sharnel.”

    “Huh?  Sharnel?”

    “She’s’ kind of a… partner in crime.”  As if on cue, Sharnel made eye contact with him, giving him a sly thumbs-up.

    That gave him matching kisses on his cheeks before going inside.  Prompting him to write a short little story—putting a clause in there that only those two would notice the change.  He resisted the urge to watch Naomi and Suzie fill up completely but he stuck around long enough to watch them push past the first pass of the alphabet.

    Yeah.  There's no way he'll pass up on this bait.  It's just depressing knowing how things'll turn out.  More reason to stop him, I guess. 



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    Three hours-- that’s how long it took for them to pass out from sheer exhaustion.  

    Cameron woke stark naked in a sweaty mess with Naomi at his side.  Both of them were stark naked.  He traced a hand along her new curves.  Admiring the alluring slope between her hips and her slender waist.  Past that, the impressive girth of her bust stacked one onto the other.  They jiggled gently against her heavy breathing.  

    Naomi always was a deep sleeper.

    He reached around her, snuggling close.  He took her swollen breasts into his hands kneading gently.  She barely so much as stirred.

    Cam probably could have dozed off just like that, but he felt sticky and gross.   Shower.  I need a shower and bad.  He slipped out of bed and made his way his cramped little bathroom.

    He stepped around Trevor, who as always, picked the worst place to sleep and hesitated at the door.  Cam stole a glimpse back at Naomi, granting him a nice side view of her transformation.  He didn’t think his case of morning wood could get worse, but that certainly proved him wrong.  Ok.  Fast shower.

    He stepped inside turning on the spigot, Trevor took off running the instant the first burst of water hit the tile.  He didn’t bother waiting for it to get hot, as he was eager enough to get back in bed.   

    The world’s fastest shower.  He was convinced of it at least.  He worked to dry himself just as fast while stepping back.  

    He flinched back into the Bathroom, spotting movement over Naomi.  It was something small, fluttering about and glowing like a firefly.  It was too big to be a normal bug.  He grabbed a magazine, rolled it up and approached slowly.   

    When he drew close he realized what it was-- a fairy.

    It paid Cam no mind, rubbing a loofah over Naomi’s curves with amazing efficiency.  The darned thing was cleaning her-- removing the sweat and spunk like some sort of sexy car wash.

    The fairy herself was a scaled down woman.  Cute, big breasted-- respectable double Ds at least and with full hips.  She was stark naked with little butterfly wings sprouting out of her back.  When he drew closer, it made no move to flee.

    Wow… it’s… real?

    He reached out and plucked it out of the air, and making it fumble the loofah.  She struggled, managing to get her arms free and leaned in the general direction of the loofah.  

    Cameron peeked at her underside, she had a deliciously juicy pussy just begging for attention.  He prodded at her with his pinky, it was just as soft and moist as Naomi’s.

    Naomi squirmed in time with the fairy, rolling over face first with her butt in the air.  As it was, it looked like she was imitating the fairy’s bent over position.  Curious, he rubbed a bit more firmly, giggling at the sensation of tiny titties bobbing over his fingers.  He was sure of it now.  Molesting the fairy was getting Naomi off.

    He crept closer, stunned by the delicious scent wafting off of her.  The fairy hadn’t just cleaned her-- she’d prepped her for round… whatever they were on now.  He couldn’t resist any longer, coming up behind her and pushed inside.  

    Naomi reacted favorably, working with him and spreading wider.  “Mmm… now that’s a way to wake up.”

    Cam let the fairy go, it fluttered away like nothing had happened.  He put his hands on her hips and worked into a rhythm.  “Say uh… you know anything about a fairy?”

    “Fairy?” she said, only half listening.  “I don’t know about that, but I’m digging the magic you got going on…”

    He winced.  As good as it felt, three hours of sex was bound to cause chaffing.  But right when he thought things would get unbearable the fairy floated over him and planted a little smooch on the trunk of his cock, without interfering with the act.  A rush of warmth surged through him.  Suddenly, every thrust felt better than the last.

    T--That thing just… healed me?

    Naomi responded in kind, riding a bit rougher.  And not only was he restored, but he felt ‘full’ again too.  The jarring sensation of going from a quarter tank to busting with cum was too much to bear and he let loose.

    “C-cam!   Did you just…”

    “S-sorry!  Sorry!”  He pulled away, but the damage had been done.  That sticky cream pie wasn’t going to be undone anytime soon.  

    Naomi flipped over and inspected the ‘damage’, letting out a long sigh.  “Welp.  If I wasn’t gonna marry you before-- wedlock’ll do it.”

    “Oh come on…  don’t say that.”

    “I’m kidding,” she leaned closer giving him a kiss.  Morning breath from sloppy blowjobs wasn’t kind.  “But I bet you’re eager to stake a claim on me now that… wait.  You said something about a fairy?”

    Cam pointed up.  She noticed the little fairy for the first time.   She hovered in front of Naomi holding a breath mint and said “Aaaah.”

    Naomi’s jaw hung open, giving the fairy her chance to plop the mint on her tongue.   It watched in silence for a moment then rolled it around on her tongue like a sponge.  Naomi shooed it away.  “What the hell?  A fairy?  That’s a fairy!”  

    Then it dawned on Cam.  “Actually, it’s a familiar.  It sort of makes sense now.  The game did stuff to you right?  Well, I think it made you a magician.”

    “A magician?”

    “Yeah, you know… spells.  Pew pew.”

    “I know what a magician is, dummy.  I mean why do you think that?”

    “Well familiar is a spell in the game, along with healing.  And since you can combine elements, it makes sense that your fairy here is a healing familiar.”

    “Cute,” Naomi said.  She held out her finger, letting it land on it like a perch.  “But why is she naked?”

    “It doesn’t spawn clothes I guess.”  He grinned mischievously.  “Hey, why don’t you try playing with her.  I found something out neat with her… on accident.”

    “Play with?”  Naomi turned her hand catching the fairy.  It made no move to resist.

    “Your finger would be like super huge for her.  I bet she’d like it…”

    “I guess I should reward her, huh?  And I am a little curious.”

    Cam slid behind Naomi on the bed, hefting her breasts.  “Don’t mind me.  I can amuse myself.”

    Naomi held the fairy at eye level, inspecting her little curvy butt and the folds of her pussy.  “This is pretty crazy.  It’s like an anatomically correct doll.”  She couldn’t help but slide a pinky against her, making lewd little ‘shlucking’ sounds.  “She’s kinda sticky.  It’s like honey… hmmm…”

    Cam took her advantage of her distraction, stiffening against her butt.

    “H-hey… what’s with the backdoor stuff?”

    He snuggled against her, teasing his cock against her.  “Your front door is occupied.”

    Naomi looked at the fairy, puzzled.  It was squirming but in a good way.  She pushed the tip of her pinky inside and gasped.  “Ah!  What… I’m… I’m…”

    “Fucking yourself?”  Cam said, slyly.  “Told you it was neat.”  He nibbled on her shoulder, massaging her tits roughly.  Her clapped them together noisily drawing out a moan from Naomi.  He pushed his luck, slipping into her from behind.

    She was hardly complaining, in fact, she slipped the entire tip of her pinky inside her fairy.  Watching that only made cam more aroused.  He pushed against her closer, “So you feel it too?”

