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I know iit early but Merry Christmas
Fri Dec 9, 2016, 2:38 AM
It was so lonely down here... T_T thanks!
Wed Nov 23, 2016, 2:28 PM
I going to be nice and say this: Let start filling up this shoutbox for the nice bear
Wed Nov 23, 2016, 7:42 AM

For the weeks building up to my July BE Novel I'll be asking a series of polls to figure out what exactly I'm doing: What kind of tone should it have? 

27 deviants said Something light and straightforward. (Simple plot, simple goals)
14 deviants said Something mysterious. (Lots of twists, turns and betrayals)
12 deviants said Something firmly based in comedy. (Next to no plot, mostly hiijinx)
5 deviants said Something dark / serious. (Things may not turn out so great for the characters)
No deviants said Other -- Note below. (Please stay on point in regards to 'tone'.)


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One of the things I find most endearing from readers is how specific chapters get favorited.  I mean, I could go all gloomy bear and take that as 'they only like that specific chapter' but I don't.

It really reminds me that Boob Note is a story that touches on an array of interests (though we're mostly unified by a love of big boobs getting bigger... but I digress.)

Those rogue favorites are very important to me as they help me gauge when I hit someone's big red happy button.  Especially when it comes to adult content, it's hard to get people to step up and say 'I like this.'

I lose track easily of who favorited what when.  I haven't showered thanks on those brave souls nearly enough.  So thanks for that.

It's not much, but I wanted to offer a general bit of thanks to everyone by making Camp NaNoWriMo (the summer version of a writing event I do every year) a space bear infused porn fest.   So yeah.  A 50,000-word Breast Expansion Themed Novel.   This happens through the month of July, so it'll give you all plenty of time to chime in on what you'd like to see.  People in my Patreon get the biggest say-- hint, hint -- but I'm leaning on all of you to help me outline this over the next three months.  

The only stipulation is that Breast Expansion must be the primary theme.   

This is something I do every year anyway.   At least the November one.  But I figure I'd channel my inner space bear this time.


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Shortly after the girls left, Chris took it upon himself to investigate alone.  The walk from Pen’s house gave him time to look over the notebook, checking what he’d written in the notebook so far.  He flipped past the party stories and settled onto the parts with Ruby.  The contradiction stood out plain as day.  A red ‘Ruby Flat’ stood out against the sea of massive upgrades.  Chris didn’t remember writing it, yet there it was.

Easy enough to fix, I guess.

When he got close, a strange feeling of nostalgia washed over him.  He’d fallen into an old habit and walked towards Chen’s instead of the flower shop across the street.  It was about the time he’d show up for an afternoon shift, after all.

But I was fired, so I shouldn’t just waltz in. 

He sheepishly crossed the street, trying to play it cool.  Too bad Naomi and Suzie wouldn’t be working today, they might give me an excuse to visit.  He snapped the book shut and went to tuck it away, but the moving figures in the restaurant caught his eye.

Yuria strode to a table, setting a dish of food down for a male customer.  She gave them a little smile and chatted.  Even across the street, he couldn’t miss an opportunity to gawk—getting a nice little down the shirt peek of her tiny breasts.

Wait… tiny?

He stopped at stared, pulling out his smartphone.  He used the camera app to zoom in, catching glimpses of the girls on duty.  A chill rolled down his spine.  Has Chen’s always been so… boobless?

Chris flipped open the notebook to the first page.  He looked over his first entries.  It was all there, everything he’d written—but it was faded to black.  Red names of the girls stood out with various flavors of ‘Flat’ next to them.  He knew he didn’t write that… but then again, he didn’t need to.

The notebook would report their current size.  It was a key feature, after all.

Another notebook… Out of sheer annoyance, Chris wrote in a hasty flurry.  Heather H Implants.  The text flashed red and Heather swelled up mid-stride.  Her barren chest fattening into man-made wonders.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of giving her implants before.  She looks great.

For Sam, he put her back to her ‘natural’ size.  Sam J Natural.  The text flashed red and her breasts flumped onto the kitchen service window divider, nearly smashing a plate of food.  She didn’t miss a beat, screaming for the lazy wait staff to pick it up.

Seeing Sharnel flat was particularly vexing.  The ‘flat pregnancy’ probably meant she lost her boobs from having a kid, rather than another way around.  When the ‘Sharnel M Pregnancy’ turned red he could practically hear the milk gurgling in her lady bumps.