    “Mmmm Hmm,” she said, between breaths.  “Almost as much as you butt fucking me on the sly.  If you’re gonna do it…” She slid back onto him, taking all of him in.  Do all the work, why don’t you.”

    Cam caught her meaning she held the fairy over her shoulder.  He took it gingerly, distracted from being inside her from behind for the first time.  He’d never really had an excuse to do it… but now that he had the fairy-link…

    “O-on it,” he raised a pinky, but her words resonated.  I shouldn’t half ass this.  He rubbed his thumb on the fairy’s pussy instead and pushed inside.  

    “Y-Yeeess!” Naomi arched her back, pushing his cock even deeper into her ass.  She felt amazingly tight.  If he hadn’t just cum he’d probably made another mess.

    The fairy looked back at him in an overtly casual manner-- considering she was getting plowed by something bigger than a fist to her-- gave him a thumbs up and pointed at his crotch.

    Wait… she wants to give me another reload?  Now?

    He made a little shelf with his hand, letting her lean her bare breasts against his fingers while twisting his thumb-tip deep inside her.  Once she got close enough, she wrapped her around his cock licking it lustily.  Cam felt instantly invigorated, his balls throbbing with a fresh supply.

    F-fuck yeah!  And this time no risk!

    He grunted, leaning forward against Naomi and let loose.  His semen came hard and fast, pouring into her aggressively.  He’d hardly noticed he’d gotten carried away, and his little partner in crime was being stuffed up to the knuckle joint.

    Naomi orgasmed noisily, squirting lady spunk onto the bed.  With no ‘actual’ cock there to block the flow it made a real mess.  Cam brought his hand down to her stomach, feeling the satisfying bulge of cum stuffed into her.

    Cam wasn’t done.  Not by a long shot, but he needed both his hands.  He set the fairy on the back of Naomi’s head.  Whispering a mischievous: ‘hold on tight’ before pressing his lips against her hips.  He nuzzled against her, slipping his tongue deep into her pussy.  It was amazingly sweet, like sucking on a bottle of honey.

    “Caaaam!” Naomi clenched the bed, practically weeping with pleasure.  “What are you dooooing?”

    Using your magic against you.

    “Deeper... harder… faster…” Naomi’s squirmed in a trance.  An odd glow formed at their connecting point and Cam’s cock grew hot.

    Cam was out of ammo again, but he got hard.  REAL hard.  His cock stood on end, the blood flow made it impossible to think.  It was like half of his being pumped into his cock with a singular purpose.  Inspired by feral lust he drove his tongue deeper inside the fairy, straining his jaw to get more of her inside.  Her butt and hips were completely in his mouth causing a lewd sounding slurp to echo between his ears.

    As calm as the fairy was, she was cumming rather aggressively, filling Cam’s mouth with sweet honey.  It had a cloying fragrance, like mint that soothed him and made him never want to stop.  

    W-wait.  This is magic too!  Naomi cast it on me… He pulled away from the fairy or at least tried to.  His tongue was stuck fast, clenched in place by the fairy.  She gave him a little scolding finger wag and spoke.  “Not until the master is done.”

    With amazing strength, she pulled Cam back, fiving him no choice but to fuck her deeper.  He needed air, but got more honey instead, pouring into his nostrils and left him sputtering.

    Naomi howled in pleasure and came hard, moisture spread under cam’s balls and left them feeling full again.  Helplessly, he came again, riding the storm of Naomi’s orgasm.

    His tongue ‘popped’ free and he fell back onto the bed, with enough force to bonk the headboard.  He slid out of Naomi in the same motion leaving his spunk to spill out of her and mix with the mess on the bed.

    Cam cradled his head while Naomi struggled to regain her composure.  Her fairy fluttered off out of the bedroom.

    “That… was insane,” Naomi said.  “...and I can’t believe you fucked my butt.”

    He sat up, wincing.  “It just came naturally.  You had fun though, right?”

    She nodded and sat up, transfixed by his cock.  “W-whoa!  What happened to you?”

    He looked down to see what she meant.  He was huge!  Easily three inches bigger than normal and at full attention.  His cock still felt hot, like fueled by raging flames.  “I think that’s you.  You cast a spell on my dick.”

    “Fairy!” Naomi called back to her.  “I should really give her a name, huh?  How about… Paige?  I think it’s cute!”  The fairy came back with a sponge dripping with water.  “Wow, it’s like having a little maid.  Perfect.  Wash Cam off would you?”

    Paige fluttered close, hugged the sponge and snuggled up and down on his erect cock.  She radiated the same sweet aroma that still lingered on his tongue.  Her ‘honey’ made for a nice cleaning agent too, apparently.

    “Oh, are you enjoying that?”  Naomi said, laughing.  “Should I have her blow you?”

    Cam laughed.  “With that tiny mouth?  How the hell would it fit?”

    “I’m curious how well she’d improvise…”

    Paige let the sponge fall away and clambered to the top of his cock.   She kissed him along the sides, lapping at the opening at the tip.  It felt incredible.

    “Holy shit… fairy fellatio is awesome.”

    Naomi chuckled.  “It’s funny.  I can taste you.  We’re connected— Oh, That’s what you were up to.”

    Cam couldn’t hide his smile.  “You’re just figuring this out now…?”

    She wandered over to her computer and started it up.  “I should be able to access my ‘save’ on the cloud, right?”

    Cam nodded.  “Y-yeah.  What did you have in mind though?”

    “I just wanted to see if I could figure anything out by looking at my character.”

    Trevor hopped up onto the bed near Cam, eyeing Paige like she was some sort of mouse.  

    “No!  Bad Trevor!”  He tried to shoo him but Trevor wasn’t so easily swayed.  He sat on the corner of the bed, wiggling his butt.  He always did that when he planned to pounce.  “I swear to God if you claw my dick I’m busting out the duct tape.”

    “Don’t even joke about that,” Naomi said without looking back.  “He’s just a cute widdle baby.”

    “And if that cute little baby mauls Paige along with my penis, you’ll be in a bad way.”

    “Point.”  Naomi clicked her tongue, beckoning Trevor close.  “Come here, baby.”

    Trevor ‘bewed’ and lost interest in the fairy, padding over to Naomi.  The fairy changed tactics, sucking hard on his tip.  

    Good thing I got nothing left…  Wait.  She’s kissing

    Just like before, the rush of cum came quickly, bursting forth in a geyser of spunk.

    Naomi sputtered.  “C-Cam!  Control yourself!”

    “Tell that to Paige!  She keeps giving me ammunition!”

    Paige looked back at him with a scolding look.  Like she was mad at him for making a mess and she knew she’d be the one to clean it up.  

    “Well, who’s fault is that, huh?”  He reached out and patted her on the head.  “Thanks for showing me a good time though…”  He glanced over at Naomi.  “...uh, this doesn’t count as cheating, right?”

    Naomi laughed.  “No.  It doesn’t.  She’s like mini-me so you’re off the hook.

    Cam felt great.  He’d always felt good after letting loose, but he didn’t feel even the tiniest bit tired.   He stood and stretched, going up on his tiptoes.  “Well, she pales compared the original.”

    Naomi had the game booted up on her computer.  Her system wasn’t as powerful, so it chunked up a little in spots, but it got the job done.  When she started the game, the autosave had a weird timestamp-- it reflected only a few seconds past.

    “That’s weird.”  He tapped on the screen.  “Did you wake up and play some?”

    “No, why?”

    “This should be around the time the server fried.  It’s not like you left it running.”  The game loaded up normally when Cam noticed the ‘level up’ notification in the corner of the screen.  It only showed up when you blew off applying skill points for a long time.  “Go to your status screen for me?”

    Naomi complied.  Just like any mage she had the basic spells learned.  But she had lots of points in the conjuration restoration and alteration trees.

    “Huh…?  You can only get this much experience by some serious grinding.  You just made this character yesterday, right?”

    Naomi laughed.  “Well, we did get plenty of grinding done.”

    “I don’t think that-- wait… sex fairy?” He glanced down at Naomi’s body, admiring her lap, realizing all at once…  “...Trevor.  Where’s Trevor?”

    Paige fluttered back into the room, just in time for a blur of gray to take her down.  

    “No!  Bad kitty!”  He glanced back at Naomi, expecting to find her in duress, but she just poked away at the computer.  

    “Relax,” she said.  “This might actually help us out.  Just make sure he doesn’t eat her.  Unless I miss my guess… yep, knew it.”

    “Knew what?” Cam hurried over to Trevor, watching him carefully.  He’d pinned Paige on the ground, playfully gnawing on her shoulder.  Somehow, the kitten knew it was still ‘Naomi’.  He let out a sigh of relief and looked back at the computer screen.  Naomi had the ‘defense’ tab selected-- and the meter was filling slowly.  “Wait a second… you’re… getting experience?”

    “Looks like it,” she said.  “I’ll just put some points in beast protection.   Aaand there.”

    “So, the experience you got in the other trees… that was from us having sex?  And Paige doing clean up?”  He couldn’t control the grin that came to his face.  “Even with the server blown out, you’re connected to your game.  That’s awesome!  Makes me wish we played with the character creation a bit more, huh?”

    She laughed.  “The console should still work, right?  Though, I think we’ve filled out the ‘boobs’ slider.”

    “Nothing mods can’t fix,” Cam said.

    Naomi lost her smile.  “Seriously?  This isn’t enough for you?  You want me to just drag them on the ground or something?”

    “I’m kidding.  Mostly.”  He stroked his chin.  “Maybe we can set up a condition, like a ‘perk’ that only makes you really really big during sex.”

    “You would think of that,” Naomi stood up and walked over to Trevor, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck to free her familiar.  “C’mon Trevor, spend some time with mommy while daddy fixes the server.”

    “What?  Me?”

    “Yeah, you.  It’s only fair.  We need to get this working for you too, you know, use it to up your stamina?  You do let loose pretty quick.”

    Cam scoffed.  “That’s a low blow.  Paige filled me to bursting mid sex, of course I’m gonna let loose.”  He walked over to the server and inspected the damage, the smoke from yesterday had filtered out, but the stench of burnt electronics hung thick in the air.  His boss would have a shit fit for opening it up, but that paled in comparison to handing it over fried.  Yeah, I can just imagine trying to explain what fried it.

    Inside it looked better than he expected.  The motherboard looked intact, hard drives looked fine, but something weird had been placed on one of the expansion ports.  It looked like a rock jammed into an ethernet card.   He reached out, touching it.  Still a little warm.  Green light poured out under a layer of soot.

    He sniffed the residue on his finger.  It smelled like sulfur.

    Paige cut in front of Cam, fluttering towards the emerald armed with a sponge.  She dutifully scrubbed away the soot to reveal it was a huge chunk of an emerald.

    “Holy shit,” Cam said, reaching out to claim it.  It plucked out of place, pulsing gently between his fingers.  Naomi was absorbed with the skill trees of the game, so he took a closer look.  It was mostly intact, but a wide crack split through the middle.  Huh, maybe that’s what fried the server…

    He tried the power button and it purred to life.  The telltale beep of BIOS starting up, startled him.  It was the last thing he expected to hear, honestly.

    Naomi leaned back grinning.  “Hey, server status restored.  You’re a miracle worker.”

    He held up the gem.  “Or boss has been using some questionable tech.  Look at this.”

    “Is that… holy hell it’s huge!”  Her outburst shooed Trevor off her lap, he padded off out of the room.  Probably to find somewhere to sleep.

    Cam walked over to her handing it over.  “I bet this is what ended up changing you.  So, may want to be careful with it.  Any luck figuring stuff out?”

    She nodded, turning the gem in her fingers.  “I got some new skills, I figured they might be fun to mess around with in bed.  Dipped into the illusion tree.”

    Cam made a face.  “Illusion?  All those spells suck.”

    “Not for what I have in mind.  Calm, pacify… frenzy.”

    “Wait a minute.  Who are you planning to cast this stuff on?”

    She bopped him on the nose.  “You, of course.  It’ll be like having the remote control to your junk.  I can’t think of anything better.”

    It did sound sort of fun.

    “Yeah, you know that warning like.  ‘If you have an erection for more than four hours’... well I say we go for eight.”

    “Uh.  Chafing?”

    “Restoration tree, dummy.  You don’t have any excuse.”

    “Oh yeah,” Cam snuggled against her.  “Hey by any chance did you copy that straight from my comp?”

    “Yeah, why?”

    “Cus I had a few mods.”  Chris pointed at the screen.  “Check your spell book.”

    She complied, flipping through.  “I don’t see… wait.  Expand self?  Enlarge other?”  She grabbed Cam’s cock.  “Shazam!”

    He laughed.  “I didn’t install the dick mods.  Sorry.”

    “Typical.”  She leaned forward and kissed him.  “I suppose I could give myself another magical boob job.  No time like the present, I suppose.  What should I do?”

    Cam felt the excitement rise within him-- her holding his cock certainly helped.  “You uh… just channel the spell in one hand.  Both if you want the better effect.  The longer you hold it, the better the effect.

    Naomi raised a hand, focusing on it, particles of light swam around her hand.  “Hey, Paige?  I need you for a second.”

    Her faithful companion fluttered over, casting aside her cleaning sponge and landed among the lights.  She smiled up at Naomi expectantly.

    Cam half expected it to backfire, filling up Naomi the way the sexual attention came back to her.  He wasn’t about to complain either way.

    “So, Paige, you ready for an upgrade?”  Naomi twirled a finger over her, stirring the light around until it soaked into Paige’s tiny body.  She arched her back and lifted her chin with a smug little look.  Her breasts quivered and filled, swelling lower on her body.  Her nipples and areola were rather small, in a matter of scale, anyway.  She readjusted for the weight but took the expansion very well.  Once she filled up around Naomi’s size, Cam noted her chest was ‘fluffier’ than her master.  They sat higher on her chest and jiggled gently with each pulse of growth.  He could only assume is a pleasant side effect of gravity’s lesser hold on her.

    Cam licked his lips.  “Can you make her really big?”

    Naomi laughed.  She took her free hand and massaged her own bare breast.  “It might be fun.  I’m not getting any bigger from enlarging her, but it’s making me feel more sensitive.”

    “Is that so?”  Cam stepped behind her, taking her breasts into his hands and pinching her nipples gently.  “Then you don’t mind if I run a few tests?”