There was something really satisfying about giving a flat chested girl huge breasts.  Enough that it calmed Chris from his annoyance.  He waited a bit with his pen at the ready, scribbling in ‘Yuria L Natural’ when she started to move from her customer.  Her tits filled and wobbled against her uniform alluringly with every step.  She also regained some of her curviness, reclaiming that sloshy butt Chris knew and loved.

The whole thing left Chris pretty horny.

Someone hugged him from behind.  It startled him enough to fumble the book.  He didn’t drop it though.  He looked back, but couldn’t see his ‘attacker’—she was too short.

“What are you doing here?” Ruby said.

He squirmed free, tucking away the notebook.  “Oh, you know… stalking my old job.”

She laughed.  “Oh, and here I thought you came back to see me.  But your girlfriend is probably keeping you busy.  She’s not with you?”

“Nah, Pen is at home resting.”

“Wore her out, huh?”

“Something like that,” Chris said. 

Ruby sidled closer, tracing a finger on his chest.  Her sundress gave him a clear view of her braless chest.  Then again there was little reason for her to wear one.  Her tiny pink nipples stood erect, acting as the only protrusion up top.  “Then I could take care of you.  I really enjoyed your visit the other night.”

Chris remembered it too, but it was just sex—albeit great sex.  There was a general appeal to screwing a flat-chested girl as the all the focus fell on the connection of sex, but making all the girls flat?  That was a crime.

“Well, I am here to see you,” Chris said.  “You mind answering some questions for me?”


“Why are you so small chested?”

Ruby pursed her lips.  “What kind of question is that?  I’ve always been this way.”

He held up the notebook, “You remember this, don’t you?  I used this to make you bigger.  You should still be rocking Z cups.”

He tapped the book against her shoulder.  “I mean, you’re good looking as it is, but I fixed that.  You should remember.”

“Wait… you’re right.” Ruby backed away looking at herself.  “We messed around in my shop and… then when you came to visit me…”

“Yeah,” Chris said.  “I gave you giant breasts.  But for whatever reason, you’re back to ‘normal’.”

“Well, go on and fix it.  I mean… well…”  Her gaze fell to the ground.  “On second thought, don’t.  I’m fine the way I am.”

Chris raised a brow.  “What do you mean by that?”

“It’s nothing.  You’d just make fun of me.  I met this guy recently.  We hit it off and stuff but he ended up breaking it off.”

“What’s that have to do with your boobs?  If you want big tits I can just—”

“It’s not that.  It’s just he got me thinking.  The sex was good—great even.  Made me realize that I don’t really need giant breasts to enjoy—”

“Bullshit,” Chris said. 

She flinched at his words.  “Chris?”

“I said, that’s bullshit.  Sex isn’t just about one thing.  I mean, you don’t need giant boobs to get into it, true, but no tits?  That’s just taking an element out of sex that just needs to be there.  Sex is all about distractions.  The kissing.  The grinding.  Only douchebags focused on getting their rocks off could focus on one spot like that.”

He ran his hands down her sides.  It wasn’t just her tits; her hips and butt were gone too.  This had to have been the work of a story.  He made her supper skinny— skinnier than she ever had been.  “We’re going inside.  You want sex?  I’m giving you sex.”

Chris scooped her up at the waist and put her on her shoulder.  She was so light now— even without being particularly strong.  He stepped inside, closed the door, locked the thumb bolt and flipped the sign to ‘closed’.

“What’s gotten into you?”

“Pet peeve,” Chris said setting her down, he ran his hand along the side of her face.  “I can tell when someone’s been put down.  It’s like a sixth sense.  You said you wanted to mess around, fine.”  He tossed the notebook aside and pulled the blinds of the shop.  “I’ll prove my good intentions and my creed in one fell swoop.”

“You’re not gonna make me bigger?”

“Later.  If you want me to.” Chris stooped over and kissed her.  “You’re on the pill, right?”

“Y-yeah… why?”

He led her to the back wall, hoisting her up.  “Because I didn’t want to hold back.  You’re OK with that, right?”

She nodded.

Chris unbuckled his pants and pulled them down with his boxers with one tug at the waist.  He was fully erect, the head of his cock settled right atop the front of Ruby’s panties.  “Hold yourself up a second, OK?”  She complied long enough for him to pull off his shirt.  “OK then.  Showing is better than telling, right?”