    Naomi moved her arms to be more accommodating to being groped and called upon another burst of magic.  She closed her eyes squirming against his touch and poured more magic into Paige, her breasts swelled and fattened lower on her tiny frame, enough to hide her cute little belly button.  This was no small task considering how firm her breasts were.  He kneaded and massaged Naomi, admiring the natural slope of her bosom.  If Naomi had tits like those, they’d be resting on her thighs.  She’d need a thicker booty to even out.

    Cam got hard at the thought, snapping his cock between Naomi’s thighs.  

    She purred approval.  “Someone’s fully charged, huh?”  Reaching down, she put a single finger on the underside of his cock and pushed him at the entrance of moistened pussy.  His erection snapped it upwards and in, making a satisfying ‘slurp’ that drove him wild.  He’d never been able to do that before, but now that Naomi was a bit taller from her transformations, she was practically made for the position.  He hoisted her, taking her closer to the bed.

    Naomi stooped over, moaning.  She let go of Paige and curled her hands on the sheets.  The fairy took to the air, undaunted by her new massive assets.  She stooped over and shook them with a wry little smile on her lips, just to put on a show.  His cock throbbed with urgency, sensitive and burning inside of Naomi.  He was sure he wouldn’t last long at this rate and he’d be doomed to make another deposit.  Yet, no matter how close he got he endured.  It was equal parts amazing and terrifying.

    Paige made it even worse, slipping her hands underneath her bosom and pressing them together alluringly.  She stuck out her tongue and curled it playfully reminding him how great it’s touch felt.  He grabbed Naomi’s tits roughly, thrusting with more urgency.  She leaned back and let him do all the work.

    “How do you like my magic?” Naomi said, coyly.  “Like this, we could go at it for hours.”

    The very idea sent him into a sex-addled frenzy.  Every stroke felt as amazing as the last and she was we enough to make lewd noises to match.  Naomi had some nice padding built in thanks to the changes, but he longed for more.  

    Warmth spread through his hand, making him realize only then that he’d still had the emerald in hand.  Naomi tipped forward, moaning.  She’d found her groove from their grinding and wanted it deeper.  Her was happy to oblige.  He eased her to the center of the bed on all fours.  For a lack of anywhere else to put the gem, he put it on the small of her back.  It wobbled just above the bulge of her buttocks as he grabbed her hips.  He slipped back in, practically hypnotized by the glow of the emerald.  He used its pulse like a metronome, thrusting in time with it.

    It glowed brighter, their thrusts shook free spheres of light like seeds from a dandelion puff and when the landed on Naomi’s supple back, they soaked in like liquid.  

    Wait a minute… this…

    Naomi let out a wail of pleasure and her ass plumped in one powerful surge.  Her ass pressed against his hips, making it a little harder to push in deeper, but not impossible.  Each thrust sent alluring shock waves across her bubble butt, he couldn’t resist giving it a playful smack.

    “C-cam?!  What’s happening?”

    “Dunno,” he said, not breaking stride.  “I’m not complaining though.”

    It gave him an idea.  He snatched up the gem, pulled out.  Turning her over, he put her legs over his shoulders.  Naomi supported her boobs with her arms, making them look even bigger.  He set the gem high on her chest, nestled at the peak of her cleavage.

    He bit his lip and thrust inside.  She let out a satisfied moan.  He hadn’t really gotten a chance to appreciate it last night, but she really was huge.  Her tits jostled with every stroke, really giving him a clear image of their scale.  With her pushing them up, they looked unnaturally round, with little ripples of motion creeping through them.  It inspired him to work her harder, deeper.

    I thought about it and her butt got bigger… so…  Cam grinned down at her.  “Heh, you know since you cast a spell on me.  It’s only fair.”

    “B-but… you don’t know magic.”

    “It’s fine.  I’ll use yours.”  Cam lifted her butt higher in the air and hilted her, stirring his hips against hers.  The spell keeping him from climaxing came in handy.  It gave him the confidence to not have to worry about pacing himself.  He embraced the odd sense of invulnerability rather than struggling against it.  Watching her jiggle was so satisfying, but he wanted more.  C’mon gem.  Gotta balance out that extra booty, right?

    The gem pulsed with power sending flecks of green light into the air.  Naomi was lost to the world, savoring the attention.  Cam kept pace to let her appreciate the surprise.  The pressure became delightfully unbearable, building alongside light soaking into her chest.  Unlike before, it worked slowly.  Her breasts grew firmer, pushing closer together and straining the skin.  Naomi’s ragged breathing punctuated the growth, more so with a lusty moan accompanied with an arched back.

    “Caaaam you’re so bad!” Her words betrayed her annoyance.

    He tried to resist the siren call, but it was no use.  Cam slipped out of her and laid erect cock on her toned stomach, dipping the tip of his cock against the base of her underboob.  Tentatively, he touched the sides of her breasts.  It didn’t take much to press them together.  Full as they were, the rested high on her chest.  He gave them a squeeze, finding them delightfully ‘fluffy’.  His fingers sunk into her flesh, instantly reminding him of the consistency of marshmallow.  When he pulled his hand away, her tits quivered back to form.

    Cam pushed his cock between them, immediately overwhelmed by the sensation.  Noami’s flushed skin made it feel like he squeezed two heated pillows around his sex, pushing him deeper into arousal.  He drew his thumbs over her wide areola, flicking playfully at her erect nipples before stooping over to suckle one.

    Naomi squirmed at the attention, inspiring him to be a little rougher.  He sucked hard and deep, stiffening her nipples even more before giving a playful nibble.  Cam alternated, making a game out of keeping them symmetrically stiff while trying to keep humping her tits.  It was like trying to pat his head and rub his belly at the same time.

    It certainly paid off, though.  The upstroke of his thrusting made them bulge up and out and he barely has to stoop to suck on her.  She’s getting huge.  

    He buried his face against a breast, nuzzling it and savoring the gentle swell.  Closing his eyes let him hear a gentle gurgle of their growth.  Cam pulled back, sucking in some much-needed air and savored the taste and smell of sex in the air.

    Cam stood up, plucking the emerald off of her chest.  It resisted the tiniest bit, sticking to her skin for the briefest of moments.  I guess that explains why it didn’t just fall off.

    “Done already?”  Naomi said, still in a daze.

    He smiled down at her, rolling the gem between his fingers.  “Not by a longshot, but I think I have a good idea how the gem works now.”  Standing gave him a nice viewpoint.  Her breasts shimmied with the gentle bounce of the bed, now large enough to rest on the base of her ribs.  The stark contrast between her bust and her tight belly inspired him to start stroking, as he was eager to keep up his hard on for round… whatever they were on now.

    Naomi opened her eyes, looking up at him with a look both sleepy and smug.  “You poor boy.  You must really want to make a mess on me, huh?”

    He nodded.  

    She pursed her lips, mashing her breasts together.  “I bet you really wanna cum on these big ol’ titties, huh?”

    He nodded more urgently, quickening the pace of his stroking.

    “...and watch me lick up the mess?  Paige could get the spots I can’t reach.”  Naomi laid it on thick, intentionally falling back on a teasing ‘slutty Japanese accent’ she only broke out on his birthday.  It was usually just embarrassing, but now it was pushing all his buttons.

    Oh, God, yes!  He was practically salivating at the idea.  But he couldn’t release.  Naomi’s ‘curse’ was still intact.

    She giggled with mock vapidity.  “Oooo, maybe the cum will make them even bigger.”

    “N-Naomi!  You’re killing me here!”

    I’m killing you?”  she said, rubbing her breasts alluringly.  “I’m going to have to carry these things around because you decided to give me a magical boob job.  How am I gonna explain these to work?  I won’t be able to.  I guess I’ll just have to start pole dancing or something.”

    Cam groaned, desperate for release.   She just kept adding fuel to the fire.

    Warmth enveloped his cock-- Naomi’s delicious lips wrapped around the tip.  His eyes shot open and gaped down at her.  Two days in a row, two blow jobs.  It was like he’d died and gone to heaven.   This time was different, though.  It wasn’t the eager desperate sort fueled by lust.  Naomi savored the moment, slow and deliberate and confident he couldn’t fill her mouth with spunk.  It only made him harder.

    While a reward in every light, this doubled as a harsh punishment.  Naomi made deliberately sloppy noises as she sucked-- letting lewd smacks and slurps echo through the air.  He reached out to put a hand on her head-- she stopped him with a calm gesture.  

    He found her countenance amazing.  It made him want her even more.   She pulled away, letting a strand of saliva stretch between her full lips and his tip.  With a gentle jerk of her neck, she smiled up at him.

    “I guess I’ve teased you enough,” she said, cupping her breasts to deepen her cleavage.  “Let loose.”

    Something clicked deep inside of him like her words flipped a switch in his groin.  Her felt it, the struggling current pushing against the dam.  His cock stood full mast and ready like it would explode at the tiniest provocation.

    He swallowed back a lump in his throat and grabbed himself.  He dribbled a bit, like water dribbling out of the cracks of a reservoir tank.  Everywhere on Naomi looked primed for decoration.  Her hair?  No, she’d kill me.  That pouty mouth?  Nah then I couldn’t see it.  He set his gaze on her tits, freshly filled and aching to be covered-- and cleavage that would make a nice catch-all for a semen swimming pool.  

    With one deliberate pull, Cam pelted Naomi hard on the breast bone with his first burst of cum.  She flinched a bit but didn’t lose her smile.  As if possessed, he stroked back and forth pelting her with satisfying blasts cum, smearing across her tits, chest, and chin.  It wasn’t enough.  

    He slipped his cock between her breasts, using them to stroke his throbbing member.  The softer touch squeezed him gentler, peppering her with a smaller spray.

    Naomi laughed, holding out her hands to protect her eyes.  “You’re nuts.”

    “You said, ‘let loose!’” Cam chuckled and humped her breasts eagerly.  Semen built up in her cleavage, intermittently disrupted by his cock-head bursting through underneath.  Where he couldn’t go before, he felt limitless now.

    Naomi pinched her eyes shut and opened her mouth lolling her tongue lustily.   He could have just stroked by hand, giving her more than enough, but this was a challenge he didn’t want to back down from.  He rocked his hips deeper, trying to get more distance on his squirts.    He got a satisfying glob on her tongue on the third try.

    “We have a winner!” Naomi said, chuckling.  Then, without warning she tackled him to the bed, taking his cock into her mouth and stroking it.

    “H-hey… if you do that…”

    But she wasn’t listening.  He felt himself gush and surrendered to the sensation of her throat hugging his cock and instead of controlled bursts, the floodgates opened.  Better still, Naomi swallowed it so easily.

    It felt amazing to finally be drained.   Naomi pulled away, maintaining a demure composure.  It brought a smile to his face.  She put a proverbial cherry on top by opening wide, demonstrating she didn’t miss a drop.

    “Well to be fair,” Cam said.  “Half of it is all over your tits.”

    Paige fluttered next to Naomi with a fresh sponge.  She held it out in an adorable asking gesture.

    She waved her off.  “Oh no, someone threw down a gauntlet.  Best get lickin’ Paige.”

    Any other time, Cam would drop everything to watch Naomi and her sidekick lap up spunk from her tits.  He scooped up the gem and a container of canned air and made his way over to the still open server.  Then he watched her work out the corner of his eye as he tried to get the server back to working form.  It wasn’t enough that it wasn’t fried, he wanted to see if he could create a character for himself.

    He made sure the case was free of dust before fitting the gem back into the slot.  It did so cleanly.   The system started up with no problems, and the gem glowed along with the power up process.  Magic leaked from the crack on the side, which could have been a point of concern.

    Maybe I should solder it?  I guess it’s safer to see how it runs like this.  

    Cam stood and dusted off his hands, taking a moment to marvel at how much progress Naomi and Paige had made.  He stepped past, sneaking a kiss on her forehead before settling down in front of his computer.  The game booted up just fine, but oddly enough ‘Create Character’ was grayed out.

    Naomi’s file was there.  It even had a summary of recent history-- she had gotten experience from their exploits.  It left him feeling a little jealous.

    She hovered over his shoulder, Paige lapping at the last flecks of cum on her chin.  “Any luck?”

    “No.  Looks like the gem is messed up, but maybe we could repair it?”  He glanced over at her and realized a new problem.  “Wait… how the hell are you gonna go to work looking like that?  It’s not like we can just say you got implants.  We need to find a way to get you back to--”

    She put a finger to his lips.  “Relax.  That’s why I invested a few points into Illusion magic.  She raised a hand, and channeled magic, setting white light around her body.   The light turned blinding and came too fast for Cam to cover his eyes.  He squinted, struggling to see.

    When the blotches of colored faded, Naomi-- the old her-- stood next to him stark naked.  Her perky tits, and slim figure, they were back.  He reached out of habit but bumped into something soft and full-- touching massive breasts that weren’t there.

    Naomi laughed.  “It’s an illusion, dummy.  But we should be fine as long as no one just randomly decides to grope me.”

    “Y-yeah,” he said.  “This should be good.   I’m gonna make sure our breaks line up though.  I’m gonna want quickies.”

    Naomi bopped him on the nose.  “That can be arranged.”  

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    Chris had nothing against tomboys.  Natalie reminded him of his time with Samantha—with or without curves, the brusqueness of her personality really pushed his buttons.  Seeing her so helpless, a stark contrast to her usual self, stirred something deep inside of him.

    Despite that, he knew a trap when he saw one.

    “Natalie.  Give me answers.  You play nice, and I might make it worth your while.”

    She snapped out of her trance.  “Answers?  That’s what you want from me?  Now?”

    Chris nodded.  His time with the notebook had steeled him from temptation.  He had no reason what-so-ever to take a risk enlarging Natalie with the notebook.  If she asked him nicely, he would.  There would be no breach of consent in that case even if she lied.

    Whatever method she secured to ‘prove’ the notebook’s existence wasn’t the issue at hand.  No one in their right mind would believe talk of a magic notebook that inflated tits.  As long as he ‘retconned’ her breast size rather than made a story she wouldn’t be able to record it.

    Win Win.

    He smiled wryly.  “If you want something from me, ask nicely.  You’re sort of my type, but I’m not dumb enough to fall for entrapment.”

    She kicked him away, flushed with a dangerous mixture of arousal and anger.  He slammed against the opposite door of the car.  “You think you have the upper hand in this situation?  Wrong.  Asking nicely ain’t my style.”

    The impact with the door left his head spinning.  Chris struggled to regain his composure.  He had a creeping suspicion she was never out of control.  “I guess the FBI has rather lenient views on assault.”

    “Says the guy that dry humped me a few seconds ago.”