He ground against her, tuning out the specifics of her body.  It didn’t really matter what size her breasts were when he just locked in on the empathy of sex

Ruby draped her arms around his neck, staring intently.  There was confusion in her gaze like she wondered why he didn’t just push in.  He was certainly tempted.  The texture of her panties coupled with the well-groomed hair underneath worked him into a frenzy.

She started moving with him, closing her eyes.

From here it was textbook—going through everything Leona taught him.  As little contact as possible.  Savor the moment.

He admired the gentle bounce of what little breasts she had.  The hypnotic shimmy of her nipples through the fabric of her sundress.  The shifting of her slim hips.  It all culminated into an urge to connect with her.

He kissed her deeply, they met halfway—tongues dancing together with lusty urgency.  Just thinking of that tongue lapping at his cock only made his that much more excited, but he restrained himself.   Instead, he moved her to a nearby table, brushed aside plant trimming tools and laid her down.  He lined her up considering going in.  No, not yet. 

Instead, he lifted her at the waist and gently nibbled at her labia through her panties.  She was wet and ready— filling his nostrils with the satisfying mixture of flowers, sex, and sweat.  It was so Ruby.  He pushed aside her panties with his tongue and teeth and ate her out.  She gasped at his touch.  He smiled down at her with his eyes. 

She could do nothing but hod herself up, trying and failing to fight back her first orgasm. 

“N-not fair.  I shouldn’t get all the attention.”

She was right.  Without missing a beat, Chris flipped her over and pulled her from the table and buried his face in her crotch.  Ruby wasted no time putting in her end of the bargain, pushing his cock deep down her throat.

Doing that standing up was hard.  Not because of the weight, but because of the distraction.  He stumbled back a few steps trying to keep his footing, colliding with a potted plant on the way and fell back on bags of fertilizer.  Thankfully, well-bagged ones.

Ruby didn’t miss a beat she sucked with crazy enthusiasm, making Chris drop his guard and surrendered a sizable load of spunk directly down her throat.  He regained his composure quickly though and lapped at her swollen clit to turn the tide back in his favor.

She moaned against the pleasure, pulling away from his cock to catch her breath.  He slid her onto the floor on, leaving her on all fours and sputtering.  He sidled up behind her, pushed aside her panties and pounded her doggy style. 

He wrapped one arm around her waist, lending urgency to his thrusting and massaged her chest with the other.  As light as she was—this was still Ruby, sturdy and hard working.  She had no problems supporting his weight.

They both surrendered to the heat of the moment and just fucked mindlessly.  Mutually using each other to scratch their itch.  It didn’t take long before Chris filled her with sticky spunk.  They collapsed at the same time, struggling to catch their breath.

Their ragged breathing turned to laughter.

Ruby slapped him hard on the chest.  “You know, you could have let me take my clothes off.  I’m gonna smell like cum all day now.”

“Just marking my territory,” Chris said, sitting up.  “You feeling better now?”

“Yeah… and…” She grinned.  “I think that would have been more fun with giant boobs.  They’d have been in the way sure, but yeah.”

“Exactly.”  Chris sagged to the floor.  “At least you get it.”

“Yeah, but if you don’t mind could you make just kinda huge?”

“Sure, Z cups are a bit much for what you do, I guess.”  He stood up and reclaimed his pants, putting them on while chatting.  “You mind if we mess around while you grow?  It’s really fun for me.”

“No complaints here.”  She assessed the ‘damage’, lifting her sundress.  “Jeez, Chris.  It’s like you were pent up?  You not having enough sex or something?”

“Haha, quite the opposite.  Penelope takes good care of me.  But—” He stooped over to pick up the notebook but felt someone watching him.  He turned just in time to see someone step away.  He hurried over to the shop front and looked both ways out the curtain.  Gone. 

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… just a peeping tom.”




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Adeola gasped against the final surges of growth.  Her blouse and bra surrendered to the girth, exposing her huge, dark areola.  Chris looked away out of courtesy but made no effort to hide his smile. 

“This is amazing,” she said, mashing her fingers in the softness of her new breasts.  “I thought you were full of shit, but this is real as hell.  “You’re saying I don’t gotta sleep with you for this, but you can look and touch all you want.”

He took her up on that much at least.  “Don’t mind if I do.”  Maybe it was because he’d seen so many breasts expand over the past weeks but he calmly appraised her.  Adeola had beautiful, dark skin the color of melted chocolate and her areola was darker brown still.  He drew close, tracing a thumb around the edge.   The slightest bit of pressure made her puffy nipples erect.

She’ll be right at home when the milk comes in. 

“Hey, Chris is it?”

He turned his gaze up at her.  “Yeah?”

“How are you doing this?  Really?”

“Honestly, even if I explained it, it wouldn’t make sense.  I’m just a normal guy that was in the right place at the right time.”

“Interesting.”  Adeola leaned forward, deepening her cleavage.  “I guess it’s luck for me, fate didn’t pick a total douchebag.  It’s cute how you have all this power and yet you still asked for permission.  Something tells me you don’t need it.”

“It’s the only reason I put up with it,” Elle said.  “If I took it away from him, it would only fall in the hands of someone worse.”

“Yeah… about that,” Chris said.  “You’re usually so picky about me using my powers recklessly, but here you are practically cheering me on.”

Adeola laughed.  “No complaints here.  I’m not gonna have any problems finding a date now… but you could save me the trouble if Mr. Boob God is looking for one.”

“Maybe,” he said.  “I’m on dicey terms with my girlfriend, after all.”

“Either you’re secretly an asshole, or she’s one crazy bitch.  You realize how rich you could get with that little trick?  Set up a shop.  Girls’d pay a mint for magical boob jobs.”

Chris laughed.  “I respect your business sense, but when it comes to explaining how I do it, I’m in a bind, you know?”

“Yeah,” Elle said.  “The FDA would have him investigated in less than a week.”

A commotion came from the front of the shop.  A little startled yelp, one that came from Penelope caught Chris’ attention.  He stepped in front of Adeola.  “Duck into the back room.  Get decent.”

“R-right.” She snatched up the shirt Elle offered her and ducked into a back door.

Penelope rounded the corner of the shop entrance followed closely by a familiar figure.  Natalie led Penelope into the shop, twisting her arm behind her. 

“Well looky here,” Natalie said.  “I wasn’t wasting my time after all.”

Elle glared at her.  “You better have a good reason for laying a hand on Penelope.”

“Aww, am I hurting your skanky little girlfriend?” Natalie twisted harder, drawing out a flinch from Pen.  “Plenty more where that came from, Elvira.”

Without a second though, Elle drew her gun, training it on Natalie.  “Stop.  Now.”

Natalie smirked.  “Now that’s more like it.”  She let Pen go, letting her stumble towards Chris.  He caught her handily.  “No reason to go all ‘deadly force’ on me.  I mean, you’re a fricken FBI agent abetting a criminal.  Hell, you probably fuck that loser.”

“None of that is your business.”

“Or is it?” Natalie calmly reached into her pocket and held out a badge.  U.S. Special Division – Paranormal Activities Branch.

Elle glanced at it briefly, then flipped the safety off her pistol.  “That’s fake.  There’s no such division.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.  Did they not tell you?  It is now.  Go on, call your boss.  See what he says.”

Elle clenched her jaw, reached into her pocket with her free hand and dialed without looking. 

The phone clicked to life on the “Frankenstein, this is Shelly.  I have a—”

Her expression hardened.  She stood there listening, unmoving.  Then, she pulled back the phone, clicked off the call, flipped around her gun and offered it to Natalie.

“Good girl,” Natalie approached and took the pistol.  “I need your badge too.  Since you won’t be needing it anymore.”

Chris’ mind raced.  “What’s… going on?”

“Relax, she’s not fired or anything.  Shelly is on vacation.  Until the conclusion of out indictment— she’s off the case.” Natalie pulled open the chamber of the pistol, confirming it was loaded and ready.  “Nice.  There was some bark behind that bite, too.”

Natalie closed the chamber, clicked on the safety and slipped the pistol behind her back.  She gave Chris a wink.  “I stash my dangerous weapons back there too.”

Chris kept his cool.  She’s talking about the notebook.  She knows everything.  “I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume I’m the ‘criminal’ you were talking about.”


“Well,” Chris said.  “Do you have proof to that accusation?”

“A whole notebook full of it, more than one if you’re stupid enough.”