    “I know what you want.  You want proof, so I’ll give it to you.”

    She gave him an even look.   “What?”

    “Why not.  I like big tits and I have a pretty good imagination.  I could get into boning a pain in the ass like you, I have a better way of.  playing along with my fantasy is a great way of doing it.  The way you played possum a moment ago?  I bet you’re a pretty good actress.”

    She scowled.  “Figures.  You would play it like that.  So, seriously?  You’d give me exactly what I want?”

    “Sure,” Chris said, shrugging.  “If what you want is huge breasts.  I think they’d suit you.”

    Natalie crept closer.  “How do you plan to—”

    A noisy gurgle echoed through the car, one Chris was rather familiar with by now.  But I didn’t…

    Natalie ran her hands over the front of her chest, breasts filling against her palms.  “When did you…?”

    He shook his head, letting the very real surprise bubble up to the surface.  It was as much a surprise to him as it was to her.  Then he overtook it with a smile, slipping his hands along her sides.  She didn’t resist, too focused of shielding her blossoming bosom. 

    Natalie was poorly dressed for such an upgrade, braless with a sleeveless shirt.  Cleavage bulged out the top, pale with a hint of freckles, giving Chris a magnificent view.

    “Impossible,” she said muttering.  “I watched you the whole time… how could you… when could you have—”

    He chuckled.  “Maybe it’s just the power of wishful thinking.  You wanted bigger tits bad enough, and you got them.”

    Natalie snapped out of her trance and grabbed him by the collar.  Her breasts strained against her top, thick nipples poking through the fabric with just a hint of pink.  “I don’t know how you did this, but you’re not getting away with—”

    She flinched at a surge of growth.  Her breasts split her top down the middle, but it stayed somewhat intact.  Huge areola peeked out the top of the fabric.

    It’s like they grew when she got angry?  Chris glanced paced her, catching a glimpse of movement outside.  Heather peeked in, holding up a notebook—specifically the second notebook he’d left at home.

    He gaped, realizing exactly what this meant.  Heather was here to help and she certainly helped a great deal.  He calmed, donning a coy smile.   “You must really have big aspiration.  Maybe beneath that tough act, you just want to be an immobile bimbo?”

    She clenched her jaw, retreating to the door.  Heather ducked out of sight just in time to avoid being noticed.  Natalie tried the door, only to find the child lock was on.  “You gotta be kidding me…”

    Chris cupped his hands under her breasts, pushing them up and forward.

    “Hey!  Hands off bastard!”  Natalie winced realizing her mistake too late, breasts flopping free onto her lap and finishing her shirt off.  He grabbed her by the legs, stranding her on her back at the mercy of her new tits. 

    He had a feeling she could break free easily, but not before she got angrier.  The bubbling gurgle grew louder swelling her bosom even more.  “Maybe you’d grow faster if I started fucking you?”

    “Don’t you fucking—” she blorped up again breasts widening enough to press between the backseat and the driver’s seat back on the other side.

    Perfect.  Chris clambered over the seat, now safely out of her reach.  “Unless you want to get crushed.  I’d suggest you move to the middle seat.”

    “Just open the fucking lock!”  She enlarged again, fattening down to her lap. 

    “Temper temper…” Chris said, wagging a finger. 

    Natalie groaned and finally complied squirming into the middle seat.  “You’re a bastard… you know that, right?”

    “Hey, I think I’m a pretty reasonable guy.  Just relax until I can figure out how to fix this.”

    “I don’t know how you did this… but I know it’s your fault.”

    “How could I possibly make your boobs start growing.  I mean, I’m totally down with it, but I’m innocent.”

    “Like fuck you—” Her breasts swelled again, pushing out further onto her lap.  She spoke through gritted teeth. “I mean… I’m sure there’s a rational explanation for this.  When I find it, I am going to bake you the nicest cake and nicely place it on the lowest shelf of your kitchen so you can enjoy it later.”

    “See?  I knew you could improvise.”

    “Go fuck yourself.”  Her breasts filled a little bit, nipples straining to the size of dinner plates.  “Oh, come on!  I said it calmly!”

    Chris slipped out of the car and locked it.  He sat next to Heather just outside of the car on the driver’s side.  “I thought someone wasn’t supposed to be messing with the notebook.”

    She gave him a shy smile.  “Well… I sorta kept tabs on you.  Glad I did because I wasn’t too far off when Natalie went all crazy stalker on you.”

    He gave her a kiss.  “Takes one to know one, I guess.”

    Heather offered him the notebook, he took it and checked the final page.  Natalie, after cornering her target, breasts enlarge every time she gets angry.

    Simple but effective.  He grinned, handing her back the book.  “Thanks for not listening to me.  But what are we going to do about her?”

    “You’re asking me?  Because I have a suggestion.  Let’s interrogate her.”

    “Interrogate?  She’s a tough nut to crack.  I don’t think…”

    “Chris.” Heather put a hand on his arm.  “She’ll talk.  Unlock the door, take one side and I’ll take the other.”

    He decided to trust her, so he only nodded.  

    Heather walked around to the other side of the car while he undid the child lock and took the position opposite of Heather.  “Just follow my lead.”  She opened the door, reached out and took rough hold of Natalie’s nipple.

    “Huh?  Who the fuck are—” Natalie’s breasts swelled forward, or rather to the side towards Heather.  Then all at once, Chris saw her idea.  He reached out and grabbed Natalie’s other breast, pointing her nipple sideways to the door.  This left her is a difficult position, unsure who to watch.  Natalie’s nipple felt thick and firm in his hand, what he imagined a cow’s udder might feel like.  He’d never been on a farm to find out. 

    “Now,” Heather said.  “We poke the bear.”

    That struck Chris as a fun endeavor.  But he needed to play ‘good cop’ to Heather’s ‘bad cop’.  “You know, all you have to do is tell me what you’re up to and I can probably convince her to stop this… Otherwise, I don’t think she’s gonna listen to me.”

    “You think you can twist my arm?  Go fuck yourself.” Natalie fattened again, each breast growing close to large enough to pin her on either side. 

    He didn’t have to keep a hold on her nipple, but he wasn’t about to complain about the job either.  “I dunno… something bad might happen if you run out of room.”

    “Eh,” Heather said.  “She’d probably just suffocate first.  “That’s one hell of a way to go, huh?”

    Chris found himself entranced by her nipple resisting the urge to just suckle her.  “You don’t think they’re full of milk, do you?”

    “Why don’t we check?”  Heather said.

    He succumbed to his urge taking the big pink nipple between his lips. 

    “You two… you…” Natalie didn’t sound angry.  She was starting to fall into arousal.  “L-look.  I can’t talk.  You don’t understand.  She’ll kill me.”

    “She?  You mean your partner?” Chris said, backing off.

    She clammed up.  

    “Oh well,” Heather said.  “I guess we could see what happens if you hook some pressurized air into these fun bags.  That’d loosen her lips.”

    Wow, Heather… that’s harsh.  But also… kind of hot.

    “Fuck you.  Both of you.”  Her breast swelled, mashing against his face.  “I’d rather fucking pop then tell you bastards anything.

    “Fine,” Heather said, backing off and shutting the door.  Chris slipped out and shut the door to match.  He peeked over the top of the car, whispering.  “Don’t you think you’re going too far?”