It was just as he feared.  She must have known something about the notebook, but that wasn’t proof.  The notebook to most people was just fantasy.  Nothing in it could be proven.  Chris wore that fact as armor.

“So,” Chris said, putting on a smug smile, “let me get this straight.  The FBI has a ghostbusting division now?  So much for the credibility of American Intelligence.”

“It’s news to me, too,” Elle said.  “I’ve been suggesting one be formed for years.  It’s the reason I joined the FBI… but—”

“The feds only like cold hard facts and digestible results,” Natalie said.  “And while I might not have said proof, Elvira’s activities for the past few weeks is the best shot we’ve had to inject some fact into the fiction.  And since Washington is run by horny old men, rumors of a magic notebook with the ability to make boobs huge makes for a compelling argument for taxpayers dollars.  Plus, they love seeing slacking agents get theirs… so I’ll be getting a nice little bonus for exposing a certain overstuffed gothic slut.”

“Good luck with that,” Elle said, shrugging.  “Not only are you going to fail, you’ll just end up making an embarrassment out of yourself.”

“Speaking from experience, huh?”

“Are you here to taunt us, or do you have actual proof?”  Chris said.  “There’s this little thing called defamation, you know.  Every misstep you take is gonna bite you in the ass.”  Or if I have anything to say about it—the tits.

“Oh, ho, so you’ve got some balls after all?  Or maybe not.  Cuz’ I gave you everything you need to shut me up.  Need I remind you?”  She pulled out her driver’s license, lining it up with her badge.  “See?  It matches.  Go on.  Do your thing.”

Chris was tempted.  It was obviously a trap.  Recording devices?  Loopholes in the wording?  There were too many ways for him to be trapped into using the notebook wrong.  There was no way he’d use it on someone that was expecting it.

“I never thought I’d be the one to have to tell you this, Natalie, was it?”  He shrugged.  “I know you might be self-conscious about your lack of assets, but there’s no such thing as boob magic.  Everything has an explanation.  Our little college town has a pretty good track record of having top heavy women.  Maybe it’s the air, maybe there’s something in the water, but magic has nothing to do with it.”

He approached her fearlessly, taking on an easy countenance.  “…and in my experience, the ladies that get what they want are ones that genuinely want it.  They’re not out to ruin things for other people.  Your attitude sucks, and it’s gonna bring you nothing but ruin.”

“Is that so?  And who’s gonna bring the pain?  You?”

Chris shook his head.  “There’s this little thing called Karma.  Any two-bit paranormal investigator should know about it.  I’m not worried about some loud-mouthed poser when I know I’ve done nothing wrong.   And the more you bark, the more bite comes back and makes you pay for it.  Put up, or shut up.”

Natalie reached out grabbed Chris by the collar and slammed him against the wall.  The nearby statues bobbled.  She was strong, real strong, lifting him off the ground took no effort.  Penelope reached out to intervene, but Chris shook his head.  He kept his expression stoic.  “I’m fine.”

It was true enough.  The show of power wasn’t there to cause damage.  It was there to startle him.  She’d even gone so far as to soften the blow on the door.  With all her posturing, Natalie knew she couldn’t just resort to violence.  The joint lock she did on Penelope was proof of that.  He leaned closer.  “You know, you might be my type after all.  Damn shame about the flat chest, though.  I like my girls with a little bounce to them.”

Natalie narrowed her eyes.  “You realize it won’t take much for me to have the legal right to smear your lady killing behind all over the floor.”

“You know, you could probably just ask nicely and we could roll around on the floor instead.  I don’t mind being manhandled a bit— as long as you don’t mind the tables being turned.  Cuz you give me an inch, and I’ll give you ten.”

Natalie didn’t back down, but her expression was impossible to read.  She wasn’t angry, aroused, anything… just watching for Chris to make the wrong move.  Any move really.

She backed away and clicked her tongue.  “…and here I thought you were an amateur.”

“I am.  I just learn quickly.”  He glanced over at Elle.  “Someone taught me well.”

“Well enjoy what you have while you have it.  Cuz as far as I’m concerned, you’re my meal ticket to the breakthrough of the century.  You will fuck up, and when you do you’ll wish it was just a prison cell waiting for you.  They’ll be dissecting you like the freak that you are.”

“Well here’s hoping the scientists are cuter than you are.”

Natalie gave him a final shove against the door and stormed off.