    “No way.  This chick has it coming.  Let’s go somewhere to convince her a bit better.  I know just the place.  You have blankets in the trunk?  We uh… can’t exactly drive around with her giant ass nipples mashed against the windows.”

    “Probably,” Chris said.  “But where did you have in mind?”

    “That’s a sec-ret,”  Heather said with a sly wink.


Boob Note -- H-Path -- 11-2
Oh dayuuum.  Chris has a side kick now?
Boob Note -- H-Path -- 11-1Chris sat in the men’s changing room, checking the notebook from cover to cover three times.  No pages were missing.  Nothing was added.   Yet things were wrong.  Would Leona really just bring the book to me, without doing anything?  The thought made his skin crawl.  If she had given it away, he would have lost everything.  The memories of the notebook would have vanished and he would have gone back to being a normal college student.
It pointed to one undeniable truth.   Leona wanted him to have the notebook.
She proved that by outwitting him, taking the notebook when he was at his most careful and simply handing it back.   She was worming her way back into his heart.
Heather.  I need to talk to Heather.  He dialed her without thinking.  Each ring felt like an eternity.   But on the third, she picked up.
“Heather, I love you,” Chris said, his voice full of desperation.
  Back by ShamusBaran  Forward by ShamusBaran Next H-Path 06/26/17
Flip to other Path by ShamusBaran  Boob Note -- P-Path -- 5-6    On his way out the Restaurant, Sharnel stopped Chris with a tug at his shirt.  She wore a mischievous little smile that immediately told him she wanted something or knew something she shouldn’t.
    “That Abner guy has a book, doesn’t he?”
    Chris peered past her and into the restaurant.  Once he confirmed no one was watching, he nodded.  He had no reason to lie to Sharnel.
    “Then why not piss him off a little?  Show him who’s boss?”
    “I’m open to suggestions.”
    “I’d need you to fill me in on what’s going on first.”
    So, Chris did.  He explained how Abner ‘undid’ all of Chris’ work and his role as proverbial ‘Boob Satan’.  She listened carefully without saying a word, nodding along an

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    Chris worked through Chen’s words, but no matter how much he tried to accept it, it didn’t click.  Chen?  A Boob God?  Chen was the same Chen he’d always known, heavy set with one of those long curling mustaches.  He looked like a refugee from a kung-fu flick.  It didn’t help he sat around in a Mandarin jacket, just in case he had to talk to a customer.  Nothing tapped into the authenticity of a Chinese restaurant than the stereotype.

    He tried to laugh it off.  “Ha… that’s a good one.”

    Chen wasn’t laughing.

    “So… you gave me the notebook?”

    He nodded.

    “Why?”  Chris slammed a hand on his desk.  “You fired me.”

    “With severance, by the way.”

    He had a point there.  “So… it’s you?  You’re the one that made the notebook?”

    “Have a seat Chris.  You’ll want to be sitting for this.”

    Chris sat in a daze taking in the familiar atmosphere of the office.  He’d worked for Chen for years, but never did he imagine something like this could happen.

    “Too early,” Chen said.


    “You found the book too early.  I was going to give you the book as a gift, you consistently brought in so many cute girls.  Some of them even ended up working here.”

    Save for Sam and Heather, Chris was more or less responsible for pulling in the other girls.  He still recalled it being a little hole in the wall with three tables.  He had a lot of his life invested in Chen’s, and only then did he realize how much it hurt to be ousted.  “But I found it.”

    “No, you were led to it.  Two of my books were stolen.”

    “H-hey.  I didn’t steal it,” Chris said.

    “I’m not talking about your book, moron.  I’m saying two others were stolen.”

    Wait.  TWO?  So, the Boob Satan guy is just one of them?  “I… I was coming here to ask you about that, actually.  And since you know everything, this makes it easier.  Do you know who the guy is?  The guy that was in here giving Sam and the other girls a hard time?”

    Chen nodded.

    “Really?  Can you tell me his name?”

    “Abner Klein.”

    Chris couldn’t hide the smile on his face.  The name sounded familiar.  Too familiar.  Chris pulled out his smartphone and Googled it.  Abner means ‘Light’ but… “Holy Shit!”

    He stood up, stunned.  “THAT Abner Klein?  This guy’s a legend!”

    Abner Klein was a stage magician a big shot from California.  He had next to no reason to be in a little Midwest town.  Worse that he ended up with a notebook.

    “How did he steal it?  When?”

    “Not too long after you got yours.  I could set a clock to when he comes in.  He’s been a regular since you got the book.”

    “And you didn’t try and stop him?”

    “Why would I?”

    “He’s a serial boob deflator!  He’s like your enemy, right?”

    Chen leaned forward, putting his hands under his chin.  “Breasts are breasts, Chris.  Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they lack value.  You seem obsessed with making all breasts large.  Where’s the balance in that?”

    Chris scowled.  “But I… That’s not the issue.  The issue is that he’s hurting the girl’s confidence.”

    “That’s exactly what he’s done.  And that’s why I wanted to talk to you.”  Chen dug in his desk, pulling out something that looked like a magazine.  “Here.  It’s easier to show you.”

    Chris flipped it open.  It looked like a weird mixture of a catalog and a porn magazine.  It was filled with scantily clad ladies looking enthusiastic.  When he looked closer he realized the truth, reading a part aloud.  “Know the potential breast size of your target with a glance… Macromastia? Overactive milk ducts?” Chris glanced up at him.  “What is this?”

    “Extras,” Chen said.

    He kept flipping through, finding all sorts of tertiary powers that would be incredibly handy to have if not a little unethical.  Some of the extras made the girl be incredibly enthusiastic about her new size.  Some of the extras made the girl obsessed with the holder of the notebook.  Some of the extras enforced loyalty.   Chris found most of them redundant, and others dangerous.  Can’t I just write this stuff in the notebook?  He did notice something else.  For a catalog, it had no prices… just little codes beneath each description.

    “How much does this stuff cost?  Does it even cost money?”

    Chen laughed.  “Oh, it costs something alright.”

    Gooseflesh prickled on Chris’ arms.  So, it’s a deal with the devil.  Chris closed the magazine.  “Not interested.  The book is plenty powerful as it is.  Besides, the stuff in here sounds like something assholes would want.  I’m no asshole.”

    “Oh, you poor naïve boy.  This is exactly the type of thing you need in war.  You see these extras can actually render aspects of other notebooks powerless.”  Chen flipped open the magazine and without looking pointed to a specific page.

    Permanent size change.  No further adjustments to the girl in question will work.

    Chris gaped down at it.  “Something like this exists?”

    “And it could be yours.”

    “What’s the catch?”

    “Oh, something trivial.  I assure you.”

    “Don’t be cryptic Chen.  What’s the cost?”

    Chen sighed.  “Fine.  You can be directly affected by the notebook.  But hey it’s as much of a positive as it is negative, right?”

    “I could be affected?”  Chris tensed.  “I can already be affected.  It turned me into a girl once!”  Chris hesitated.  Wait a minute… that… why did I say that?  That never happened…

    “Oh, that is a problem.  But I said directly.  Meaning if someone with the notebook found out they could just write ‘Chris turns into a woman forever’ and poof!  You too can learn the joy of Aunt Flo’s monthly visits.”

    “Absolutely not!” Chis slammed his hand on the desk.

    “But why would anyone think to write your name in the notebook?  It’s a good deal!  You’re a smart kid.  You found out about conditions.  You could spend the night with your smoking hot girlfriend as a big-breasted lady.  Scissor the night away.”

    “No means no, Chen,” Chris said.  “I’ll beat this chump without cheap tricks.”

    “And what if he has some sort of extra, for all you know it could be a turn another notebook user into a girl extra?”

    “H-he does?”

    “Hypothetical.  That doesn’t exist.  Though maybe it’s a good idea for version two-point-oh.”

    “Then what extra does he have?”

    “I’m not telling.  That would make the game not fun.  Besides, I already told you his name.  If the transform another user thing existed you’d have already won!  And you’d have yourself a new lady to bone, heh.”

    “Come on, you already gave me a hint.  It has something to do with hurting girls confidence.”

    “Gah!  Did I?  How unfair.  I guess I should give him a handicap then.  I could tell him something he doesn’t know about the notebook, I guess…”

    “No no no!”  Chris said.  “It’s fine.  I don’t need anything else, just… I’ll figure it out.”

    Chen gave him an even look.  “Yeah.  You will.”  He gave the magazine a pat.  “Let me know if you change your mind, though?  There’s plenty of neat bells and whistles.  Guaranteed loyalty?  Actual orgasms through intercourse?”

    “I’m good,” Chris said.  “But Abner, does he know my name?”


    “You never told him?”

    “He never asked.”  Chen chuckled.  “He’s a dick.  You think he’d ask for help?”

    “Then how did he get an extra?”

    “Simple, I slipped a copy of the catalog under his door.”  Chen rapped on a red phone sitting next to him.  “Service with a smile.”

    Chris made his way back to the table, full of more questions than answers.  He had a name, but what good would that do him?  He could ask for help from Pen and Elle but knowing what this guy could do discouraged him from getting them involved.   Chris had to find out what this guy knew about the notebook and tread carefully.

    Heather came with his food armed with an annoyed glare.  The Three Emperors looked delicious as it should, considering how expensive it was. 

    “Thanks.”  Chris avoided eye contact and took a bite.  It wasn’t half as good as it looked.  The fish was a little dry, to be honest.  “It’s… great.”

    “What’d you have to say to Chen?”

    He sighed.  He figured he wouldn’t be able to get away scot-free.  “He gave me the full nine for walking out with an order book.  Can you believe it?  I know he has boxes and boxes of that crap.”

    Heather lightened up.  “That’s what he’s bitching about?”

    “Yeah, same old Chen, I guess.”

    “So… well…” Heather fidgeted.  “How have you been since… I mean are you seeing anyone?”

    “Yeah.  You still seeing my roommate?”

    She flinched.  “That was a one-time thing.  I was angry, OK?”

    “Hey, as long Brian knows that we’re good.  He has bad enough luck with women as it is.”

    “Yeah well… I just needed him to do something for me.  I made it worth his while though.”

    Chris smirked.  “I bet you did.”  He checked her out, idly.  She did look better au-naturale and if it meant no making her hate her body, that was a plus.  “Hey… we’ve been friends for a long while, right?”

    “Co-workers.  Yes.  Friends?  I don’t know.”

    “Well, maybe you could do me a favor?”

    Sharnel came over to the table holding a receipt.  “Oh, hey Chris.  Funny seeing you here… eating your food.  You uh, left something in the back I’ve been meaning to return if you want it?”

    He raised a brow.  Something to return?  Ah right… She probably found Abner’s receipt.

    “Thanks.” Chris took it from her and put it right in his pocket. 

    “What was that about?” Heather said.  “You macking on Sharnel now?”

    Been there done that.  He gave her a coy smile instead.  “Come on, she’s got a boyfriend.  I’m no housebreaker.  Plus, I think her dad would kill me.”

    “So, what’s that favor?”

    “Can you keep an eye out on Sam?  I’m worried about her.  He cut into a pork cutlet confirming his suspicions.  He held up the slice, showing the underdone part.  “In the years we’ve known her, have you ever seen her fuck up a dish this badly?  No BS, no ulterior motives.  I just want you to help her get her game face back on.  Just call me if she gets worse, yeah?”

    Heather smiled—the first real smile he’d seen on her face for weeks.  “That’s awful sweet of you, and yeah I can help.  I might need to call the favor though.”

    Chris laughed.  “Call the favor, huh?  Why’s that sound like a booty call?”

    “Maaaaybe,” Heather said, taking the plate.  “I’ll wrap this up for you.”

    “Yeah, thanks.” Chris didn’t stop her.  He had bigger things to worry about.  Once she was out of sight he unfolded the paper Sharnel gave him.  Abner’s name was on there with neat handwriting not to mention a phone number and a penthouse address.  Bingo. 

    But the success was bittersweet.  It wasn’t like he could just barge in.  He needed a plan, one that didn’t involve Elle or Penelope.

    For the first time since getting the notebook he knew… he was on his own.



Boob Note -- P-Path -- 5-5
This is probably the first P-Path without blatant expansion... but yeah... I have a special surprise coming up to offset this.
Boob Note -- P-Path -- 5-4In his short time with the notebook, Chris hadn’t run into a girl that wanted to be smaller.  He’d found that a bit unusual, but at the same time relieving.  It was one thing undoing a bit of ridiculousness, like getting carried away and immobilizing a girl with beanbag chair tits, but it was another thing entirely when it was something she wanted.
For all express purposes, Chris should have just given the girls what they ‘wanted’, but something just didn’t sit well with him.  Something felt wrong.
He suddenly felt bad about just enlarging the staff, like he’d invaded their personal space out of some sort of obligation.  Was it his place to just ‘fix’ their size without getting any input from them?  Did that make him a bad person?
Heather.  I need to speak with Heather.
As if on cue Heather came with his appetizer and tea.  He knew he didn’t have a lot of time, so he cut right to it.
  Back by ShamusBaran  Forward by ShamusBaran  Boob Note -- P-Path -- 5-6    On his way out the Restaurant, Sharnel stopped Chris with a tug at his shirt.  She wore a mischievous little smile that immediately told him she wanted something or knew something she shouldn’t.
    “That Abner guy has a book, doesn’t he?”
    Chris peered past her and into the restaurant.  Once he confirmed no one was watching, he nodded.  He had no reason to lie to Sharnel.
    “Then why not piss him off a little?  Show him who’s boss?”
    “I’m open to suggestions.”
    “I’d need you to fill me in on what’s going on first.”
    So, Chris did.  He explained how Abner ‘undid’ all of Chris’ work and his role as proverbial ‘Boob Satan’.  She listened carefully without saying a word, nodding along an
Flip to other Path by ShamusBaran Boob Note -- H-Path -- 11-2    Chris had nothing against tomboys.  Natalie reminded him of his time with Samantha—with or without curves, the brusqueness of her personality really pushed his buttons.  Seeing her so helpless, a stark contrast to her usual self, stirred something deep inside of him.
    Despite that, he knew a trap when he saw one.
    “Natalie.  Give me answers.  You play nice, and I might make it worth your while.”
    She snapped out of her trance.  “Answers?  That’s what you want from me?  Now?”
    Chris nodded.  His time with the notebook had steeled him from temptation.  He had no reason what-so-ever to take a risk enlarging Natalie with the notebook.  If she asked him nicely, he would.  There would be no breach of consent in that case even if she lied.
    Whatever method she


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