If Penelope glared any harder at her, she’d be firing lasers.  “What.  A.  Bitch.”

“That’s a rude thing to say about female dogs,” Chris said rubbing out the cricks in his neck.  “Err, Elle, sorry if I got you suspended.”

She waved off the concern.  “I should have seen it coming.”

Adeola peeked out of the back room.  “Are you guys OK?  That sounded like a shake-up and... is it true what she said?  You’re FBI?”

“Was,” Elle said.  “I doubt they’ll reinstate me if Natalie has anything to say about it.”

“That can’t be her real name,” Chris said.  “Why else would she be so blatant about it.  Unless she has an accomplice and they’re just waiting to bust me.”

Elle reached into her shopping bag and pulled out a sucker, unwrapped it and put in in the corner of her mouth.  “Both options are viable, but… I think—”

Chris and Pen stared at her. 

“What?  It’s regular candy.  They have a really nice sweet shop in here.  Since I haven’t needed my special candy it made me crave the stuff.  Plus, they had Pineapple-Coconut.  When it comes down to it, sugar helps me think.”

Chris stooped over and fished through the bag.  She had some new clothes, some underwear, sports bra… and…

He held up some strawberry flavored lubricant.  “And this?”

“Works out.  Since thanks to you, I’m gonna have a lot of free time…”

Chris knitted his brows.  “Wait, you knew she was going to get you fired?”

“Nope.  I just have a crap-ton of time off accrued.  And seeing as you and Heather aren’t actually dating…”

“Ah ha!” Adeola said.  “You are single.”

Chris shrugged.  “Technically.”

She grabbed him by the arm.  Her breasts mashed against him alluringly.  “Then you and I are trying out my new girls tonight.  Well, after you take me out on a date.”

“No complaints here.  I have some research to do about this ‘Enne’.  You mind wearing a camera, Chris?  I want to put you to good use.”

“A camera?  Why?”

“Because Natalie is bound to be on you like stink on shit.  I need to counterstrike.”

Penelope chuckled.  “When you say that, you mean to dig up dirt on her so you can utterly crush her, don’t you?”


“Yup,” Elle said, twisting the sucker in the corner of her smile.

For the weeks building up to my July BE Novel I'll be asking a series of polls to figure out what exactly I'm doing: What kind of tone should it have?
27 deviants said Something light and straightforward. (Simple plot, simple goals)
14 deviants said Something mysterious. (Lots of twists, turns and betrayals)
12 deviants said Something firmly based in comedy. (Next to no plot, mostly hiijinx)
5 deviants said Something dark / serious. (Things may not turn out so great for the characters)
No deviants said Other -- Note below. (Please stay on point in regards to 'tone'.)
A little Spring Cleaning -- I changed things up on every Boob Note Chapter and added better navigation.  So, for new readers, they can read along just as they were released or simply stick to one path beginning to end.

The thing is, I put some deliberate parallels in there between H and P path, and I think showing the chapters this way does lend some pretty neat hints.

Anyway, let me know if there are any bugs with the 'back', 'forward', or 'jump to the other path' links.  The arrows are just placeholders / for effect.
Any interest in a PDF Version of H-Path with Illustrations?  (Maybe up to the entire first Arc?)

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Dankeschön für deine Watch!!
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Thank you very much for donation! :)
And I hope that you will watch me! ;)
Nintrendodude Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016   Artist
Hey, could you help explain to me the boob-note Chronology/Reading Order/TimeLine?
ShamusBaran Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016  Professional Writer
Chris's story is split into two alternate paths. It read originally written as a. Visual novel with an alignment system and the ability to enlarge the four main girls various sizes.

Heather, Samantha, Penelope, Vanessa..

So right now H-Path is the standard 'good guy' path where Chris it's very forthright with Heather, and P-Path Chris is a bit more clandestine with his choices.  Penelope isn't much more than a sexual conquest to him-- the perfect easel for his art.  This makes for Chris acting more like Light in Death Note.

For that reason, his encounters with Elle will probably go a little different.

The CHYOA story is a prequel, a different student in a different location with a different notebook. This one has rules written in it (which should spark some questions alone)
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Just read through all of your Boobnote stuff yesterday and I have to say it's one of the best things I've seen in the genre for a long time. Looking forward to seeing much more!
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Thanks for the high praise!
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